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DeRay Davis Bio, Net Worth, Career, Family, Social Media Presence

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In the world of stand-up comedy, the name of DeRay Davis is quite common. So, today, we embark on a journey to learn more about him. A stand-up comedian, whom the entire world knows as Antoine DeRay Davis was born on the southern side of Chicago, on 26th February 1968. Later in life, he had come to be known as DeRay Davis. Since the birth and rise to fame of his younger brother, he also came to be known as the elder brother of the renowned R&B singer Steph Jones. Recently, he had claimed himself to be a lover of his family and fans. Of late, this 51-year-old star has a daughter named Brooke Davis. He has never revealed who the mother of his teenage daughter is. At a point in time, he was in a relationship with two women named Cocoa and Cato simultaneously. However, the relationship between the father-daughter duo is so comfortable that the need for a maternal presence is not felt. Apart from them, he had also been in a public relationship with a woman named Claudia Johnson. Unfortunately, this relationship had ended on a bitter note, when she apparently grew weary of his philandering nature. Ironically, his upbringing is rumored to have been rough, but he knows how to conduct shows in a way as to make people shake with mirth.

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DeRay Davis Career Details

During the initial stages of his career, this American stand-up comedian and actor won the Comedy Central Laugh Riots competition shortly after moving to Los Angeles. This victory led to his appearance on the “Cedric the Entertainer” tour. He had moved to Los Angeles in order to try his luck at comedy.

After that, DeRay Davis starred in a host of movies like “Barbershop” and “Barbershop 2”. It was followed by the “Lafdapalooza Festival” in Atlanta, which provided him a breakthrough in the course of his career.

Recently, he has also been the host of the revival of “Hip hop squares”, produced and narrated by “Ice Cubes”, where he was known for the character of Ray.

Later, he had appeared in the “Oxygen” reality show, named “Living with Funny.” Prior to that, he had hosted his first game show named, “Mind of a Man” in “Game Show Network.”

In course of time, he appeared as the lead in the fictitious fraternity, “Broke Phi Broke.” Afterward, he was also seen in the music video of Kanye West named “Through the Wire.”

Moreover, he also sounded on several skits of the rapper Kanye West, like “The College Dropout” and “Late Registration, where he impersonated Bernie Mac.

Apart from these, he also appeared in several films like, “21 Jump Street”, and “Semi-Pro.” Despite starring in several movies, he continued to a stream of sitcoms and miniseries.

Currently, the second season as the host of “Joking Off”, on MTV is eagerly waited for. In the recent past, his first foray into Netflix, through “DeRay Davis, how to Attack Black”, rocked the cultural scenario in 2017. As of now, he is visible in “Snowfall”. This way, his rise to stardom still continues.

Tickets are sold out at venues, both in the domestic as well as the international front when the advertisements proclaim that he is going to perform. According to popular belief, people hold their sides with mirth, as an effect of his funny anecdotes.

Of late, DeRay Davis has been spotted alongside Snoop Dogg and Lil Duval on the show,” All Eyes on Me” and “Grow House” Alongside, he hosts a popular weekly show named “MO Weekly Mondays.”

In the course of time, a documentary named “Living with Funny”, aired in 2016 exposed his relationship with both these women. Here, he sought to explain how he managed to handle his soaring career, along with his love life, accompanied by his bonding with his only daughter.

DeRay Davis Social Media Presence

DeRay Davis is active in Twitter, where he continues to announce the venues of his upcoming shows and the crowd each of them attracted. Also, this is an ideal place to know about the dates of his shows at the “Hollywood Improv.” Apart from that, he had 1.2 million followers on Instagram. This fan following has been built up over two decades of entertainment.

DeRay Davis Net Worth

DeRay Davis has a net worth of $1.5 million.


There are very few genres that DeRay Davis has missed in the entertainment industry. Ultimately, he had narrowly missed his Grammy award for the best solo performance in 2005.