Mike Bayer Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Mike Bayer, popularly known as Coach Mike, is an American life coach, author and personal development coach. He was born as born on September 19, 1979, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Bayer attended and graduated from Metropolitan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Alcohol and Drug.

He is the founder of Cast Centers and has written several books including New York Times best-selling book “Best Self: Be You Only Better”, “Tu Mejor Version”, “One Decision: The First Step to a Better” and so on. He also runs a podcast.

Bayer has a mission is to help people achieve sound mental health to become the best version of themselves. He guides his clients with a blend of exploration and problem-solving strategies, thereby challenging and encouraging them to attain the healthy lives they desire.

Mike Bayer Career Details

Regarding his career, Mike is the founder and CEO of CAST Centers, a go-to clinic for artists, athletes, executives, and anyone who wants to have a more authentic, joyful and successful life. Coach Mike has assisted people from ranging from pop stars to business executives to ordinary people in the discovery of their freedom in becoming a better version of themselves.

He achieves this by asking them and leading them to answer a series of important and life-changing questions such as “What are your core values?”, “Do you go to bed each day more knowledgeable than when you woke up?” and “Am I neglecting some aspect of my physical health out of fear or denial?”. Bayer believes that doing this will help his client see what their “Best Selves and Anti-Selves” really look like.

Mike rose to fame after he worked with Demi Lovato. He and the celebrity first met in 2010 when she was only 17 years old. Long after that, Mike began working for her since 2016 when Demi was severely attacked by the bad mushroom trip. In an interview, he said he was recommended to Demi by her Therapists and close friend. Before Demi’s illness, they were partners in Mark’s founded CAST Foundation in 2010, but presently, their tangled relationship has hit the downside. Mike was Demi Lovato’s sober coach but was fired after the celebrity accused him of betraying her. According to toTMZ reports, Lovato fired Mike due to a “big falling out” the pair had in 2018.

In addition, Mike is a member of Dr Phil McGraw’s advisory board and makes frequent appearances on the Dr Phil Show as Coach Mike.

Mike Bayer Net Worth

According to Allstarbio.com, Mike Bayer has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He earns his money from being a life development coach, an author and his cast foundation. It is reported that he earns up to $100,000 in salary.

Mike Bayer Dating History And Marriage Details

Mike Bayer likes to keep his personal life private hence there is no information about his dating life, relationship or marital status. It is unknown whether she is married, dating or has any children.

Mike Bayer Family Details: Parents And Siblings

Mike is the son of Katie Bayer, but his father is unknown. However, in his Instagram posts, he expressed his love and respect to his dad wishing Father’s Day. Meanwhile, on Mother’s Day, he flew to Portland to surprise his mother. In the family, he has an elder sibling brother David Bayer and brother’s to-be-wife, Carol.

Mike Bayer Social Media Presence

Mike Bayer’s Twitter handle is Coach Mike Bayer, he has about 72 thousand followers. His Twitter bio says he is over “18 years clean and sober”. As for Instagram, he has 118 thousand followers, under the name “@CoachMikeBayer”. His profile is verified.

Also, he has a YouTube channel named “Coach Mike Bayer”, with close to six thousand subscribers. His Facebook page, “Coach Mike Bayer”, is also verified. His email address is “contact@coachmikebayer.com” and his website is www.coachmikebayer.com.

Mike Bayer Body Measurements

Coach Mike has a build body structure, as he stands in a height of about 6”2 and a weight of 85 kg.

Mike Bayer Cars And House

There is no updated information on where he lives, the houses and property he owns and the car he drives. He tries to keep his lifestyle private but places a lot of the focus more on his career.

Mario Dedidvanovic Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Mario Dedidvanovic is a renowned makeup artist and television star, who was born and raised in the Bronx, New York City, United States of America, on 1st October 1983. Mario can be described as an American-Albanian because he was born of mixed ethnicity. The 37-year-old is an embodiment of fashion, beauty and style, and has flaunted these features over the years.

Mario Dedidvanovic Career Details

Before Mario grew to become the famous celebrity makeup artist that he is today, he used to work in the fragrance section at Sephora, a global cosmetics company, as a fragrance consultant.

