Mackenzie McKee Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Mackenzie McKee is an American television personality and actress. She was born on the 17th October 1994 in Miami, Oklahoma, United States of America. Growing up, she always wanted to be an actress, which led her to participate in different platforms in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Concerning her education, she enrolled in a cosmetology college after graduating from high school.

She received public attention in 2011 for appearing in the reality television series “16 and Pregnant”. Mackenzie later joined the cast of “Teen Mom OG” in August 2019.

Mackenzie McKee Career Details

In 2011, Mackenzie McKee kicked off her professional career as a reality star after appearing in the fourth season of reality television series, “16 and Pregnant”. The series was a documentary dedicated to the pregnancies and first months of motherhood for teenage girls. The first episode of the season aired on March 27, 2012, and the last episode aired on May 29, 2012. After her appearance in the show, she gained a considerable amount of attention and fame.

In the same year, she joined the cast as a member of the show’s spin-off series titled, “Teen Mom 3”. She appeared in a season with the likes of Alex Sekella Briana DeJesus, and Katie Yeager. In August 2019, McKee appeared as a cast in “Teen Mom OG”, the first spin-off of “16 and Pregnant”, as a guest mom in the last episodes of the eighth season after the departure of Bristol Palin. Although, she is an official cast member of season 8.

In addition, she is a fitness enthusiast. In 2018, she launched a fitness program, “BodyByMac”. Also, she has a fitness blog, known as Mackenzie’s Health and Fitness, where she uploads blog posts about fitness and health tips.

Mackenzie McKee Net Worth

According to, Mackenzie McKee has an estimated net worth of around $1.3 million as of 2020. She has earned a good amount of money from her career as a television personality of two big shows. Although there is no certified information about her annual salary, the reality TV star earns around $45,000 a year.

Mackenzie McKee Dating History And Marriage Details

Mackenzie’s relationship is a rocky one, she is currently married, but she has decided to get a divorce from her husband, Josh McKee after he reportedly cheated on her with her cousin. It is reported that the couple has been in a relationship for a long time.

In 2011, she became pregnant with their first child. They were not married back then. She gave birth to Gannon Dewayne McKee, via c-section on September 12, 2011. Around two years after the birth of their son, the couple exchanged wedding vows on August 17, 2013.

On February 7, 2014, she gave birth to their second child, a girl, named Jaxie Taylor via emergency c-section. On August 15, 2016, the couple was blessed with their third child, another son named Broncs Weston Mckee on August 15, 2016, via emergency c-section.

Mackenzie revealed that she had suspicions about her husband cheating on her two weeks after she lost mom. Also, he made her feel like she was “a freak for crying and being depressed” over her mom’s death before eventually distancing himself from her entirely.

Mackenzie found out about his illicit affairs when she checked his phone and discovered that her husband was cheating on her with her close cousin, Ashley. In August last year, they had broken up when she believed that he kissed another woman in a Texas bar. However, they worked things out at the time. But this time, she claims that she is done with the marriage.

Mackenzie McKee Family Details: Parents And Siblings

Mackenzie was born to Brad Douthit, her father, and Angie Douthit, her mother. She three siblings named Whitney, Zeke and Kaylee Douthit. She lost her mother to brain cancer in 2019.

Mackenzie McKee Body Measurements

Mackenzie McKee stands at a height of around 5 feet 5 inches. She weighs around 56 kg. She has an attractive body which she maintains by going to the gym and working out. McKee has also promoted fitness supplements brands such as Justice Nutrition and BOOMBOD. Her hair colour is blonde and she has a pair of blue eyes.

Mackenzie McKee House And Cars

The TV star used to live with her husband and family in their house, worth around $150,000, located in Oklahoma. The house is a cosy four-bedroom apartment.

She owns and drives a Ford Explorer SUV after she crashed her former car in an accident.

Storage Wars Moe Prigoff Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Dr. Morris Prigoff is a podiatrist, also known as Moe Prigoff. Besides being a podiatrist, he is also a famous actor, entrepreneur, collector and seller of antique furniture.

Moe Prigoff is an enthusiastic collector of antique furniture and arts which displays his boutique shop and Gallery. He has been collecting these antique stuff over 30 years and gathered huge experience about antique.

