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Derek Mears Height, Net Worth, Wife

Derek Mears is a professional actor and also very proficient in stunts. He is popularly recognized for playing negative characters in million dollar earning movies that he has severally been involved in.

We will now take a look at Derek’s net worth, height, his way of acting life and many more aspects.

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Married To Actress Wife, Jennifer- Divorce

Jennifer Flack was the actress that Derek was first married to, and had got married in the year 2008. The two often lived separately due to their unsettled work schedules.

After the wedding, he did confess that the two had not been in contact and seen each other for a period of two months. This indicated that actually the marriage of the duo had been fated from the beginning. After four years into the marriage, the two decided to end their fruitless romance. In 2012, Derek and his wife moved into separate lives soon after they took divorce.

Derek Mears Bio: Age, Net Worth

In the slasher movie, Friday 13th, which was released in 2009, Derek first rose to the hall of fame when he acted in the movie as Jason Voorhees; back in his native town Bakersfield, California. He has as well been involved in popular movies such as Hatchet III, Zathura, Men in Black II, and Predators.

At the age of 47 years, he has also been involved in Sleepy Hollow and Swamp Thing which are TV acting shows, as recorded in his resume. In addition, he has been able to show his stunts skills in movie franchise which include the Pirates of the Caribbean and Indian Jones.

His net worth is valued at $3.5 million, which is not regarded as his only achievement. He jointly records more than $1.5 billion considering a total of nine grossing movies which he’s been part of.

Derek stands at a height measurement of 6 feet and 5 inches, which is equivalent to 1.95 meters. His weight, which much fits his height stature, is 106 kgs.

Relationship With Partner, Jenny

Derek got associated with a rising photographer called Jenny Brezinski, a while after divorcing with Flack. It was until 2016 that Derek did address Jenny as a girlfriend on twitter platform, even though they were seen together in 2014.

Derek and Jenny have been a loving couple, sentiments that both of them have expressed. Jenny first camera was in fact presented to her by Derek, which boosted her photography career.

In 2018, it is reported that the couple got engaged and Jenny was the first to address Derek as a fiancé. It is highly expected by their fans that the two will exchange vows soon and not to bungle the relationship anymore.