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Diggy Simmons Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Daniel Dwayne Simmons the 3rd is a famous American rapper, songwriter, actor, model, and singer. He was born on March 21st, 1995, and is 30 years old in 2021. He was born in Queens, New York located across the East River from Manhattan. He is the son of another famous American rapper Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons of the Run DMC Hip-hop group that dominated the hip-hop scene during the 1980s. He lived with his father in Queens together with his five siblings. The whole family was involved in a show titled Runs House which aired from 2005 to 2009 and was an American favorite reality tv show.

Diggy Simmons Body Measurements

His height is 5 feet 9 inches(175cm). Simmons is of African American descent with black hair, brown eyes, and a fair complexion.

Diggy Simmons Siblings And Early Life

His siblings are; Angela Simmons, Jospeh Simmons Jr, Russel Simmons the 2nd, Vannessa Simmons, and Victoria Anne.

He is also a former member of the rap group All City Chess Club founded by Lupe Fiasco.

Diggy Simmons Education Details

His educational qualifications are not really in the public domain as most of his life became overshadowed by the role he played in the MTV show Runs House. His father’s musical career-motivated young Diggy to venture into the life of music himself dabbling in the Hip hop and Rnb Genre.

Diggy Simmons Career Details

He released his first debut mixtape in 2009 titled First Flight that gained him a massive audience in the Hip hop scene. After the success of his mixtape, according to Simmons, a couple of record labels reached out to sign him. Ultimately he signed for Atlantic Records which is one of the biggest record labels in the RNB Music Genre that was founded in 1947 it has graced American Jazz legends such as Arethra Franklin and Ruth Brown, Simmons felt that this record label would propel him to the next level.

Simmons went viral in the wake of uploading a video of him freestyling to Nas’s song Made You Look, the freestyle was so smooth that even Kanye West himself made a shoutout to young Simmons and said he is growing up to be one of the greatest. This meant a lot to Simmons and boosted his confidence as Kanye West and Jay-Z were his biggest influences.

In 2010, Simmons released his second mixtape, Great Expectations garnering even more attention than the first he also released the third mixtape, Past Present Future that composed of some great legendary songs of the 1980s, his father’s era, including tracks from the likes of Rakim and A Tribe Called Quest.

He also released his brand of sneakers with the name Chivalrous Culture. The following year, Simmons was selected to the XXL’s Freshman List, a list that encompasses the hottest hip-hop prospects of the year. This allowed him to go on his first tour with established industry artists like Tyga, Mac Miller, and Trevante with the popular BET music show 106 and Park.

With the creative juices constantly flowing in young Simmons’s mind, he released his 1st ever major label song with the title “ Copy, Paste” in the same year. Subsequently, on October 24th, 2011 he released the song “Do it like you” both of these songs were singles in his album “Unexpected Arrival”.

In 2012 Simmons was involved in another music tour this time with Scream Star Entertainment and other famous artists like OMG Girlz and TK-N-Cash, he got to be the main act during the tour wooing fans with his great lyrics and smooth rap.

Other than singing and rapping Simmons was also a talented actor proven by the run at the show with his family Runs house. He was also allowed to take a small role in Parental Guidance an American family comedy starring Bill Crystal in 2012. He managed to bag a role in the pilot of a BET film “The Start-Up” where he acted as the lead character, Blake a college kid who tries to take his blog mainstream. He has also gotten the role of Douglas Fredrick in the hit show “Grown-ish”.

Diggy Simmons Net Worth

As of 2020, Diggy’s net worth is claimed to be at $3.75 Million.

Diggy Simmons Dating History And Marriage Details

His relationship status is unknown.