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Diane Alexander Wiki-Bio, Age and Facts about this Lionel Richie’s wife

In the year 1988, Harvey literally embarrassed the great musician, producer and actor Lionel Richie after attacking him at Beverly Hills hotel.

Reliable sources indicate that Lionel’s involvement with Diane Alexander was the reason behind this terrible attack. Let us find out more about Lionel Richie’s wife Diane Alexandra’s age, career, net worth and salary as well as marriage life and husband.

Diane Alexander relationship with Lionel Richie

It turns out that Harvey did not attack Lionel Richie falsely. The man was seeing Diane Alexandra hence their eventual marriage on 21st December the year 1995. The couple met at the 1984 Olympics. About one year before their wedding, the pair had already been blessed with their first born by the name Miles Brockman Richie who came into existence on 27th May the year 1994.

Diane Alexander with her husband Lionel Richie
Diane Alexander with her husband Lionel Richie

In August the year 1998, the pair was again blessed with the second child, a daughter by the name Sofia Richie. Presently, Sofia who is dating Scott Disick is really doing great in the model and fashion design industry. There is no doubt the princess took after her mum who is so much into fashion design.

Diane Alexander with her husband Lionel Richie

Diane Alexander with her boyfriend Dave Kenney.
Diane Alexander with her boyfriend Dave Kenney.

Diane Alexandra marriage with Lionel Richie did not work out because the two separated in the year 2003. The reason behind their legal separation is said to be as a result of irreconcilable differences, but the two remain, good friends because the lady has been posting the photos of her children with their dad on her Instagram page occasionally.

The beauty seems to have moved on, but she is not single. Rumors are that she got engaged towards the end of the year 2015. Although she had not openly confirmed this, it is obvious, based on the photos on her Instagram page that she is engaged to Dave Kenney.

Diane Alexander with her boyfriend Dave Kenney.

The man works at Ventura County Sheriff and is undoubtedly good looking. Whatever their relationship, we hope it will lead to a long-lasting marriage and that they will clear the air on the relationship son enough because the wait has been way too long.

Diane Alexander Net worth and salary

How about we start by knowing her sources of income? Currently, Lionel Richie’s wife’s primary source of income is fashion designing. Before rising to fame, dancing was her primary source of income. This explains why she featured in Dancing on the ceiling (A video by Lionel Richie) and other movies including Laker girls and Forget Paris. Diane Alexander net worth is not known, but after her divorce, she demanded payment of $300,000 from Lionel Richie to cater for her children’s welfare, clothes, jewelry, laser hair and dermatology expenses. Information on whether she was given the full amount that she demanded is not yet known, but she must have been given some amount for the sake of the children.

Diane Alexander net worth is not available
Diane Alexander net worth is not available

Diane Alexander Age and wiki facts

Sadly not much is known about Lionel Richie’s wife’s early life because privacy is an essential factor in her life. The little that is known is that she was born on the 16th day of June in 1967. Therefore Diane Alexandra age in the year 2018 is 51 years old. Of course, this will come as a surprise if you have seen her because her beauty is still intact as well as her waistline. Perhaps she has good genes, or she is the gym it type of lady. Neither her weight or heights are known, but she seems to be of standard height. She seems to be a lover of nature because most of the photos she takes revolve around the beauty of nature. More information will be updated on this site sooner other than later so keep it here as you keep her with her lifestyle on social media platforms like Instagram as well.

Facts about Lionel Richie’s wife, Dine Alexandra

Name Diane Alexandra
Birthdate 16.06.1967
Age 51
Career Fashion design
Net worth Not known
Marital status Divorced Lionel Richie 2003
Engaged to Dave Kenney 2015
Children 2
Height and weight Not known

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