In this article, all information about Dr. Morris Prigoff is focused on his fans. So read the whole article, you will enjoy it a lot to know about your favorite person.

What Happened To Moe Prigoff On Storage Wars Show?

Morris Prigoff became more famous for his role in Storage Wars and is a regular cast of Storage Wars. In season one of Storage Wars, Moe Prigoff performed with other cast members Ricky and Bubba, Jerry and Lesa, Victor, and Walton in December 2011. All of these interesting characters made the series more popular.

His naturally charming and flamboyant character made him more famous and impressive to fans.

In season two, the departure of the character Jerry and Lesa and Jenny and Mary was introduced additionally.

In season three, a new sequence was added in Storage Wars after revision.according to the executive decision the regular cast Moe Prigoff and victor were removed from the series in November 2013.

After he departed from the Storage Wars, he focused his own business and established an antique collecting store in Dallas.

Storage Wars Moe Prigoff Marriage Details

The versatile character Dr. Morris Prigoff married two times. At first in 1988, he married a lady named Nancy M Larson. After that, they divorced and stayed separately. Moe Prigoff again married in 2002. His 2nd wife is named Michela Y Sanchez, she was 43 years old at that time and the age of Moe Prigoff was 60 years.

Storage Wars Moe Prigoff  Education Details

The podiatrist Dr. Morris completed his graduation degree from Syracuse University. Then he left to study medicine in Cleveland.

Storage Wars Moe Prigoff  Profession And Career Details

As a podiatrist or ankle or foot surgeon, he has been practicing for 40 years. Most of his patients are athletes and they are involved in Dallas hockey and basketball teams. Besides practicing he published numerous podiatric papers and is active as a lecturer and performing in surgeries.

Moe Prigoff is a keen antique collector. He has an experienced eye for fashion, antiques, and art to make a collection. Moe was involved with the collecting of antiques over the 30 years. He focused on quality rather than quantities of these collected products. Antique is not related only to money, it is related to the historical significance and considerable age that make more value.

The products of his boutique shop are highly valuable and he is not concerned about the smaller things. After selling his unique collection in Dallas for 10 years he established a boutique store named “River Regency Modern” that is situated North Riverfront Blvd Dallas Texas with exceptional furniture and fashionable arts collections. The manager Robert supports him to run his own business.

Storage Wars Moe Prigoff Net Worth

Morris Prigoff is a successful entrepreneur, a podiatrist in his career. The net worth of Moe Prigoff is $4 million.

Morris has accrued his net worth through years in the world of storage auctions.

He is popular in the storage auction sector for the “stylish clothes, extremely loud footwear, and experienced eye”.

His participation by sophistication and charm role in Storage Wars Texas combined with the profits of his businesses has created him worth an impressive figure and it may increase.

As a surgeon, owner of two businesses, and earning from the Storage Wars his net worth is pretty much.

Storage Wars Moe Prigoff Bio: Age, Early Life

Dr. Morris Prigoff has a versatile personality at a time. He expanded the popularity of the Storage Wars series with his natural and super performance. From the departure of Storage Wars, he started collecting antique furniture and arts, etc for a longer time and reselling the products which are displayed in his boutique store.

Dr. Prigoff has practiced as a podiatrist for more than 40 years. He got his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree in Cleveland from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. He accomplished his surgical residency at the Cleveland Foot Clinic and Brecksville Veterans Hospital.

He is certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association in Endoscopic Heel Surgery and completed a different foot and ankle surgery.

Beth Smith Chapman Was Married Twice. Know Her Net Worth At Death, Kids, Husbands Keith Alan Barmore And Duane Chapman

Beth Smith Chapman, also known as Alice Elizabeth Smith, was born on 29th October the year 1967. She later died on 26th June 2019 at the age of 51. She was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017, which had spread to her lungs, pushing it to stage four that resulted in her death. At the time, she was 1.7 meters tall. Beth was a bounty hunter, and a reality star in a reality TV show from 2004 to 2019, where she co-starred on with her husband, Duane Chapman.

