Comedian Ralphie May Divorced With Lahna Turner. Find Out His Net Worth In 2019, Kids

The American comedian Ralphie May is a stand up comedian and an actor born in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1947. His birth date was 17th of February. He has three siblings elder to him. He grew up in Clarksville Arkansas. After his high school graduation He performed in few Clubs in Houston and then moved in to Los Angeles to embark on his career journey furthermore. He enjoyed listening to Eddie Murphy, Sam kinison,Richard Pyar when he was a kid.

Ralphie May Career Details

Ralphie Duren May is one of the hilarious comedian at that time. Most of his subjects of the genre was related to family, sexuality, satire, race, obesity, family life. He was active in social medias and has his own webpage

Ralphie’s sense of humour led him to a contest when he was just 17, there he he got an opportunity to meet one of his long time idol, Sam Kinison who wished him to move in to Houston to continue his comic journey. He was the runner up in the Last comic standing contest in the year 2003 and continued to take part in many Comedians show. He released his first comedy album called,”just correct”. And went on making “Girth of the nation”, Austintatious”, “primecut” and Netflix specials “imperfectly yours”and “ untruly”. He also known in featuring for “for the love of money”, as a debut and for “whoopi”, “cubed”, and some other films. Recently, his life was portrayed in a documentary film, “what’s Ralph May eating?”. His websites states he was a writer and a producer for ESPN’S show Mohr sports and continued to bring out laugh out of his audience doing few more stand up night shows.

Ralphie May Marriage Life And Kids

Ralphie was married to a fellow comedian Lahna Turner in the year of 2005 3rd July. They both initiated The perfect ten podcast as well. And married almost for ten years. They had lovely children with most usual yet catchy names, April June May and August James May. “I loved Ralphie with all my heart…no one has ever made me laugh or cry harder.” Turner shared in one of her twitter post after losing his husband. Ralphie passed away in the age of 45, due to cardiac arrest. May suffered from obesity for long years weighing around 800 pounds, from which he lost 350 by a car accident having 42 bone fractures, when he was 16. After years of struggle in 2011 he was hospitalised for pulmonary embolisms for weeks. He was told to be the favourite of his grandmother on whom he shared lots of fonds in his social media. “Thank goodness for my grandmother,. She was a hell of a woman” he stated.

Tune and Ralphie had filed divorce which told to be making May devastated, Mrs Tuner had stated May should not be let around the kids alone as he was taking drugs and abusive towards her. Even after Ralphie’s death the divorce was not yet finalised but the kids were in Turners legal custody from 2017. May stated that he doesn’t wanted to lose weight although his wife wished him to. May died in the year of 2017, October 6.

Ralphie May Net Worth

Ralphie May has a net worth of $2million Dollars serving as a comedian in many shows outside and inside the television. His hard work and efforts as a comedian paid him off a good sum of money.

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