His passion for makeup started when a certain customer asked for his advice in choosing a lipstick. After discovering his knowledge in makeup, he switched completely to a makeup artist, while still working at Sephora, and even rose to the position of a regional makeup artist. Also, he worked on a freelance basis at FOX news and took on other makeup gigs for several years.

In 2008, Mario started doing makeup on top celebrities including Megyn Kelly, Julie Banderas and he worked with Kim Kardashian for the first time, when he beautified her for the Social Life Magazine photoshoot. The relationship between the duo has grown ever since, they have collaborated on various beauty projects together, including a makeup line known as KKW X Mario, and he constantly does her makeups for her shows. Also, he was one of the makeup artists who worked on Michael Jordan’s wedding.

Presently, Mario Dedivanovic’s celebrity resume has grown, as he has worked with the likes of Selena Gomez, Chrissy Teigen, Chanel Iman, Naomi Harris, Ariana Grande, Emily Ratajkowski, to mention but a few. Mario is not just a talented makeup artist, but a knowledgeable one as well. He proved this when he started his makeup masterclass and tutorial, IRL Makeup Tutorials, with a membership of twenty participants to over a thousand at present. In addition, Mario Dedivanovic is famous for his works on television programs and movies, including The Glam Masters, Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story. He is also an ambassador for Anastasia Beverly Hills and a recipient of several awards including the Best Celebrity Makeup Artist and Award of Honour and Beauty Influencer of the Year, at the American Influencer Awards in 2017 and 2018 respectively. In 2019 awards night, he won the Artistic Achievement Award as well.

Mario Dedidvanovic Net Worth

Mario is worth about $15 million. He takes an approximated fee of $124 thousand. Coupled with his earnings from working with top entertainment celebrity, makeup masterclass and tutorials, he is a high earner. Also, he earns from his huge following on social media, as his Instagram account boasts of over eight million followers.

Mario Dedidvanovic Dating History And Marriage Details

Throughout his social life, Mario has not been express about his relationship status, and many believe that he is single. However, he came out about his sexuality as gay in 2019, when he received his awards at the American Influencer Awards. He owned up to his feelings and claimed that he was letting go of his fears of being rejected. Nonetheless, he has not let his emotional insecurities prevent from chasing and surpassing his dreams.

Mario Dedidvanovic Parents And Family Details

Mario was born to Tom Dedivanovic, his father, but his mother is unknown, as she is not popular in the social scenes. Also, he has a sister, Marina Dedivanovic. His parents emigrated from Albania to New York City before he was born. He is the type of person that values family time so much. He spends time with his family and spoils them with money. He posted a $6000 Cartier bracelet that he bought for his mother on his social media page when she celebrated her 69th birthday. Mario is unmarried and he is not known to be a father of any kid.

Mario Dedidvanovic Body Measurements

Mario has a unique slim physique, he stands at a height of 6”1 and a 75kg weight. He has naturally brown hair and green eyes.

Mario Dedidvanovic House And Cars

Mario owns a 1700-square-foot penthouse in New York City. He took his time to contract the furnishing of his condo to Ryan Korban, a skilled interior designer who meets the artist’s unique taste. His house can be best described as a splendid New York Bachelor pad.

In all, it is best to describe Mario Devidovanic as an epitome of art, beauty and style that he is.

Allysa Rose Worman Bio, Age, Married, Divorce, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Allysa Rose Worman was born in the year of 1991 in an unknown month in the United States of America (USA). Rose’s approximate age is 29 years old. She carries the Taurus sign in the Zodiac sphere. Rose is mostly known as existence TV star that occurs in Graveyard Carz.

Allysa Rose Worman Net Worth

Allysa’s income has built her a rich portfolio which earns her a yearly income of at least $100,000.This is after earning $2,000 per episode from Graveyard Cars.Allysa is an actor and an engineer which means she might be sitting on an agreeable heap of dollars.

It has also been reported that her net worth is more than $1 million. Allysa hasn’t disclosed information about her assets, such as houses and vehicles. But according to how she is a hardworking woman, Rose is capable of taking care of herself financially.

Allysa Rose Worman Dating History And Marriage Details

Alyssa was married to Josh Jose who was an Australian footballer, and one of the Graveyard Carz star. So that’s where the two met and got married, and after a short period of their marriage, the two welcomed their first kid by the name Emma. However, they later divorced in the year 2014, and that’s when Josh stopped appearing on the Graveyard Carz show.