Beth Smith Chapman Marriage Details

Beth was initially married to Keith Alan Barmore in her younger years from 1991 after a twenty-five-day courtship. They were married for the next two years and had a daughter Cecily Chapman before they split up in 1993. Duane and the initial couple were still friends when Beth and Keith got married. Having known Keith for his drinking habits and don’t care attitude, Duane didn’t know whether to be happy for them or be disappointed in Beth for making such a wrong decision to marry Keith. Duane once wrote it in his memoir telling the world that Keith was no better adult than he was a punk kid in his earlier teen days. He pointed out his stealing and heroin habits in addition to his drinking beer just to even out drugs. He finally admitted that they were the worst couple ever to be together.

Beth and Duane were also attracted to each other at the time, and after he learned that Beth was getting abused by Keith, he decided to tell Beth about his romantic attraction to which ended in a romantic affair. Duane was also married to his then-wife, Tawny. Later on, he admitted that they were having an affair throughout both their marriages. He also said that Beth would sometimes joke about telling Tawny about their affair if he didn’t spend time with her in hotel rooms that she mostly booked with her name so that Duane’s wife doesn’t find out.

Duane separated from his wife because of Beth and her drug problems after coming clean about the affair. They later got a divorce in 2002, which gave him and Beth the chance to get married. They got married in 2006 in Hawaii, but it was, later on, followed by a tragedy where Duane’s child with his third wife Lyssa, died in an accident in Alaska. The girl was twenty-three years old, and her name was Barbara. They had three children Bonnie Chapman, Garry Chapman, and Dominic David Chapman. When they were settled in together, Duane adopted Cecily from Keith’s custody to raise with all the other children.

Beth Smith Chapman Career Details

For some time, Beth was a night club singer, clerk, and singer. She pursued her passion for being a gymnast and ice skater before she pursued acting when she moved to Honolulu. Chapman was in a reality show which she co-starred with her husband, Duane. They acted in the famous series from 2004, going through to eight seasons until 2012. Dog, the bounty hunter, was transformed throughout time to Dog and Beth, on the hunt, and in 2019 it was renamed Dog’s Most Wanted, which was the final series. She passed away when they were producing the show in June after being induced in a coma for four days.

Beth Smith Chapman Sickness And Death

Beth was diagnosed with stage two throat cancer in September the year 2017 when they were filming the series Dog and Beth; the fight for their lives about her treatment process and later went into remission. Later on, the disease spread to her lungs, causing her respiratory problems resulting in her stage four cancer diagnosis. In 2019 when they were producing Dog’s most wanted, she was hospitalized at The Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, and was placed in a medical coma and passed on within her week. In her memorial, her husband said that she loved life so much that she fought so hard to live it that it was okay for her to go her way. She had two memorials, unlike the usual memorials, and her body was cremated, and her remains scattered into the sea.

Todd Hoffman Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family, Siblings, Married, Wife Shauna Hoffman, Kids

Todd is an American professional reality television personality born in 1969 in Germany, but he now resides in Oregon. He is 1.78 meters tall, and his birth sign is Aries. He. In addition to his TV career, Todd is also a singer and has a YouTube channel featuring his songs.

Todd Hoffman Family Details

Todd Hoffman has a sister called Tamra Hoffman. His parents are Jack and Georgia Hoffman. He is married to Shauna Hoffman, who had two sons, Hudson Hoffman and Hunter Hoffman. According to IMDb, it has been announced has his sons will be on television really soon. Even though their father is not happy about that has suggested in most interviews that he has admitted to being scared for his children because being on television means that your life is no longer private. Soon enough, you become a public figure with paparazzi looking for you, and everything you do is judged in the public eye. Hoffman’s net worth is not known yet, but he earns close to one hundred thousand dollars per episode, which sums up to almost two million dollars per season.

Todd Hoffman Personal Life

Hoffman started keeping his beard in 2010 and has done a good job in maintaining it ever since. He is very proud of his beard, and he doesn’t hide it. Rumor has it that he is having a difficult time getting along with his colleague Parker. He has confirmed that despite their arguments, they still manage to keep things professional and respect each other for the good of the others.

