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Dr. Jessica Griffin Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Jessica Griffin is an American forensic and clinical psychologist. Dr.Jess as we know her from the TV show Married at First Sight(MAFS) worked as an assistant professor before she started appearing on screen. The relationship expert of the television series Seven Year Switch(SYS) was also a famous public speaker and consultant.

Dr. Jessica Griffin Wiki, Bio, Age, And Family

The psychologist, Jessica Lynn Griffin, is a rare breed of brains with beauty. Her gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair can catch any teen off guard. She is as attractive as any teen because of her tall and elegant physique.

Dr. Jess is the first of four siblings born to Sally and Steve who are the residents of Wooster, Ohio. She was born on August 13, 1977. As with the most families of the time, Dr. Jess was also part of a big family. Jessica being the eldest has a sister named Steph and two brothers, Dan and Steve.

Jessica’s dream of becoming a psychologist turned into reality when she joined the College of William and Mary. She graduated in 2003 with a doctoral degree in Clinical and Forensic Psychology.

Dr. Jessica Griffin Married To Husband / Spouse

As the saying goes that even doctors are bound to fall sick, Jessica failed at first in establishing a perfect relationship. Like most of the cast in SYS, Jessica had to endure the ups and downs of a failed relationship. She was even married at one stage in her life with three kids. However, neither the details of her ex-husband nor the reasons for their failed marriage are made public.

Jessica had not lost hope despite her unsuccessful attempt at a prosperous love-life because to her own surprise, the Television show Married at First Sight was about to renew her faith in love.

She was lucky enough to find love again with a man named Jon Francetic who was a cast member of Married at First Sight. He was also initially counseled by Dr. Jess. Even though the couple met at the show premises, it took eight months after the filming for them to kick start their relationship. Keeping details close to the chest, neither Jessica nor Jon has revealed the details of the wedding and even the whereabouts remain a secret.

Dr. Jessica Griffin Net Worth And Reality TV Shows

Jessica being a very busy person had seconds thoughts of entering into show-biz. Fortunately, the world could see her charm because of her versatile role on the reality TV show.

Dr.Jessica had a successful career at the practice of Psycho therapy; She had even established a brand for training and teaching therapists with occasional public speaking to enhance awareness all over the country. Moreover, she was also a Principal Investigator on federal grants. Jessica also takes pride in educating students as an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

With a huge responsibility garnered over multiple jobs at hand, she initially declined the role that was offered to her by Seven Year Switch team. However, after several requests made by the big shots of the show, she finally agreed for the challenges of the show.

After her successful run being the cast of SYS in 2015, Jessica was invited to join another reality TV show which would give a huge boost to her celebrity status on screen. The psychologist achieved stardom with the cast of Married at First Sight.

Her new found love prompted Jessica to leave the cast of MAFS in 2019. But, even in a short span of time in showbiz, she is believed to have made good financial decisions.

The amount of money she received from both the shows still remain undisclosed. But, with the shows like MAFS and SYS which are highly popular and considered to be at par with the Hollywood, there wouldn’t any mistake in guessing that she would have taken home a heavy paycheck.

Also, with an average salary of a Professor to be estimated around $93K and a psychologist at around $75K, her net worth could be estimated to be easily in the multiples of millions.