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Comedian Russell Peters Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Dating History, Married To Monica Diaz

Russell Peters is a famous comedian and an actor and that is why Russell Peters net worth is of concern. He was born on the 29th of September in 1970 in Toronto, Canada to Eric Peters who is a federal meat inspector, and Maureen Peters.

He is a Canadian comedian and belongs from a Anglo-Indian family. Growing up in Canada he was bullied mercilessly by other students in the school and was often called ‘Paki’. He even got diagnosed with ADD or ADHD which increased his difficulties. He learnt boxing to get over the harassment of being bullied, which helped him in self-defense.

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Russell Peters Early Life

When he was four years old, his family shifted to Brampton. Clayton Peters is his older brother who is his manager. He did his secondary education from Chinguacousy Secondary School and the North Peel Secondary School.

He drifted from his family tradition of having stable jobs and went for stand up comedy. He has a different style of comedy and uses his sense of humor to highlight racial, ethnic, and cultural stereotypes and often referring to his own life experiences and difficulties he faced growing up in an Anglo-Indian family.

Russell Peters Net Worth

He is counted as one of the world’s highest-paid comedians. Russell Peters net worth is huge. He has a net worth estimated to be around $55 million dollars. Major part of his earnings come from his multi-million dollar touring enterprise which he created.

He has broken sales and attendance record in 2007 being the first comedian to have a sellout at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre and setting a sales record in 2009 in London. Forbes ranked Russell Peters as the third highest paid comedian, making Russell Peters net worth to rise steadily.

He became a huge sensation in international comedy when his stand up comedy video went viral on Youtube. He became famous all around the world and often performing at sold out stadiums.

Russell Peters Career Details

Russell Peters started his career at a very young age in the year 1989 by performing comedy shows in Toronto. George Carlin, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, and Don Rickles had a deepinfulence on him and he even got the chance to meet Carlin in 1992. He got advice from the senior comedian to use the stage as much as possible which Peters took very seriously, becoming a great success eventually. He even got the chance to host one of the last Carlin’ shows before he died in 2008.

He even won a Gemini Award in 2008. He even won ‘Dave Broadfoot Award’ in 2007 and the ‘Live/Best Stand-Up – Large Venue’ in 2008 at the Canadian Comedy Awards.

Apart from being a stand up comedian, he is also into acting and has acted in many films such as ‘Breakaway’ and ‘Source Code,’ and he has even done television shows such as ‘The Jack Docherty Show’, ‘Royal Canadian Air Farce’, and ‘Just For Laughs’.

Russells Peters Dating History

In 2008, he dated the famous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. He proposed to his girlfriend, Monica Diaz on the 10th of July in 2010 at Los Angeles International Airport and then they got married on 20th August in the same year. They had a daughter on 14th December 2010, Crystianna Marie Peters. But their relationship could not last more than two years and they got divorced in 2012. Currently he is engaged to Ruzanna Khetchian.