Craig Rygaard Bio, Career, Net Worth, Social Media Presence

In the world dominated by a passion to do something different, we often hear about a profession called “logging.” Furthermore, whenever we hear about this profession, the first name which comes to our mind is that of Craig Raigard. Notably, Craig Raigaard had been a television personality, born on 1st January 1972. Unfortunately, he had lost his life on 16th September 2016 in a motor vehicle crash in an accident at Port Angeles in Washington. Apart from it, the fact that he had been married is common knowledge, but the name of his wife and date of marriage have been kept private from the glaring eyes of the media. After marriage, he had been blessed with three sons, whom the couple had named Gave, Jason, and Burt Rygaard.
Despite being successful in the field of logging, Craig Raigaard had tried his luck in the world of visual media by starring in a reality show named “Ax Men”, which is even now being aired in the “History Channel”. This shows us being aired since 9th March 2008. Most importantly, this program follows the work of several logging crews in dense North-western Oregon, Washington as well as Montana. Also, this show highlights the dangers which the loggers face on a regular basis. However, Craig Raigaard had retired from his business at the end of Season 6 and had handed over his prospering logging business to Gabe.

Craig Rygaard Career Details

Initially, Craig Raigaard had started a company named “Rygaard Logging” in the year 1992. All three of his sons had been his partners in the company.

However, the audience has been taken aback when they have seen Craig Raigard shed tears with intense pain, as an aftermath of an accident in a video appropriately named “Fall of Legend”. The accident had led a major section of people in shock when they heard the unexpected news. The doctors were worried about his health which was critical.

There, he had suffered because he had fallen while trying to fix a carriage line truck inside a row of standing trees. After this accident, his team of loggers had carefully carried the veteran logger out to safety and he had to be hospitalized. In addition, many of the witnesses had speculated that he would not survive. Luckily, he proved this speculation false and by virtue of his tremendous mental strength, coupled by his will to live, was soon on his way to recovery. The doctors had been with him throughout his journey to recovery and had breathed a sigh of relief when he had been declared to be fully fit.

Craig Rygaard Net Worth

It had been declared that Craig Raigaard had a net worth of $3 million. Both his stint in television as well as his logging empire contribute towards it.

Craig Rygaard Social Media Presence

Many people make the mistake of thinking that social media is for the young. Contradictory to this concept, Craig Raigaard had been active in Facebook with 214 posts in his personal Facebook account.


It seems that the 68-year-old television personality had preferred to keep his personal life under wraps. As a result, his followers hardly have any information about his wife or his regular activities. However, his unexpected, as well as premature death, created ripples in the industry. It was a tragic end of such s vibrant celebrity who had been unassuming enough to hand over his responsibilities to his heir on time. Also, this might have been interpreted as a tacit admission that he found his successor to be mature enough to handle such a massive responsibility.

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