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Chris Martin Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Chris Martin, was born on March 2nd 1977 as Christopher Antony John Martin, to Antony John Martin and Alison Martin. He is a singer and song-writer, who plays both the piano and the guitar. Chris Martin is a force to reckon with in the music industry, and he, along with his college mates turned Coldplay bandmates had their first huge success in 2000, when their album Parachutes rocked the airwaves, while riding on Yellow , the equally successful single, which has racked over half a billion views on YouTube.

Chris Martin Career Details

Chris Martin will be turning 46 years in March 2023, and he has had a very successful career. Coldplay has grown into a household name, and while in the 1990s everyone looked forward to their next album, nowadays everyone looks forward to their next concert, or YouTube video. The tickets are often sold out, but the electrifying performances have developed a cult-like following, and ardent fans who have showered Chris martin with fanatical support. His firs solo song was “Do they know its Christmas?’ in 2004, followed by ‘All Good Things (Come to an End)’ in the ‘Loose Album’ released in 2006. These hits, and his huge contribution to Coldplay albums and concerts catapulted Chris to celebrity status, and he has been on an upward trend since then.

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Chris Martin Net Worth

Song writing, singing, performances and other music related ventures have helped Chris Martin grow as a musician. The same growth has been witnessed at Coldplay, and his performance as a solo and in Coldplay have helped him amass a net worth of $130 million, as at 2020. There is still a high chance that it will grow past this, as YouTube and other media platforms have begun paying content creators. Additionally, Coldplay is still out there, waiting for the Coronavirus pandemic to go away, so that they resume their massively-attended concerts. This translates to more revenue for the band, which then trickles down to individual band members.

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Chris Martin House 

Chris currently lives with Dakota Johnson in a $12.5 million Malibu home since January 2021. It is a 5338 Square behemoth, with nine bathrooms, six bedrooms, and living areas that are spacious and lavishly furnished.

Chris Martin Dating History And Marriage Details

As you may be guessing, Dakota is Chris’s girlfriend, and she is famed for her role in the Fifty Shades films. In January 2022, Chris and Dakota made their dating official, much to the glee of gossip mills, which had been mulling over the couple dating for some time. They are very comfortable together, and they genuinely look happy.

Chris Martin Cars

In 2016, Coldplay’s Chris Martin revealed that he has never owned a car, much to the amazement of his fans. To date, details about what Chris martin drives remain sketchy, and there are no confirmed rides that Chris may own or drive around. However, His girlfriend has often been spotted driving around in different cars, and sometimes she’s the one behind the wheel when driving somewhere with Chris.

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Chris Martin Ex-Wife And Kids

In October 2002, Chris met Gwyneth Paltrow, whom they went forth to become really close, dated, and got married in 5th December 2003. They brought forth two kids, Apple Martin and Moses Martin, born in 2004 and 2006 respectively. Chris divorced Gwyneth in July 2016, after being married for close to 14 years.


Chris stands at 6 feet and one inch, and weighs a healthy 175 pounds. His contribution towards launching, growing, and sustaining Coldplay is remarkable. He has grown through music too, and at the moment, he is perched right up there, in the global music industry.