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Daniel Henney Married or dating a Girlfriend?

Daniel Phillip Henney was also called Jeom Deok-su and he was born on 28th November, the year 1979. Daniel Henney is a Korean-American actor as well as a model by profession. His father by the name Phillip, is American-born, of Irish and English descent. The biological mother to Daniel Henney is called Christine and she was born in South Korea. She was later on adopted as a child by a white American couple.

Daniel Henney is more than just a pretty face but also hot and humble and this has attracted every viewer towards him.

Daniel Henney in My Father movie scene
Daniel Henney in My Father movie scene

According to reports in the year 2016, Daniel Henney is totally single and he is currently in no confirmed relationship.

This means that no girl has snatched him up yet Daniel Henney wanted to focus on his career and therefore he had no time for dating a girl and getting into a relationship.

The Instagram account of Daniel Henney shows that he is totally engaged with his pet dog.

A rumour had started circulating in the year 2015 that Daniel Henney was dating with girlfriend by the name Maggie Q who is an American actress as well as a model.

Daniel Henney with rumored girlfriend Maggie Q
Daniel Henney with rumored girlfriend Maggie Q

Daniel has always been very much secretive and he has not spoken anything about his link with Maggie, neither Daniel nor Maggie has ever spoken anything about their relationship. This couple however, denied their relationship but soon after, they showed it by themselves when they were spotted out spending the vacations together. Bu later on after staying in some months of relation the couple split off.

Daniel Henney with rumored girlfriend Maggie Q

Daniel Henney was also in a relationship with Jung Ryeo-won, an actress of Korean-Australian decent. Their relationship did not work out and so they got separated. He was also at some point in time pointed to be dating Gwyneth Paltrow who is an American actress, singer, comedienne as well as a food writer. Daniel Henney was several times linked with various ladies. It was also rumored through various media channels that Henney was linked to Xun Zhou, who is a Chinese singer and actress followed by South Korean actress and singer Sooyoung, with an American songwriter, fashion designer, and actress Jessica Jung, and with Lee Na Young, a South Korean actress.

Daniel Henney Jung Ryeo-won
Daniel Henney Jung Ryeo-won

In the year 2015, there were a lot of reports that Daniel Henney had got engaged with one of his girlfriends but later on his fans confirmed that he did not want to get married yet.

Daniel Henney Gwyneth Paltrow
Daniel Henney Gwyneth Paltrow

Short bio of Daniel Henney

Daniel was already a popular supermodel before making his acting debut in 2005. He Started modeling in 2001 and has worked in Italy, France, Paris, London, New York & Hong Kong. He appeared as an actor in a number of drama serials such as Big Hero, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and The Last Stand.
Daniel Henney also appeared in a decent drama “Spring Waltz” in the year 2006 and also made his movie debut “Seducing Mr. Perfect” but the movie, not that quite successful; His second movie by the name “My Father” in the year 2007 did much better though. At the start, he appeared as a supporting actor where his performance and look was tremendously admired by everyone. He studied at Carson City-Crystal in High School and attended Alma College where he joined on a basketball scholarship. He started his career in South Korea as he wanted to track down his mother’s biological family.

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