Todd Hoffman Early Life

When Todd was still in college, he was a remarkable athlete and was still part of the school’s basketball team. His tuition fee was paid by a basketball scholarship he got from high school. Todd also has his own studio in the comfort of his house. Before Todd came to the reality show, he owned an airport in the Yukon Territory in Canada. When he realized that the airport business is getting low and the mining business in the same place gets better and more profitable, he decided to stop the airport business and start gold mining. Lucky for him and his friends who were in the business, there were gold deposits around the Yukon Territory. They took the remaining money and invested in buying mining equipment, which they started with while their company grew.

Todd has mentioned in most of his interviews about the reason behind him choosing to invest in the mining industry as inspiration from his father. His father was also a miner, and the way he told his stories about how he loved and enjoyed mining lit a spark in him. Due to the fall of his previous business, he was ready and curious to give it a shot and see if it will work for him.

Todd Hoffman Career Details

Gold rush is an international reality show on the discovery channel that focuses on Todd and his friends who stopped doing the airport business because of the huge losses they were getting and decided to invest their remaining money in the gold mining industry. They first traveled to Porcupine Creek in Alaska to mine gold. Since none of them had the knowledge or the training, they went for the training to gain knowledge on how its done and hoe to manage it. They were divided into different crews, which mined in different areas each season.

After a few successful mining cites where they made good money, they decided to take all their earnings and put it in a mining operation in Guyana, South America. Unfortunately, the trip was not as successful as they had hoped, and they came back home with just a few ounces of gold in comparison to their other gold harvests in the other sites. After their disastrous season in Guyana, they used their television series earnings and to move to a new mining site. After mining successfully for the next two seasons in Klondike, his mining crew pulled in over three million dollars’ worth of gold. He said that this was a huge win and compensation after the great loss they had encountered in South America.

Gold Rush Cast Dave Turin Is Married To Wife Shelly Turin. Know His Age, Bio, Net Worth, Kids, Education

Dave Turin is well recognized for his appearance on reality TV show ‘Gold Rush’. He was present in seven Gold Rush episodes and he spent long hours in bulldozing mining grounds. This earned him the name ‘Dozer Dave’. Dave or David was born in Sandy, Oregon, U.S. on April 21, 1959. He was brought up by his father Jim Turin on his land with five siblings. He went to Sandy Union High School. In his young age, he was a good soccer player and athlete.

Dave Turin Early Life, Education

During college days he focused equally on both academics and football. He graduated in Civil Engineering from Portland State University. Eventually he learnt about his family rock quarry enterprise. He got involved with his father and siblings full time in the business. He gained knowledge about equipments and his natural leadership virtues made him a successful entrepreneur in mining.

Dave Turin Career Details

Dave worked 30 years on his family company called Mt. Hood Rock Company. His old friend Tod and Jack Hoffman hired him as consultant for their mining operation. In the second season of gold rush he got full time role and joined the crew of Hoffman after leaving his family business. He eventually got the role of the main cast and gained a long fan following. After going through several seasons he quit gold rush. He reportedly had a dispute with a member of the crew and got involved in fist fight with Trey Poulson during season 7. He apologized to the entire crew and departed from Gold Rush after a thank you note on Facebook, “It’s definitely not how I had expected my run with Gold Rush to end, but it is clear to me that it is time to move on”. His estimated net worth is $2 million.

Is Dave Turin Married To Wife?

Dave is happily married to his high school love, Shelly Turin and has three children, all married. He has two grandchildren from his son, Tony Turin. He lives in Gresham with his family. His wife Shelly helps him with the operations of his business. He advocates faith in Christ, building relationships and prefers to spend valuable time with family. His passions include hunting and golf along with mining. His fans on Gold Rush wish to see him back.

Where Is Dave Turin Now?

However now he has his own show, “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine” which is aired on Discovery Channel on April 5, 2019. He mentions having taken a punch in the face in order to quit the show. He had been frustrated during the conduct of the show, especially with decisions of Hoffman.

Regarding his new show, he talks the excitement about finding gold in sluice boxes rather than among rocks. This show has first multiplatform series on the Discovery channel’s platform. Turin had begun with investor funding initially but later decided to finance mining with his own funds. While discussing about mining, he says, “That’s one thing I enjoy about this job, teaching younger guys about a profession. I consider myself a professional miner; for whatever reason that’s how my life has gone”.

