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Daiana Campeanu Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Daiana Campeanu, who is also known as Diana Rein, is an American actress, writer and composer. Currently she is creating soulful music that combines moving vocals and lyrics with rock guitars. The melodies she creates are truly enduring. Her songs display perfection and depict her artistic skills. She has a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers and her songs have over 100000 views. She describes singing and composing as her passion and is left thrilled everyday with the amount of love and respect her art receives. Her rich taste in music genres depict the Chicago influence on her work, as she has been raised in the home of blues music.

Daiana Campeanu Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Daiana was born in Romania on April 30, 1978. Music skills were inherited from Her father who was a Professor of Musicand her aunt was a renowned singer in Romania. Her Zodiac Sign is Taurus. As a child, she had always been involved in creative arts through music, theatre and acting. Currently she is residing in Los Angeles and is 43 years old.

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Daiana Campeanu Music Career

In 2007, Daiana released her first solo CD, The Black Room which features amazing acoustic driven ballads and also some electric driven rock songs. “Till You Came Along” and “Will Love Ever Last” are two of her beautifully composed ballads from her first album. “So Sexy” and “Goodbye” are from the same album and are from the rock genre.


Her seductive vocals paired with her superb skills with the guitar are unmatchable. Her songwriting abilities are lauded by entertainers and music experts throughout America.
She released her second album in 2016 for which she won the 2016 LA Critics Award for Best Female CD, and also the award for Best Blues Artist and Fan Favorite.

The Long Road and third in 2019, Queen of my Castle. Currently she is working on her own documentary in which she has promised to reveal the struggles she faced as an independent artist, her successes and her failures.

Daiana Campeanu Acting Career

Daiana Campeanu is popularly known for acting as Nunchaku Wielder Bettina in Nickelodeon Series,Tiger Troops. Tiger Troops is an adventure comedy thriller television series which began airing on High School Boyz on Nick on March 5, 1990. The show was a great hit for high schoolers. She gave her first acting performance in 1983 as a medieval girl in “Museum of Madness”. She is also widely known for acting in one of the most popular films of its times, Home Alone. She played as Sondra, Kevin’s cousin in Home Alone (1990), Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) .Later she also appeared in the 1993 movie as Vickie in Dennis the Menace. In 1998, she appeared as a Romanian Girl in TV Series “Brimstone”.

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Apart from films she has also acted in numerous short stories as Gemma in “Gypsy Gift” 2014, Emma in “Wingman” 2014, Tina in “Almost Perfect” 2011, Amber in “Amber’ 2011, Sarah in “Fxxxen Americans” 2011, Justine Rose in “Three Rooms” 2010, Paige in “ Heaven’s Idiots” 2010, and played maid in “One foot in the Grave” 2010.

Daiana Campeanu Writing Career

Daiana Campeanu wrote a short story, Gypsy Gift in 2014. It depicts a young woman’s struggles to find her strength and voice after the sad demise of her mother. Apart from this she also wishes to write a biography in which she wants to depict her work and struggles as an artist.

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Daiana Campeanu Body Measurements


Daiana Campeanu is 1.8m tall which is around 5.9 feet.


Daiana Campeanu weighs around 56 kg.

Daiana Campeanu Net Worth

Daiana Campeanu’s main source of income is through acting and working as a musician. Her net worth is around $78 Million, as of 2021.

Daiana Campeanu Family Details

Daiana Campeanu is happily married to her husband and has a 7 year old son. She juggles motherhood with her career as a musician and wife. At times she has to spend time away from music to give her full time to family commitments as her husband is also struggling in his career.

She says it depresses her to be away from her passion, but they always figure out how to make peace with it as a family. She understands being a parent is a full time duty and taking time away from her career on and off, to take care of family counts as work too.