Later Allysa Rose decided to move on where she started dating Anthony Johnson, the light heavyweight who is a contender in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). However, their relationship didnot last. The star met the love of her lifeChris Wanke who guarded her on her lowest moments, and she loved him most.

In 2015 the couple had a daughter by the name Brooklyn Monroe Wanke which means she has two kids. Allysa has been posting her pictures with Chris confirming that they’re dating. This means that Chris is making efforts to be a good husband to Rose and a good father to the kids.

Allysa Rose Worman On Social Media

Being a TV star, Allysa is also active in social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Allysa has around 28.6k followers on Instagram and 91.6k followers on Facebook. Rose uses her social media accounts to communicate with her fans and also to boost her work. Allysa also posts her photos together with her family, which her fans seem to enjoy.

Allysa Rose Worman Parents

Allysa’s dad goes by the name Mark Worman, and he was born in 1962 in Oregon, USA. He is well known as the creator,director, the main star, producer and the writer of the main writer of reality show Graveyard Carz.

Allysa’s dad owns a production company and also the division which produces the show. He has been working with LA business, and his net worth is more than $500,000.

Mark Wormanhas been quite active on social media platforms Twitter, where he has around 13.3kfollowers and on Facebook, where he has 9.7k followers.The most posts his family photos, his vehicles and the show. Mark keeps his wife (Allysa’s mom) out of the public glare.

Allysa Rose Worman Career Details

Allysa appears on Graveyard Carz TV show followed by other groups of people. They show is about restoring late 60S and 70S muscle cars. Rose works in a workshop as an engineer, where her hands get greasy and dirty, although that does not bother her so long as she completes her work. Allysa is the only womanin the show, so her gender makes her since it’s hard to find ladies interested in vehicle mechanism. She is also an actor in a reality show.

While Rose was growing up, she used to learn about cars from her dad, but she still had other hobbies, and one of them was dancing. Her dad taught her how to fix cars, but he still sent her for dancing classes.

Allysa trained to be a dancer at the age of seven to seventeen. She trained in ballet dancing, tap dancing, jazz, ballroom, and hip hop. She also involved herself in krumping, hula and contemporary.

Allysa Rose Worman Body Measurements

Allysa is a Caucasian who has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her height is around 5ft 7 inches. Judging her from her internet photos, the mother of two has a fit figure, and she always looks well organized in all the events she attends.

Elena Moussa Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

As we know that Elena Moussa was born on 4 May 1982 in Russia, and so Elena Moussa is 38 years old. She is of a  Christian Religion.

Today she is a well-known fashion designer, model, and journalist, yet many people know her as the wife of Greg Gutfeld. Greg Gutfeld is a Famous Television Star and is best known as the host of his show called “The Greg Gutfeld Show.” This show is broadcast on Fox News Channel.

The beautiful Elena Moussa is a previous model and at present a business visionary. She went to the spotlight subsequent to the wedding of her dear spouse Gregory John Gutfeld. He is a journalist, creator, and magazine supervisor.

Elena Moussa was a Russian model before she turned into a photograph supervisor for Maxim Russia. Greg and Elena met while they were both working for Maxim.

The two of them worked at various Maxim magazines, this was the place where Gutfeld and Moussa met each. Gutfeld was the supervisor of Maxim U.K from 2004 to 2006. He was supervisor in boss at Stuff Magazine before he worked at Maxim U.K.

In a meeting with the Daily Beast in 2015, Gutfeld said he met Moussa at a gathering of all the Maxim editors on the primary day of his new position. Gutfeld told the Daily Beast,

When I saw her, I said to the editor of Maxim Russia, ‘Who is this woman?’ And I foolishly hit on her for three days. She was pretty cold to me, and finally, I asked her out on a date, And then she moved to London to be with me.




Antique Roadshow Margie Cooper Bio, Age, Salary, Net Worth, Married, Husband, Kids

You must be familiar with Margie Cooper if you think about the Antique Road Show on the BBC channel. She is a British classical master and a TV figure. She was the antique master on TV from 1985, through which she groomed her abilities and passion. She made her appearance on the Antique Roadshow, which is acknowledged as an entertainment program of her career.