What Happened To Dr. Elizabeth Grammar Of Dr. Pol And Why Did She Leave The Show?

A very popular American show, “The Incredible Dr. Pol” that airs on Nat Geo Wild has its own set of controversies. This show casts a veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol and his family and employees and shows him along with his team working on the treatment issues of many veterinary cases in Weidman, Michigan.

Not much talked but one of the heard controversies was about Dr. Elizabeth’s sudden disappearance from the show. Having a great impact on the show, she was one of the best employees of Dr. Pol. Fans love the whole team in this show and the missing face of Dr. Elizabeth also known as Dr. Liz was an unexpected shock for them. What happened to Dr. Elizabeth? What made her leave the show?

About Dr. Elizabeth Grammar

Much information about Dr. Liz has been erased considering privacy, but still, we have some details about her early life. Her full name is Dr. Elizabeth Grammar. She was born in 1973 in Lamar, Georgia. From an early age, she developed a love for animals which made her choose a career towards becoming a veterinary doctor. She pursued veterinary medicine from the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine. She got married to Robert Grammar and they have four children. Most people came to know about her from her role in the show The Incredible Dr. Pol, where she starred from 2016 to 2018. After 2018, her fans started wondering why did she leave the show.

Reasons Of Dr. Elizabeth Grammar Disappearance From Dr. Pol Show

Since 2018, there have been so many attempts to search for the reason of Liz leaving the show but most of the informations were removed from the internet. It is believed that so many unfortunate events that happened with her made her leave the show.

And all this started in December, 2016. Sources report that on the 25th of December, 2016, Elizabeth’s husband Robert Jason Grammar came home in a heavily drunk state and he was unable to handle his condition. Feeling so unwell, he asked his wife for some medications and Elizabeth gave him Butorphanol. This medication is similar to morphine and is used to relieve some kind of pains like muscle pain, headaches etc, and it works on some centers in the brain to ease any kind of pain.

Liz had no idea what her husband was planning to do next and unfortunately, he injected himself with that drug. After some time, he became unresponsive and fell on the floor. He was first taken to Monroe Country Hospital where doctors found his case very serious to be handled there and that’s why it was decided to refer him somewhere else. He was then shifted to Macon Medical Center where he was kept on a life support machine.

Meanwhile, Police investigations regarding Robert’s medication misuse were going on and some days later, Elizabeth was found unresponsive in her house. She injected herself with a drug and this was probably a suicide attempt. Immediately, she was rushed to Monroe Country Hospital where doctors saved her and thereafter, she was taken to the psychiatric ward of the same hospital.
On the other side, doctors did not find any sign of improvement in Robert’s condition and they took him off the life support and he passed away on 30th of December, 2016.

Afterwards, informations regarding this case were not made public but it is assumed that all these tragedies made a horrible impact on her after which she decided to stay away from the public spotlight and she left the show. Investigations were going on and her confessions regarding her husband’s case were taken. She accepted that drug was misused and confessed that she had no idea that her husband would use the medication given by her in that way. Most probably, ongoing investigations were disturbing her and this led her to choose a simple life. However, confirmation regarding her reasons is not officially given. Based on the informations collected, it is clear that there is no chance of her getting back to the show but her fans got the answer to what made her leave the show.

Ice Road Truckers Cast Bio, Net Worth, Income, Salary

Ice Road Truckers is a TV reality show which has its origin in an episode of suicide Mission named Ice Road Truckers released in 2000 on History channel. In that episode there were truck drivers who drove in frozen areas and at frozen land. As the show gained extra ordinary rating so an idea glow in the directors of History channel and they decided to make a series of show with the title Ice Road Truckers and the responsibility was held to Thom Beers. In this series the truckers move to frozen and iced rivers and lakes in Canada and Alaska territories. Starting since 17 June 2007 to 24th August 2017 there premiered 11 seasons of series.

