Dr. Brenda Grettenberger Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Dr Brenda Grettenberger is a renowned name amongst the vet community in the USA who is also famous for her roles in TV shows, ‘The incredible Dr. Pol’ and ‘Calling Dr. Pol’.

She is playing the lead character in the TV show ‘The incredible Dr. pol’ which she joined since the first season was telecast, way back on 29th October 2011. Dr Brenda is part of the show in all its released 16 seasons, featuring in over 147 episodes, so far. She is one of the only original cast of the show who has been associated with it till date (besides Dr Jan Pol and his family, Charles Pol and Diane Pol). The show debuted on Nat Geo Wild in 2011 and is still the highest-rated series on the channel. Brenda has also enacted in nine episodes of the franchise ‘Calling Dr. Pol’.

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Dr. Brenda Grettenberger Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents, Ethnicity

Born on 23rd February 1967 in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, USA, Brenda is today 53 years old vet. She belongs to go Caucasian ethnicity and currently is putting up in Mount Pleasant, MI nearby Weidman. Characteristics inspired by her zodiac sign Pisces, she is motivated by selfless love for pets to become one of the leading veterinary consultants who is part of the team at Pol veterinary services clinic since 1992.

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger Career Details

She has all the imaginative and intuitive skills that she combines with her sixth sense to handle her for furry patients.

Dr Brenda came from a farmer family where she grew up around the family farm, looking after the livestock until she completed her high school.

After graduating from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in the late 80s, she came across an advertisement in the local paper publicizing vet requirement at Pol veterinary services. Post selection, she has been working with the clinic and has proved her rightfulness in the Weidman- based practice.

Today, she is a large animal vet who treats every size animal owing to a fondness for them. Also, she is the treasurer of the Mid-West Ox Drovers Association and works toward betterment and health of oxen.

A very little is known about her early life when she grew around a family farm and developed her bonding with animals.

Dr Brenda has been the only female veterinarian in her early career years, which made people skeptical of her abilities. However, this never deterred her from proving her eminence. Her hard work as a competent vet has proved that gender biases for any profession are baseless.

The list of her treated animals includes horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, alpacas, goats and even reindeer. She specializes in treating large animal fields.

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger Net Worth

Currently, the net worth of Dr Brenda is estimated at over $800, 000. The significant portion of her wealth consists of earning from veterinarian career spanning across 28 years and her character play in the TV show. From her role in the tv show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’, she annually earns revenue of $90580.

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger Dating History And Marriage Details

There is no information traced to date about her married status, husband or dating partner. It seems she is keeping everything about her personal life under the cloak. Dr Brenda is a very private person who has kept her on-screen presence restricted to professional requirements alone.

No peekaboo in her personal life is allowed. Neither she has any online presence on social media.

Currently single, Dr Brenda loves reading and spending time with friends and family. Also, she likes to travel and watch some good TV shows.


Dr Brenda is blessed with magical heart and super powers to understand the sickness of animals which she utilizes to the fullest treating speechless creatures. It seems her life has been designed as a caring and helpful patron of animals. Whether it is helping cows deliver calves, or treating horses or other pets, she is beyond comparison. The show’s fan base is proof that she is a treat for fans’ eyes.

Suppose anyone doubts about Dr Brenda leaving the cast of ‘The Incredible Dr Pol’ series. In that case, they must be highly mistaken as there is no official confirmation about her exit from the show either by the show producer or by herself. Wait for the release of further episodes to check if she is still the part of the show’s cast.

Dr Brenda is a humble human being and perfect veterinarian who has a service motive behind her professional skills. Rather than taking any animal for granted, she understands the uniqueness of each animal and treats them accordingly.

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