Margie Cooper Bio: Age, Early Life

The British old-fashioned master and TV character’s complete name is Margie Cooper,who was born in Lancashire, North West England, in 1987. The real date of birth is unknown; however, she is considered to be71 years of age, and she earned a total asset of $1.5 million during this time. She’s currently living with her family in Cheshire, England.

In numerous TV shows, the antique master is significantly included with her comparable Catherine Southon. She achieved in her acting career with her appearance on Antique Roadshow. She also showed up on the BBC direct in different shows.

The family member and parents of Cooper have not been relieved due to her privacy. The only information about her school life is that before selecting Lytham St. Annes, Margie Cooper went to Queen Mary School. She first started her profession as modeling when she was still in secondary school. From that point onward, she followed her enthusiasm.Inconsistent contact with antiques, Cooper grew up with her grandmother, a classical master, and an old expert. In this manner, she was brought up in an old climate. This way, she was more struck by early antiques, which she got from her grandma after her. Meanwhile, her advantage in ancient pieces grew as she was enthusiastic about it.

Margie Cooper Career Details

Cooper figured out how to start her own antique business during the 1980s, where she utilized her capacities and her profession in old pieces. She introduced numerous artifacts magazines and is notable as an antique master in numerous nations. The Antique Road Show is an STV creation BBC TV show held for more than five days by two antique specialists who purchased ancient pieces and sold them at five closeouts. The TV program is completed cheerfully, and all the earnings were donated tocommunity.

Margie Cooper also has a membership in expert committee who assesses things consistently.

Additionally, one of its regular specialists and moderator on the BBC Antiques Road Show conduct an artifact program in which old pieces are auctioned for a financial budget of £ 200.

TheTV mistress is,without any doubt, is a rich lady. Margie Cooper is useful as an antique master, as well as a TV figure. While the specific amount of her appearance at the TV show isn’t unveiled but looking at her popularity, she probably charged hefty amounts.
This Antiquist lived a very private life.

Margie Cooper Net Worth

She was private about her things, and we got the majority of her data from people in general. That is the reason her total assets aren’t very notable. The net estimation of Margie Cooper maybe around $1.5 million through Internet sources.

Margie Cooper Dating History And Marriage Details

Margie Copper is a committed woman. Mick is her life partner, who is her long-term boyfriend turned spouse.

While their better half and marriage’s subtleties are restricted, but it is still known that she has been engaged from a long time. Margie has two adult children who are both engaged. One of her children is Correy Cooper who is a captain.

Bargain Hunt Charles Hanson Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

If you like to watch TV shows like Bargain Hunt, Flog It! and Antiques Road Trip on the BBC One channel, you would get some sign we are discussing. He is enthusiastic about gathering collectibles like frames, books, decorations, adornments, and different embellishments at an early age.

Charles Hanson Bio: Age, Early Life

The Bargain Hunt TV moderator Charles Hanson brings the fortune from better places over the UK. He was born in May 1978 in Holbrook, Derbyshire. Charles Hanson is a happily married man living with his family in Derbyshire. He got married to Rebecca Ludlam in 2010 after dating each other for a long while. There is very little information about her spouse asshe has kept her privacy from the general public.

Charles Hanson Net Worth

Charles Hanson’s total assets are $700,000, with a significant income sourcefrom TV appearances and business as an old-fashioned master. He makes every year worth about $150k.Besides professional life, Charles extended his music profession with individual BBC Antique Experts Philip Serrell, James Braxton, and Charlie Ross in rock musicthat appeared at No. 1 on the Amazon Rock Charts. He made some significant sales like Chinese porcelain jar at price £650,000. Other different deals that he made involves awards of Rowland Hill, Viscount Hill, 1954 FA Cup Winners, Alanhinton11’s match worn shirt, books, and many other things like this.He has been involved in charity for different social associations like the Herd of Sheffield and Careline.

Charles Hanson Career Details

Hanson was keen on gathering collectibles and collectibles from an early age and knows about the history of things that helps him evaluate the value of that vintage pieces. In completing his MRICS, Charles Hanson started functioning as a valuer in the European Ceramics and Glass Department. After leaving Christie’s office, he had few encounters working at antique houses in Cheshire and Staffordshire.

