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Charisma Carpenter Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Dating, Divorce, Ex-Husband Damian Hardy

Charisma Carpenter is a Hollywood actress born in Las Vegas Nevada, and she is popular for her participation in Vampire Slayer and Angel. Charisma is a brunette with an hourglass figure and dark brown eyes to match her long hair.

Charisma Carpenter Net Worth

Currently, the celebrity’s net worth is oscillating at five million US dollars. She has been able to accumulate all this wealth because of her acting career and her popularity in the United States. Charisma’s popularity was given rise by her role in Vampire Slayer acting as Cordelia Chase and a similar role in a TV show dubbed Angel. Her Participation in these shows increased her popularity and made her be nominated regularly for awards and presentations. The actress’ popularity has led to her selection for roles in TV shows like The Lying Game Surviving Evil, and Veronica Mars. According to Wealthy Persons, the actress earns a daily income of 330 US dollars which amounts to 10,000 US dollars monthly. Charisma has made a remarkable history in Hollywood.

Charisma Carpenter Married, Divorce

Charisma Carpenter was married to a man named Damian Hardy, but unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2008 with a kid named Donovan Charles. She is currently a single divorcee, and the plans of her future marriage life are not known.

What Charisma Carpenter Doing Now?

After exiting angel, Charisma took part in several episodes of Charmed and other movies. She was featured in The Griddle House where she acted as Mae-Bee in 2018. The actress has also featured in Mail Order Monster as Hopkin’s new catch at the verge of becoming Sam’s stepmother. This means that the actress is still in the movie industry and we should not get surprised when she features in our screens anytime.

Charisma Carpenter Age

Charisma Carpenter is 49 years old since she was born on July 23, 1970.

Charisma Carpenter Career Details

We can say that Charisma started from the bottom because she started working early as a wait in an attempt to save money for a college education. In her plight to get into college, she met an agent in Los Angeles where she started making appearances in productions and commercials. The actress first made her first television appearance in 1994 when she was featured in an episode of Baywatch as per IMDb. Her next role is a soap opera at NBC did not last long, and in 1996 she was cast in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Cordelia Chase in collaboration with the Warner Bros. Under the Warner Bros Company, she was given roles in Angel, Charmed, Miss Match, Veronica Mars, and Greek. However, in 2004, she declined the role she was assigned and proceeded to work with Fox to produce a series dubbed Back to You. The actress also featured in CSI and Big Shots under Fox. Charisma can be said to be hardworking since she has starred in various films ranging from sex comedy, romantic to horror movies. Part of her popularity was influenced by her role in The Expendables as Jason’s girlfriend and Psychosis which was Red Sparrow’s first-ever film. After that, she has also played major roles in The Lying Game, Expendables 2, Surviving Evil among other TV shows which have been produced as late as 2018.

Charisma Carpenter Dating History

Charisma prefers to keep her relationship issues a secret but reliable sources indicate that apart from the only man she married and divorced, Charisma has dated only one man, Michael Rossi who is the lead singer for The Public Trust.

Charisma Carpenter Parents

Charisma is born of a salesman called Don Carpenter who is and a half cast of the German and the French. Not much is known about the father because his name is probably known because of his daughter. The actress’ mother is known as Christine Carpenter, and she is of Spanish origin and is known to have worked in a bird sanctuary as per Allstarbio.

Charisma Carpenter Kids

Charisma has a son named Donovan Hardy, whom she had with her divorced husband, Damian. The boy was born on March 24, 2003, a little after their marriage. She retained custody of the boy after the couple broke up in 2007.

Charisma Carpenter Body Measurements

She is 5 feet tall and stands at a weight of 57kg with an athletic type of body build up.  Her dark brown eyes that match her skin colour and her dark brown hair make her remain young physically.

Charisma Carpenter Cars And House

Charisma Carpenter has a beautiful luxurious house in Las Vegas where she lives and owns a fleet of high-end vehicles.