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Did Brandon Theesfeld Kill Ally Kostial? Know His Age, Parents, Education, Siblings, Girlfriend

Brandon Austin Theesfeld, or Brandon Theesfeld, is a student at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. He was arrested on the charges of murdering a female called Ally Kostial, also a student at Ole Miss University. Her dead body was found near an uninhabited lake in Lafayette County, Mississippi on 20th of July, with eight gunshot wounds.

Brandon Theesfeld Bio: Parents, Siblings, Family

Brandon was born to Daniel Theesfeld and Kerry Ann Campbell. Brandon has two younger sisters and one of them is a student at the University of Mississippi, like Brandon. His parents are divorced.

The owner of the Pain and Management Centre of Texas, Brandon’s father, Daniel Theesfeld is a doctor in the Fort Worth Area. Daniel has maintained that he sincerely believes his son to be innocent and that everyone gives him the presumption of innocence until he his proven guilty. He also said that that he has reasons to believe his son’s innocence which he cannot share at this point of time.

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Brandon Theesfeld Education Details

Initially, he attended Fort Worth County Day High School from the year 2012 to 2014. However, he did not graduate from the school since he didn’t return to the school because of the academics. He completed his graduation from a private Baptist Boarding School, known by the name of San Marcos Academy.

Brandon Theesfeld Girlfriend

Suggesting a romantic relationship between Brandon and Kostial, pictures have appeared online. However, the controversy is that Kostial’s cousin has denied any such thing and has said that Kostial rejected Brandon. Another controversy appeared in which Kostial’s friend posted a picture with her, saying that Brandon used to harass Kostial for years and that she has supported her on a number of nights when she cried because of the same reason. Moreover, she ended on a positive note saying that Brandon will never be able to diminish her sunshine.

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The Death Of Ally Kostial

At the University of Mississippi, Brandon and Ally were school mates. The unfortunate day was July 20 in the year 2019 when she was found dead near Sardis Lake, which is in Lafayette County in Mississippi. The suspicion of her murder was raised on Brandon and he was arrested for the same. The arrest took place on July 22. She was shot eight times, which caused her unfortunate death. The police have not said or reported anything about their suspected relationship or probably the motive behind the suspected murder.

After the arrest, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation released a statement confirming the same and maintained that they would release other details when it is appropriate to do so. It has been seen and found that Brandon has not confessed to the crime, however, there has been an affidavit which has been released stating that he indeed did make a confession saying he intentionally killed Alexandria Madison Kostial.

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The police have maintained that it is still not sure whether she was shot or killed near the lake or somewhere else and her body brought after that.

Moreover, the suspected weapon has also not been released by the police. It has also been found out from an acquaintance of Theesfeld that he used to carry a handgun in his truck that carried eight rounds. The acquaintance has asked to keep his identity a secret.

Brandon was arrested from the Memphis gas station where he was tracked by the investigators due to his cell phone and credit card activity.