In August 2005, he set up his own firm ‘Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers’ in Etwall, Derbyshire. The firm runs in Hege Lane, and now Hansons is the MD of his firm. Three years back, he opened a sub outlet by spending significant time in coins and old pieces, named ‘Historica.’Apart from this interest, he also made a TV debut on the BBC One program Bargain Hunt in 2002.

It appeared as a counselor and old-fashioned master, needed to purchase and offer collectible and endeavors to increase benefit. Outside of classical shows, Hanson showed up on the BBC show and earned some assets for Need.

Charles Hanson Kids

In 2014, he opened up about his combating disease and the birth of a stillborn child, Tommy. After he lost his first infant, he was diagnosed with malignant testicular growth. It is a type of cancer that originates from testicles, and its symptoms appear as swelling or redness of testicles. He went through a medical procedure to cure this disease and came out from it fit and healthy.

Was Jessi Combs Married To Husband Before Death? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth And Salary At Death

Jessi Comb is a personality that carries several identities in the world. She is an American high speeded racer, famous TV shows person, and also a metal fabricator.

In career life, she broke many records and built new records with her super performance.

If you want to know more about the brave women then keep with this article. Here we gathered lots of information about personal life, career life, and rumors of the celebrity person Jessi Comb.

Jessi Combs Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Jessy Combs’ parents are Jamie Combs and Nina Darrington. She shared and enjoyed her childhood with her siblings. Kelly combs, Austin Darrington, and Danielle are siblings of Jessi Combs. She also has step-siblings, Rebeka Hall and Arielle Hall.

Jessi did not focus her family on social media and always kept hidden from publicity.

Jessi was a student at Stevens High School and completed graduation in the “Collision and Refinishing Core” program from WyoTech College in 2004 with top academic results.

In her early life, she wanted to become a racer and had a passion for racing cars and other building things.

Jessi Combs Career Details

IN WyoTech college, Jessi and others graduated and got a chance to make a racing car from scratch within 6 months and the car was exhibited in Special Equipment Marketing Awards( SEMA).

The strongest woman has many records among them she raced at Alvord desert with a record of 392.954 mph.

Apart from this, she was a popular tv personality and hosted many famous tv shows. She was known for the show called ‘Xtreme 4X4’ for four years she hosted this program. In 2013, Jessy created a unique record as a woman by breaking a 48 years old record which was set in 1965 by Lee Breedlove. She became the fastest racer in the universe on a vehicle having 398 mph with the highest speed of 440 mph.

Moreover, she has hosted some other program like All Girls Garage in October 2011, Overhaulin’sRelaunch in Discover channels and Spike TV show Xtreme from 2005- 2009

She is a professional racer. She has held so many records in racing since 2011. She also broke the women’s record and On 7th September 2016, she achieved a new speed of 4777mph. In 2014, Jessi was a US Ultra 4 Spec Class national champion with Falken Tire. She got the first position in King of the Hammers while working with a team “Savvy Off Road” in the EMC modified class in 2016.

Jessi Combs Net Worth

Jessi Combs is a professional racer and made money from an early age. She performed in different arenas successfully including car racing, media, etc. in this racing, she faced many injuries several times but she overcame with dedication and passion to gain success and make money to fulfill her dreams.

She was a businesswoman as well and she ran her business successfully in giving her the right amount of money. She also performed in various TV shows and series from which she made a reasonable sum of worth to enjoy a luxurious life.

Jessy combs’ had a net worth of around 1.o million dollars. No doubt here, Jessy earned a vast income in her career.

Jessi Combs Marriage Details

Jessi combs married Lan Johnson, he was the co-host of the famous tv shows Extreme 4X4 in 2009. But their married life did not last long and they ended the relationship by divorce after a few months. There was a rumor about Jessy’s sexual preferences as Jessy was bisexual. Later she dated Chris Jacobs several times in 2013 and finally, this relationship also ended. Chris Jacobs was also her co-host for the show of”Overhaulin,”. In social media, there was another rumor about her with the relationship Terry Madden in 2016. After that, Jessi Combs was living without involving others and enjoyed her single life.


Jessi Combs, born on the 27th of July, 1983 in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. She is an American by nationality and is a white racer. Jessi combs’ horoscope sign is Cancer. Combs height was 5.7 inches(1.70meters), weight 53kg(116 lbs). She has attractive blue eyes and pretty blonde hair. She had a body figure measurement of 34-35-35 inches and she maintained a proper body figure which was easy looking personality.