Lisa Kelley

Lisa a beautiful and attractive lady was born at Grand Rapids on 8th December 1980. Later she was raised there in Alaska. After her schooling she joined Cornerstone University but dropped in the middle and returned to Alaska. She got married in 2008 with Traves Kelley. She joined Ice Road Truckers in 2009. It was different experince to see a lady as truck driver. She is mostly called Hot Chick among Truckers at show as her nick name because of her apperance.

Lisa Kelly Net Worth

Lisa Kelly has net worth of $500,000. She got worth and fame on the basis of her hard work. As she has a lot of courage so she was able to come on the screen as trucker and earned alot on the basis of that.

Darrell Ward

Darrell Ward was contemporary of Lisa. He left the world when he was 52 years old. He was born in Montana in USA. He got married with Gwen Ward officially in 2012. The couple was blessed with two beautiful children named Terra Ward and Reno Ward. He got fame through TV series, and his energetic and attractive personality played a role to have a place at the heart of his followers of TV series. He joined TV series in 2012 when it was on its sixth season and remained its part till its tenth season. The clouds of his misfortune overshadowed him on 28th August 2016 when he died in a plane crash.

Darrell Ward Net Worth

When he was alive he used to get $20,000 from TV reality show on monthly basis and has a total net worth of $50,000.

Hugh Rowland

Hugh Rowland was born in 1957 and stared his personal life with Diana Rowland. He is a professional driver who like to drive in ice lands. He has not only a passion to drive on ice but capacity as well. His passoion and capacity allows him to drive for a night and day as well.

Hugh Rowland Net Worth

Despite of the fact that he is a truck driver and strenthened his profession by participating in TV show. He got the fruit in the form of $2 million. Which seem a handsome amount for a truck driver.

Rick Yemm

He was born at Kelowana. He come on the screen as a person in TV reality show as truck driver. In Ice Road Truckers he is portrayed as an ill witted man but he confessed that he is not like that. He has a daughter without a marriage.

Rick Yemm Net Worth

His profession and effort helped him to earn $600,000.

Alex Debogorski

Alex Debogorski was born on 4th August in 1954 in a backward village of Canada named Berwyn. He was the son of Stenley and Irene who migrated to Canada from Britian. He chose Louise as his life partner. He gained popularity on the basis on his distinctive attributes of his personality.

Alex Debogorski Net Worth

Alex has a weekly income of $1,600 and annual as $80,000. Not only this he had some other sources of his income which contribute together to form a handsome amount for him as $400,000.

Art Burke

Light was on the Art when he appear in Ice Road Truckers in 2013. He was born in Yellow Knife at Canada. Since his childhood, he started driving his motorbike and bicycle on icy roads of Alaska. when he reached in Ice Road Truckers he has enough ability to work as truck driver. Little is known about his personal life and education.

Art Burke Net Worth

His appearance and his skill at driving helped him to earn $30,000. When he started his career as trucker he left it for some time due to certain reasons and joined the show again in its later seasons.

The Death Of Swamp People Cast Member Randy Edwards Was A Shock And A Blow

September 2018 saw the untimely demise of Swamp People’s long-time cast member, Randy Edwards. He was only 35.

How Did It Happen?

Being on reality show Swamp People, Randy Edwards was in good shape. His health and fitness were never an issue, so it’s not hard to believe that he did not die of a medical condition.

Instead, the acclaimed T.V. star’s life ended in a way nobody saw coming: a car crash that proved to be fatal. The traffic collision took place on September 15, 2018, in Iberville Parish. The incident took place at 3 am when Edwards crashed his car into a utility pole on LA 75, south of LA 66. State police suspect the reason behind the crash was straightforward: impairment and poor judgment.

From a police report following the investigation, we know that the incident took place just before 3:00 am on September 15, 2018. Policemen from Louisiana State Police Troop A had been alerted of a traffic accident. They had launched a search mission following a fatal car crash that had taken place on LA 75, south of LA 3066, in Iberville Parish. They soon found that this crash involved a celebrity. It had taken the life of Swamp People star, Randy Edwards.

The search continued to reveal that Edwards was on his way southbound on LA 74. He had been driving a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado, which perished with him. The crash occurred after he failed to follow through with a left hand curve. The car flew off the right side of the roadway and crashed into a utility pole. Edwards’ Chevy began to turn over itself as a result of the crash, leading to him being ejected from his seat. The star was not wearing a seat belt at the time, so there was nothing stopping him from gaining the fatal injuries that claimed his life.

