Craig Delano Melvin Is Married To Wife Lindsay Czarniak. Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Kids

Craig Delano Melvin is a famous African American Journalist who was born on the 20th of May, 1979 in Columbia South Carolina to Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Betty Melvin. He completed his first degree in Government from Wofford College and began his career working with WIS as a news reporter and an anchor. There he worked for 8yrs (from 2001-2008) and for another 4 years (2008-2011) he worked with WRC. At WRC, he worked as a weekend host for evening news programs. He has worked with other channels (majorly as news reporter and anchor) where he worked for them as a substitute anchor.

His current job is a news anchor at MSNBC, and has been rated to be one of the talented and loved news anchors presently working with MSNBC. This outstanding work personality and aura is why quite a number of news channels have an attraction to him. His work performance aside, the confidence he shows while hosting the news is enough to grab your attention and this is one of the basic reasons channels are after him.

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Craig Delano Melvin Career Details

Craig completed his high school education from Columbia High School and proceeded to attend Wofford College where he graduated from with Bsc in Government. His career as a journalist is remarkable with sufficient popularity on many blogs and websites.

His career began as a reporter before later working as a news anchor. His outstanding work at WIS earned him an Emmy award, making him a prominent figure in the society. Craig’s subsequent job was a news anchor with WRC, situated in Washington.

His career had a huge turnout when he started working for MNSBC in New York City. Currently, he works two jobs; an anchor for MNSBC and works a news correspondent for NBC News. During the course of his career, he has been the host and anchor to some notable events such as the Election Night, the trial of Zimmerman, Rio Olympics, the 2013 Asiana Airlines 214 crash, and Oklahoma’s Deadly Tornado. He’s a one time Emmy award receiver and best anchor as awarded to him by South Carolina Broadcaster’s association. Just recently, he was promoted to be the co-anchor for the ‘Today’ show on NBC.

Craig Delano Melvin Education Details

The South native had been interested in journalism and reporting stories from a tender age. He began by working in high school as a teen reporter and was awarded a Associated Press Award for his story. He proceeded to complete his Bachelor’s degree at Wofford College and became a full time journalist with WIS News.

Craig Delano Melvin Net Worth

Melvin has an accumulative annual salary of $40, 000 and on average, his current net worth is $3 million. A major reason for such a stable salary and worth is due to his amazing career as a journalist. He has never been fired from his job, like never.

Craig Delano Melvin Family: Parents, Siblings

He comes from a family of 3 being the second child, he has an older brother Rev Lawrence Meadow and a younger brother Ryan Melvin. The brothers all grew up in South Carolina with their parents, Mr. Lawrence and Mrs Betty Mevin.

Well, about a year ago he opened up about his grandfather (maternal). He never met his grandpa, he died two years before Craig was born. He died two years before Craig arrived, but he had come to realize what a good person he was. Together with his beautiful wife, they reside in Connecticut with their kids.

Is Craig Delano Melvin Really Married?

In 2011, Craig got married to his wife Lindsay Czarniak who is also a journalist like him. She’s, however, more of a sports anchor and reporter. There first meeting was at a charity gala where Craig was the host at the program.

Unlike our favorite love stories, it wasn’t love at first sight for Lindsay. She basically avoided Craig who kept trying to get her on a date. After several attempts, she finally agreed to go on a date with him. They officially started dating each other in October 2009 after several proposals by Craig.

The couple got married two years into their relationship. They had their loved ones supporting them all the way. They had their first male child, Delano Melvin three years into marriage.

Two years later she announced that she was with child again on SportsCenter. The announcement was made just before that night’s sixth game of the 2016 NBA Finals in Cleveland. The family welcomed their second child, Sybril Ann Melvin, two months after the announcement was made. We can say their union is blessed with no speculations of extramarital affairs.

Craig Delano Melvin Wife Lindsay Czarniak

His wife, Lindsay Czarniak, born November 7, 1977, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is also an American journalist. She has one brother who serves his country as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard. With six years of working as a sports journalist, she has enough experience that has enabled her to become a host at Fox Sports. She has worked with WRC TV in DC and became an anchor at ESPN for a year. Craig has got a family many are wishing to have; an amazing successful wife and two kids.

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