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Cesar Felipe Millan Favela was born on 27th August 1969 in Mexico to Felipe Millan Guilen and Maria Teresa Favella. The situation was scary when, at the age of 21 years, he crossed the border illegally. At that time, he spoke no English. There, his experience had been unnerving because people in the border have no compunction about killing a person for his organs or taking advantage in any other way. Ironically, it had been better to be caught by the American police who fed their prisoners, unlike the Mexican police. In this context, he revealed that he had met Jada Pinkett Smith shortly after his arrival at Los Angeles, where he had been working as a limousine driver and had confided his dreams of working with animals to her.

However, she advised him to learn English and one of her friends taught him. Now, he is settled in Los Angeles, America as a citizen. After that, he has married Illusion Wilson in 1994 and has two sons through her. Later, she divorced him in June 2010 and he had a relationship with Jahira Dar in August 2010. She is an actress, a former stylist and wardrobe consultant. Ultimately, they announced their engagement in April 2016.

Cesar Millan Career Details

Cesar Millan had discovered that he had a way with animals from a young age. So, he took up his first job at a dog grooming store. Later on, he founded the Pacific Point Canine Academy. After that, he started the Dog Psychology Centre in South Los Angeles. It is built on two acres of land and specializes in dealing with large dogs. Also, he had specialized in rehabilitating severely aggressive dogs. Between 2002-2008, he had founded a rehab centre named “Dog Psychology Center” in South Los Angeles.

Here, the turning point of his life was when the reality show “Dog Whisperer” premiered in the channel “National Geographic”. Later on, this program was aired on “Nat Geo Wild.” It must be noted that the show followed Cesar Milan as he rehabilitated dogs. Joyfully, this program became
No 1 of National Geographic during its first season and the final show was aired on 15th September 2012.

However, it shifted to Santa Clarita, California in 2009. Also, he started an American documentary program named “Leader of the Pack”, from 5th January to 26th March 2016 in the “Nat Geo Wild” channel.

After that, he launched a magazine named “Cesar’s Way” in 2009 and was the editorial director for it. This magazine contained advice to maintain the relationship between dogs and humans.

It was followed by another new series named “Cesar 911”, on the channel “Nat Geo Wild” in 2014. In the non-American countries, it was known as “Cesar to the rescue.”

Shockingly, the death of his dog Daddy in May 2010 coupled with the news of his wife’s intention to divorce him made him so devastated that he attempted suicide.

After some time, in September 2018, he played himself in the episode “The Finger in the Nest” of Bones, where he helped the lead characters determine if a location had been used for dogfighting.

In course of time, he had founded the “Milan Foundation”, to provide financial support to animal shelters and other organizations engaged in rehabilitating, rescuing and rehoming dogs that have been abused and abandoned. Apart from this, it also funded the neutering and spaying of dogs, to prevent their overpopulation.

Initially, this project had been a collaboration between his estranged wife and himself, developed to help both species of humans and dogs to learn from and support each other.

Also, he initiated the publication of a monthly magazine named “Cesar’s Way”, in 2009 in collaboration with IMG. Though the magazine ceased publication after 2014, the “Wall Street Journal” reported that half of the American consumers of that time recognized Milan by that time. As a result, all three books written by Cesar Milan had been New York Times bestsellers and had cumulatively sold two million copies in the United States. Also, it is available in fourteen other countries.

Apart from that, Cesar Milan opened an East Coast Clinic at the Country Inn Pet Resort, in Davie, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale.

Cesar Millan Net Worth

Cesar Milan had a net worth of $25 million dollars.

Cesar Millan Social Media Presence

Cesar Milan is active in social media, with 1.6 million followers and 4119 posts.


Cesar Milan is a person who believes that dogs have three primary needs- affection, discipline, and exercise. According to him, American dog owners are prone to a common mistake. They provide too much affection for their dog with too little exercise and discipline. However, they should understand the implication of such steps on the behavior and counselling of dogs. While Cesar Milan works with a dog, he uses vocal marks such as “tsch”, body language and gestures to communicate with a dog or use his name.

Also, he encouraged a dog owner to create an indication sound that works for them. To conclude, Cesar Milan made it clear that his shows or books were not training programs, and one should not try behavior modification techniques at home without the absence of a professional.

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