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Dr. Emily Thomas is the T.V. star famous for reality T.V. show “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” She was not an original cast of the show; after debuting in 2015, she has been a welcome addition to the team.

She currently works at Pol Veterinary Services in Weidman, Michigan, where she practices her skills as a Veterinarian. Her love for animals can be seen at home and in her workplace. She saves the lives of animals at Pol Veterinary Services, and at home, we can say the love for animals is a lot by the number of pets she has.

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Dr. Emily Thomas Bio: Age, Early Life

Emily Keen was Dr. Emily’s original name. Her date of birth is April 1, 1984, in Georgia, the southeastern state of the U.S. She is 35 years old. She has a special relationship with fauna and flora, and accurately the love for horses can be seen from when she was a little.
Dr. Emily spent her early life in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Dr. Emily Thomas Education Details

The reason why she is so close to animals, and her love for nature can be assumed by the fact that she spent her life in such a setting where she was closer to nature. This was the main reason why she opted to become a vet and took this course in college. She got a degree in DVM from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Emily Thomas Parents, Siblings

Her father, Doug Keene, and her mother, who raised her to become a beautiful person, are no longer together as a couple. It was known to everyone when Dr. Emily’s parents got separated, and her father was heard to be with Sheila Davis in 2013. They both got married in 2013. Dr. Emily also has an elder sister Kelly Keene born in 1978. They are a few years apart and share a lot of resemblance in the way they look that people confuse them for twins.

Dr. Emily Thomas Career Details

She started an internship after she graduated and majored in animal field service and learned about equine animal production. She learned a bit more about animal husbandry in Newberry, South Carolina, which gave her the experience needed and use what she learned in college by practicing it in real life.

This prepared her for the show, “Dr. Pol’s.” It’s the No. 1 program on National Geographic Wild network, and it’s famous for a reason. What attracts viewers towards her show is her unique style of treating animals. There is nothing that this doctor cant handle when it comes to animals. And Emily did her part very well.

From childhood, she has been interested in painting. Over the years, she has drawn many. She has used this talent for art and has made a lot of pictures related to nature and animals. However, now she doesn’t have time for this hobby as she is caught up with family and work. Still, when she can, she does best to make her effort into beautiful paintings. She also likes to spend time camping and traveling. She loves to stay close to nature, and the reason for this is because she grew up in upcountry woods.

Nat Geo’s reality T.V. show premiered on October 29, 2011, and the hit show is running in its season 12. The show is about rescuing animals in Weidman, Michigan, and follows the work of Dr. Jan. But in the latest season, the one person missing in Dr. Emily. This has made her fans disappointed, and they are wondering if she has left the show?

In June this year, Dr. Emily, along with her family, moved to Virginia and bid farewell to Michigan and also “The Incredible Dr. Pol show.” She is currently working at Warren County Veterinary Clinic. She is happy and content with the life she is living, as seen by the recent social media posts. She does trail running, painting, hiking, and gardening during her free time.

Is Dr. Emily Thomas Married To Husband?

Emily met her husband in high school in 2007. Less information is known about him as he has never been seen in any of her shows or public life. The couple has three children with the eldest being a five-year-old daughter whose name is India, she often jokes about her. Their second-born is Oscar, who is three years old, and the third one is a newborn.

As expected from the doctor, their whole family loves animals and has kept lots of pets, including dogs; they even have one dog with three legs. Their list of pets also includes mules, horses, and cats. Dr. Emily’s husband, Tony, is exceptionally supportive and has always helped her throughout the various points of her career. He helped his wife achieve the goal of becoming a veterinarian. ┬áThe couple lives in Rosebush, Michigan, with their kids currently.

Dr. Emily Thomas Net Worth, Salary

Dr. Emily’s show Dr. Pol was a huge hit, and she was able to earn a lot of money from this show. We saw her in many episodes of the show, which helped in making her famous and also helped her in earning the amount of money.

Her net worth is supposedly around 500,000 U.S dollars according to a reliable source. She gets $18000 per episode.

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