He was declared dead upon impact by the Iberville Parish Coroner’s Office. The police suspect that Edwards was intoxicated at the time of the crash, eliminating any chances of the incident being a set-up. The police took a toxicology sample from his body to confirm this, and later proved it true.
News of the tragic loss broke out later that day, when a family friend took to Facebook to confirm the demise of Randy Edwards on behalf of his mourning family. The post was seen on an official Facebook fan page dedicated to his father and brother.

Randy Edwards’ Role As Swamp People Cast

Swamp People is a reality show that is still up and running despite Edwards’ demise. The show follows the lives of a handful of proud descendants of French Canadian immigrants who struggle to preserve their ancestral way of life in the Atchafalaya Basin during alligator season–the most important time of year.

Edwards was on the show for years. Alongside him were his family members: his parents, Junior and Theresa, brother, Willie. He left behind a wife and three children, all of whom are young and share their father’s talent.

He had one daughter and two sons, the bars of whom are not public. His wife held great regard for her husband during his lifetime, and more so after his death. The Edwards family, save Randy, was mostly out of the spotlight save for a few appearances the children made on the show. Despite this, the names of the star’s kids have been hidden from public media. The star did not want the pressure of stardom to get to his children. For them, he left behind his net worth of $ 500’000

Randy Edwards was a commercial fisherman and hunter, a French Canadian down to the core. He had a promising future ahead of him and was due to take over the family business, a dream he will never be able to fulfill now. He was a staple in the first six seasons of Swamp People and became a star soon after his first appearance.

Remembering Randy Edwards

Born in 1983, the star left us aged only 35. He was a loving husband, an amazing father, and a caring son and brother. The show has proceeded without him but will never be the same again.

Alaskan Bush People Net Worth: Who Is The Richest Cast Member?

It is a well -known show on the Discovery channel. It’s an American show in which brown family is a survival in Alaska who is living far from the city. This show first aired on the Discovery Channel on 6th May 2014. In this show, we can see the Brown family’s life. This family lives widely and the members of this family have criminal records.

Alaskan Bush People Net Worth

The show represents the entire family of the Bush People of Alaska. In this show, we can see how good hunter and fisher they are and surviving in any wilderness in the forest. So here is one question that arises about the Alaskan bush family. All the people who are seeing the show are curious to know about their net worth, source of income and their land and property.

Alaskan Bush People Cast Members

In this show the whole brown family cast. The casts include Billy Brown, his wife Ami Brown, Matt Brown, Bam bam Brown, Bear Brown, Gabe Brown, Noah Brown, Birdy Brown and Rainy Brown.

Billy Brown Net Worth

In Alaskan bush people, Billy brown is a simple bush folk. Billy brown’s estimated net worth is 5 million and it’s a primary source of income which comes from his acting career. He also earns income as an author. Billy Brown has written two books and he earns a very good amount from them by selling. On 21st 2009 he published January “The lost years “and on 10th 2007 he publishes “one wave at a time “. He as various sources of income.

Ami Brown Net Worth

On august 28th 1963 Ami Brown was born. She was elder than 15 years than billy. She is an old fashioned woman and never bought things for her marriage on the television. Her net worth income is $12 million.

Matt Brown Net Worth

His real name is unknown to everyone, which is Matthew Brown. on 7th September 1982 Mathhew Brown was born. Due to alcohol he was sent to rehabilitation center he left the show in the ninth season. Yearly $500000 net worth.

Rain Brown Net Worth

Rain Brown is the elder member of this family and also known as Rainy Brown.. Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown is real name of Rainy Brown. She is known for her kindness and loyalty. She is just sixteen years old and her net worth is approximately $100000.

Bam Bam Net Worth

Bam Bam is known for Joshua Bam Bam . He loved to do her work by herself. His net worth is $300000.

Gabriel Brown Net Worth

Billy Brown’s fourth son name is Gabriel Brown. He is the follower of her father. He is also a great fisherman .His net worth $ 200000.

