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Danny Wood Age, Early Life, Net Worth, Career, Ex-Wife Patty Alfaro, Divorce, Body Measurements, Nationality

Daniel William Wood popularly known as Danny Wood was born on May 14, 1969 at Boston. He is an actor, singer, recordist and a songwriter. His zodiac sign is Turus.

Danny Wood Body Measurements, Nationality

His height is 5.8. He has nationality of America.

Danny Wood Education Details

He got his early education from Willaim Monroe Trotter School later to Copley High school and Boston university.

Danny Wood Family: Parents, Siblings

His siblings include Brett Wood, Bethany Wood, Melissa Wood, Pam Wood and Rachel Wood. He is the son of Daniel Willams and Elizabeth. Elizabeth died of cancer on 19th september 1999. He performed brilliantly not only in singing and acting but was also outstanding in physical sports at his school.

His childhood friend Donnie Wahlberg played an important role in his career. He introduced him to New Kids On The Block. It was teenagers boy’s band which come on the floor earned a name in 1980s.

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Danny Wood Career Details

Danny Wood is the leading choreographer of New kids On The Bolck. NKOTB is his Youtube channel where he posts his vlogs and behind the scene videos.

Danny Wood Dating History, Married Life

On 7 December 1997 he married to Patricia Alfaro/Patty Alfaro. In 1998 they adopted a child from Russia her name was Chance she was of 11 pounds and 11 month at that time. On 19 March 1999 God endowed them with a beautiful daughter which was named Vega. Later there was a divorce between the couple on 10 March 2006. Danny Wood explained that she was the lady of violent nature and bad temper. During their courtship she acted out violence at Wood twice. Alfaro on the other hand disagreed with his explanation and defended herself by making Wood extramartial affairs as bone of contention. Alfaro persisted that these allegations are not true and are raised to hide his own misconduct. She claimed that Wood’s extramarital affairs were the cause of their divorce.

Danny Wood Ex-Wife Patty Alfaro

Patty alfaro is a producer, song writer and the owner of Iron flower Fitness and dance studio in Miami, Florida. She is 47 years old. Alfaro met with wood in 1996 at Ornaldo at a music studio. After one year of successful affair the couple got married in 1997. Later she became the mother of two pretty daughters. She also accepted Anthony as step son from Wood. She is famous for her two love affairs with celebrities and is single now.

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The ending of her relationship with Wood affected her so much that she returned to Yoga at Miami to get rid of hectic industrial routine.The British personal trainer Jay jiggins hired her for a television show based on the theme of deserts and champagnes. Later Alfaro and Jay decided to open a fitness studio. They did it and now it has its own name and recognition. It is not a gym but is renowned for its social services. It is well decorated with posh chandeliers. It provides the services about wax, massage and facial. She takes dance something more than a profession. She likes hot seat and pole dance. The typical fitness trainings at her gym includes Pilates, Yoga Ballet Barren and Zumba. It provides plan about health fitness.

Danny Wood After Divorce With Patty Alfaro

After divorce between Alfaro and Wood. He married again with Emma and has one child from her. Not only this he too has dated Hally Berry. Currently there is no rumour about his affairs and he has not seen with any lady at his shows and concerts. He has not seen with any girl so it can be depoicted that he is living alone with his children.

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Danny Wood Net Worth

Through his singing he has earned almost $16 millions. His movies, albums and solo performances made him earn a lot of this amount. He does not have any fixed amount of salary but it depends on the release of his albums and his concerts. He is currently living in a laxurious house at Miami. He has many cars. According to one of his Instragram post he earns $569.35-$948.75 for one instra post.

His Famous Works

Wood works are impressionist and reflective. His popular works include Rock This Boat, Hanging Tough Live, On Hannibal’s Trail, Coming Home, I’ll be loving you forever and his albums include Step by step, Stronger: Remember Betty, Second face, Face the music, No more games and Best of Anna Oxa. His favourite songs The Bee Gees, The Eagles, The Stylistics and Hall & Oates are reflecting his feelings about his school. He dedicated Stronger: Remember Betty to his late mother .