Chuck Liddell Bio, Career, Net Worth, Accomplishments, Siblings, Parents

Life is a fight people say. But for our hero, fighting is life. Yes, we are talking about Chuck Liddell the super famous Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Fame inductee. He is the first fighter to be featured in ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) magazine of America.

Charles David Chuck Liddell is the full name of this globally popular Mixed Martial Artist who is based in United States of America. He is nicknamed by his fans as ‘Iceman’ for his super cool attitude before his fights. He is applauded for his contribution to making MMA popular at international level and bringing the sport into limelight.

 Chuck Liddell Bio: Siblings, Parents

Santa Barbara, California is the birthplace of our MMA champion Chuck Liddell. He has two brothers Sean and Dan and a sister Laura. His brother Sean is, like Chuck Liddell, a Mixed Martial Artist. Sean is also known to have participated World Extreme Cage Fighting. Chuck Liddell was raised by his single mother and his maternal grandfather who taught boxing to his grandsons. The young Chuck found the art of boxing attractive and proceed to learn Koei-Kan karate and his age when he did that was only 12! He got engrossed into this combative sport so much that he even tattooed on his scalp ‘Koei-Kan’.

 Chuck Liddell Career Details

During his high school years Chuck Liddell excelled in football and wrestling. He has the proud possession of an armature kickboxing record that includes 20 wins and just 2 losses. His MMA career has the customary start of learning Brazilian Jiu jitsu in Los Vegas and his coach was Jon Lewis.

Chuck Liddell made his UFC debut in 1988. He won Noe Hermandez in that debut fight and from there he went on winning matches against the sport’s legends and champions and big names like Tito Ortis, Jos “Pele” Landi Johns and like.

Losing a couple of matches in 2010, he announced retirement at the end of that year. But surprising his fans he did make a comeback in 2018. But after his loss to Tito Ortiz he returned back to his retirement.

 Chuck Liddell Accomplishments

He is a fighter and a fight coach. He has also penned and published his autobiography ‘Iceman. My Fighting Life’ making him an author. A fighting career that spanned from 1998 to 2018 ha has 21 wins to his credit and 9 losses. He has the pride of being the first fighter to participate in Pride representing his organization UFC.

 Chuck Liddell Net Worth

Apart from MMA fighting, Chuck Liddell is a mixture of other interesting things like he has a degree in Business Accounting. With about eleven movies and 11 TV series to his credit, he is an actor also. The net worth of this incredibly cool UFC fighter is estimated to ab about $14 million.

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