Dan Harris Is Married To Wife Bianca Harris, Find Out His Age, Career, Net worth, Salary

Dan Harris is the author of the number one New York Times best-selling book “10% Happier”. This book has gained a lot of attraction and also is celebrating 5th anniversary this year.

Dan was born in the USA on July 26 1971. His father is from Harvard’s radiation and oncology department and recipient of Gold Medal in 2007 American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. His mother is a pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Although the family had the medical background, Dan chose to be into communication industry.

Dan in the high school used to play drums and also bassist for the rock bank. He started his career in WLBZ television after his graduation in the year 1993. He did there for around 7 years and in the year 2000 he got a chance to ABC News.

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Dan Harris Career Details

In ABC News, Dan did get various exposures to the communication industry. He improved as an anchor and a reporter. He has reported various natural calamities namely the hurricane Katrina in the year 2005. He got a chance to do the anchoring of World News Sunday from the year 2006 to 2011. He also anchors World News, ABC World News Tonight weekend editions and Nightline.

With his achievements as an anchor in the year 2010 he was announced to be co-anchoring weekend edition of Good Morning America replacing Bill Weir. Later in the year 2013 he again succeeded Bill Weir as co-anchor for Nightline.

To add to his achievement jewels, in the year 2012 he conducted a debate coverage on the ABC News for the presidential election. He has done various coverage, one on the shootings on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and the opening of the One World Trade Center in New York.

One more to add one, he was announced to be the host for the game show of 500 Questions. He is also the author of number 1 New York seller – 10% Happier. This year it is celebrating its 5th Anniversary.

Is Dan Harris Still Married To Bianca Harris?

Dan is married to Bianca who is a pulmonologist. They have a son together who was born on 15th December 2014. Dan talks about an incident in an interview of how his wife was calm and composed when their son had a minor accident at home and they had to rush to an emergency room. Dan also mentions that although he was practicing meditation that did not help him cope this anxiety and nervousness. He was panicked when his son met with the injury.

Dan Harris Net Worth

Dan’s Networth is said to be around $5 million. Dan’s salary has increased since he won Emmy Award with whooping 300%. Although there has been no definite information on his net worth he is known to earn $85 million annually as his salary. He has also published various books and articles through which he has earned. He was awarded Emmy award for his report “How to Buy a Child in Ten Hours” With a long career still ahead we hope Dan earns even more and get new aooprtunities.

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