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Christy McGinity Gibel Net Worth, Bio, Career, Weight Loss, Husband, Married, Nationality

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Christy McGinity was born on 19th August 1977 in Burbank, California. She used to work as a financial advisor before turning her career into acting. She is a dwarf and is just 3 feet 2 inches long.

American by birth she has appeared in many reality television shows. She starred in the famous show Little Women: LA which aired on Lifetime channels where she worked in more than 7 seasons.

The dwarf actress is one of the most controversial actors in the industry and is known for getting into fights with other contestants. She also made a headline for her addictions and her spiced up personal life.

Her acting career is not just confined to reality TV shows and she has appearances in movies like Austin Power in Goldmember in the year 2002 and Death to Smoochy in 2002 but these were small roles.

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Christy McGinity  Net worth

Christy Mc Ginty has an estimated net worth of $400,000 and earns a monthly actor pay of $7000. She has worked in many reality shows and is known for her fights with other contestants. She has some properties to her name but the locations are not public.

Christy McGinity  Weight Loss

Christy Mc Ginty weights 42 Kg and has maintained her weight. She has maintained her body as she constantly stars in reality shows. After her second marriage, her husband Todd was suffering from obesity and was facing many health problems. He lost around 30 Kgs of weight and went under gastric bypass surgery in the year 2014. Stories later came out that Christy threatened Todd of divorce for going under the transformation.

Christy McGinity Married To A Husband

The reality show actress has married twice in her life. The first husband’s name is not public and the marriage ended up in a divorce. She shared two children with her first husband namely Autumn and Trenton. Her children are yet to appear on her show and have completed their school education. There are no pictures on her social media accounts with her first husband and she has never openly talked about her first marriage.

After her first marriage ended up in a divorce, life gave her a second chance and she married her second husband Todd Gibel in a beautiful wedding which took place at Laguna Beach. However, the relationship took a bitter turn and things started to fall apart between the two. Todd has been suffering from depression and is looking forward to joining therapy. The couple has not signed up for a divorce but it’s only a matter of time as Christy is already dating a new guy Gonzo Grape and she posted some pictures with him on her social media handles.

Quick Facts About Christy McGinity

Name: Christy McGinity
Birth Place: Burbank, Los Angeles
Height: 3 feet 2 inches
Eye Color: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: American
Profession: Actress
Husband: Todd Gebel
Net Worth: $ 400,000
Weight: 42
Age: 42