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Cydney Bernard Ex-Girlfriend Jodie Foster, Net Worth, Career, Family, Kid

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Cydney Bernard is an example to show how well a producer can be. She is a movie producer and longtime partner of actress Jodie Foster. They split in the year 2008.

Cydney was born on 30 March 1952. She is 66 years old currently. There no much information of her childhood days. Cydney has an elder brother Dustin Bernard. Cydney always wanted to make name in the movie industry and likewise she did take her career in the movie industry seriously.
She started as production supervisor and then worked hard through to become a movie producer. She has worked as a production manager for various movies like The Client, Bean, Loch Ness and many more. She also produced TV movies like Ratz of 2000, A Girl Thing and Spinning of Boris.
Although Cydney does not like to talk about her private life she is known to be a Lesbian with Jodie Foster as her partner.

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Cydney Bernard Relationship With Ex-Girlfriend

Jodie Foster was the girlfriend of Cydney Bernard for 15 years. The beautiful actress and Cydney started dating in the 1993. They met in a movie sets in the year 1992 of Sommersby. Jodie and Cydney had a very good relation going on for years. They also had children together Charles and Kit.

Jodie is a very well-known actress for movies like Silence of the Lambs, Contact, The Brave One, Taxi Driver, Flight Plan, Panic Room and so on. The list goes on. She has won many awards for her acting talent.

Jodie is known to have broken up with Cydney with Cydney as she was in a affair with another producer Alexandra Hedison. Jodie and Cydney had a good long relationship and decided to get children. Cydney mostly gained her name once she started dating Jodie as Jodie was and is famous actress. Although they are not together anymore, they still are closer to each other and are in good terms.

Cydney Bernard is not with Jodie Foster anymore. However, they have a very close relationship. They share good talks and when they meet each other they are cordial to each other.

Cydney Bernard Net Worth

Cydney has done various movies as a supervisor, production manager and so on. She has worked in many movies, series and amassed a great amount of wealth. Although when compared to Jodie Foster she is less rich, but she has made significant wealth.

Cydney does not like to talk about her personal life publicly and hence there is no exact amount of net worth of her. However, one can estimate her net worth to be in multi-million. She can be considered as a multi-millionaire.

Cydney Bernard Family Details

Nothing much about Cydney’s family is known, but she is known to be the sister of Dustin Bernard. He is the film producer and is known to have been in production unit of movies like Terminator 2, Pacific Rim, Suicide Squad and many more. Not much relation between Cydney and Justin has been revealed anywhere.