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Dianna Agron Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, House, Married, Body Measurements

Dianna Agron, whose middle name is Elise was born on 30th April 1986 to parents Mary Agron and Ronald Agron. She was born in Savanna, Georgia and brought up in San Antonio, Texas, and Francisco, California. Dianna is an American and a professional actress, singer and dancer.

Dianna Agron Education Details

Dianna went to Burlingame Intermediate School and later to Burlingame High School. While in school, she had a special interest in acting, design and music. She played a role in ‘Grease’ and made contributions in design, costumes and painting. As early as she was three years, Dianna got into dancing, with her interest majorly on jazz and ballet before she later ventured into hip-hop. Her interest in music saw her into the musical theatre where she often took roles in local and school productions.

As a teenager, Dianna began teaching dance. She also worked in a boutique in their local and it is then that her interest in fashion took a new beginning.


Dianna Agron Career Details

Dianna made her debut into the film industry in 2006 when she played Kelly in the film ‘After Midnight: Life Behind Bars’. Initially, she had played a significant role in CSI: NY as Jessica Grant. As from 2006, she earned roles in other films such as T.K.O (2007), Rushers (2007), The General (2008), The romantics (2010) and Berlin, I Love You (2019) amongst others. In television, Dianna prides in her roles in Veronica Mars (2007), Numbers (2008), Celebrity Anonymous (2009) and Glee (2009-2015) amongst others. Dianna acted Dahlia in the play McQueen on stage.

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Dianna’s music career lagged behind when she took to acting. Some of the songs she did on Glee were released as singles. Over the years, she has made numerous music video appearances. She was also involved as a director in various tracks. She made her debut in music in 2017 at Café Carlyle in New York where she performed tracks from the 1970s.

With a career at its best in acting and music, Dianna Agron has built an empire. Even though most of her assets are jointly owned with her husband, it is estimated that she has a net worth of about $4 million. Her professional acting shaped up immediately after high school. Before then, she had a job in a boutique where she used to make some income. Her venture into other sectors such as music production, directing and doing commercials has also contributed to her wealth. Her annual salary, owing to the nature of her profession still remains unknown, with speculations projecting a sum sof over $1 million.

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Dianna Agron House

Dianna Agron owns a modestly sized house in the heart of Los Angeles. The French-styled cottage entails three bedrooms and two bathrooms with pea-green painting and spacious rooms. It is elegantly furnished, spreading an aura of comfort and class. Recently, the house was put on sale, with a price tag of $1.5 million.

Is Dianna Agron Married?

In 2015, Dianna and her husband purchased a high-end apartment in New York City for $3.2 million.
Dianna Agron is not new to the dating game. In 2008, she and Dave Franco, an American actor were said to be dating, with the couple going separate ways in 2009. What triggered the break up is still unknown. Dianna then moved on and was rumored to have a thing with Adam Brody, another actor. It seems like the two did not go for long as a year on, she was dating Alex Pettyfer, a British actor.

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In 2011, Dianna found love with Sebastian Stan but the two went separate ways in September 2012. Henry Joost the American filmmaker replaced Stan and then came Christian Cooke. The relationship did not work and a few more guys tried their luck, mostly actors until 2015 when Agron met Winston Marshall, a talented musician with the Mumford and Sons Band. The two struck off together and their love flourished. Unlike in previous relationships, Agron found love and married Winston Marshall in 2016 at a beautiful wedding held at the Beldi Country Club in Marrakech, Morocco.

Dianna Agron Body Measurements

Dianna Elise Agron is currently 33 years of age, weighs 58 Kgs, stands 166cm tall and has no kids. Her beautiful hazel eyes and light-blond, straight hair compliment are good looks.

Dianna Agron Bio: Zodiac, Ethnicity

She has Jewish roots and American nationality. She belongs to the zodiac Taurus whose symbol is the bull. She ranks at position 108 in the list of the popular Taurus.

Dianna Agron Cars

She drives an Audi a4.