Snowbird Brown Net Worth

On 18th November 1994 Birdy Brown is born. She is also known as Snowbird Brown in the show. She has a great and charming personality. Her net worth is $ 100000.

Noah Brown Net Worth

Noah’s real name is Noah Darkclud Brown. on July 18, 1992 Dark Cloud was born. He. His approx. income is $100000.

Bear Brown Net Worth

Solomon Isaiah freedom brown is a billy brown’s fourth son. On June 10, 1987 He was born. His net worth approximately is $60000 to $100000.

Wicked Tuna: Meet The Captains Of Each Boats And Season Winners

It is one of the television reality shows regarding commercial fishermen in the North Atlantic ocean where they fish for Atlantic bluefin tuna based in Gloucester. There is a competition among fishermen for earning more profit by catching more fish. Since 1 April 2012, this series is broadcasted on National Geographic channel in the US. Its 8 seasons have been completed with 115 episodes. Its timing is 60 minutes. It is produced by producers Mike Nichols, Craig Piligian, Michael Cascio and Lynn Sadofsky under the production company named pilgrim studios. Moreover, it focuses on the crucial issues that surround the bluefin tuna’s fate along with providing an inner look at America’s older industry. Furthermore, its eighth season launched on 11 March 2019 and lasts up to 16 June. In addition, its ninth season has renewed by the channel.

Wicked Tuna Boats

There are a number of boats on wicked tuna. Although some fisherman makes profits from their older boats some of them make new boats for being successful in their task. The following are the names of boats Such as Hot Tuna, Erin,  Hard Merchandise, Pinwheel, f/v, Wicked Pissah, Sarah, Lilly, Krystina, Portland, etc. These boats are docked at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort at Gloucester, Massachusetts. These boats cost between $20,000 and $300,000. The size of the boats varies from 35 feet to 48 feet.

Wicked Tuna Captains And Their Boats

Dave Marciano – Boat: F/V Hard Merchandise

He is the most renowned captain on the show, and his fans describe him as down to earth and a real person.  Before participating in groundfish fishing, he started fishing in high school on the Yankee Fleet in Gloucester. He is a 52-year-old married, and father of three fishes on the show and having two children Joe and Angelica.

Dave Carraro – Boat: F/V

He is basically from New Jersey, Carraro and started fishing as a child and during his life he has fished for bluefin tuna. He is a 50-year-old and still unmarried. Moreover, he is a commercial airline pilot of JetBlue.

T.J. Ott – Boat: F/V Hot Tuna

He is a native of New York and 38-year-old. He came from a tight-knit family. Moreover, he fished along with his father and brother. Also, his nephew Daniel is learning fishing.

Brad Krasowski – Boat: F/V FishHawk

He is 48 years old and married and having two children. He was born and brought up in Manasquan, N.J. Moreover, At a young age, he along with his brother learn to do fishing from their father. As both, his brother and father are also commercial fishermen.

Tyler McLaughlin – Boat: F/V Pinwheel

He is the youngest captain at the age of 29 on this show. Moreover, he proved that he is a good fisherman and he joined this show from season two.

Paul Hebert – Boat: F/V Wicked Pissah

He is 53 years old and a commercial tuna fisherman. He learned fishing from his grandfather and father. He is well known for his sense of humor.

Wicked Tuna Seasons

The first season started on 1 April 2012 and ended on 3 June 2012 having 10 episodes. The second season has 15 episodes and aired on 13 January 2013 and lasts on 12 May 2013. Its third season has 15 episodes and it began on 16 February 2014 and ended on 8 June 2014. Next, its fourth season initiated on 15 February 2015 and lasts up to 7 June 2015 having 17 episodes. Then, its fifth season has 15 episodes and started on 1 February 2016 up to 16 May 2016. The sixth season has started on 12 March 2017 and ended on 4 June 2017 with 12 episodes. Its seventh season has begun on 11 March 2018 and ended on 24 June 2018 having 16 episodes. Last but not least, the eighth season started on 10 March 2019 and lasts up to 16 June 2019 with 15 episodes. Moreover, this show has 11 special episodes that have been aired on 9 February 2014.