Why Did Jessi Combs Die?

She died on the 27th of August 2019 by a car crashing. She tried to beat one of her records of land speed by a jet-powered vehicle when she met an accident that took her life. During her death, she was 36 years old.

Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Marriage And Wedding Details. Do They Have A Kid?

Although there are other A list couples in Hollywood, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are known for having an intimate relationship that is truly deep and does not only exist in the lime light. It was only after dating for some time that Jonas and Chopra decided that they should be married to one another.

Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Marriage

They are interracial couples from two different cultural backgrounds and remained true to one another despite all the challenges that they have encountered as couples. As interracial couples, they managed to throw off a wedding that was appreciated worldwide. The wedding was a meeting of two different cultures from the east and the west and it definitely signified the unifying power of love.

Priyanka Chopra Career Details

Chopra’s background is in modeling and competition in beauty pageants before making it as an actor in Bollywood. As it would be latter on revealed Chopra succeeded in playing characters from the orient. The former Miss World winner also made it big time in Hollywood appearing in Quantico and Baywatch among other things. Although Baywatch was not as commercially successful as expected still it contributed to cementing the status of Chopra as one of the best actors in Hollywood. Besides her acting and modeling, Chopra also had a brief spell as a musician. But her musical career unlike her husbands was not successful and after that she decided to mainly concentrate on film production and acting. Besides her acting skills, Chopra is also known for partnering with the biggest brands like Pantene. She also owns a film company in India. She is truly a multitalented star and business woman who is definitely on the rise in Hollywood.

Priyanka Chopra Net Worth

So far, Chopra has managed to accumulate a net worth 28 million dollars. The largest share of this wealth comes from different sources. These are her modeling, work as an actors and endorsements with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world.

Nick Jonas Career Details

Her husband Nick Jonas is a famous member of the Jonas brothers’ band that has an international recognition. After gaining recognition was the Jonas Brothers band, Jonas decided to embark on a solo career and here found more success as well. He also succeeded as an individual artist apart from the band. Besides his music career, Jonas is known for starring in movies such as Les Miserables. His appearance in such a film was applauded by the critics the ability to display complex emotions. Surely he would continue to make high profile appearances in movies in the future.

Nick Jonas Net Worth

He is worth a staggering 25 million dollars. A large amount of this wealth is gathered from his music works, touring as an artist and also appearance in a number of films. Nicholas Jerry Jonas was born on 1992, September 16 in Dallas, USA. His parents are Denise Miller Jonas and Paul Kevin Jonas, Sr. He owns a Honda Civic Hatchback, Ford Thunderbird and Dodge Challenger. He usually makes a high profile appearance with his wife on the red carpet. These are two couples that have a strong and lasting bond despite the difference in age, culture and identify which exists among them. They have also so far avoided cheating scandals.

Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Wedding Details

Jonas and Chopra spent 584,000 dollars on their lavish wedding which took place in India. In a wedding that was described as the meeting of two cultures by the critics, Chopra and Jonas succeeded in overcoming the cultural differences that are found among them in order to host one of the largest weddings that India had ever seen. Celebrities and high profile politicians were invited to this wedding. They have also made a sizeable donation to charities and have always been involved in philanthropic activities. Although their relationship was not initially accepted on the Indian side, gradually their love and affection helped them to effectively silence the critics.

Who Is Paul Laidlaw? Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight

According to marathi.tv.com, Paul Laidlaw is a television presenter who works with antiques in BBC, and is an auctioneer. In September 2017, he broke a record earning $20,000 (English pounds) by selling a vintage camera to a private collector.

Paul Laidlaw Career Details And Education

He studied science at the university but discovered a love of knowledge and travel. In 2002 after graduating from the university, Paul was headhunted by H & H Auction Homes, and became their lead auctioneer and valuer, before going into their salesroom for ten years. H & H is known to be one of the most revered and noteworthy auction homes in the north of England, which most likely has to do with how they hold auctions and sales and provide people with antique valuation. He ended that position in the year 2012. Then, in 2013, he formed Laidlaw Auctioneers and Valuers, which was based in Carlisle, Cumbria, and it opened its doors in 2014. Paul has been at work in his company ever since then. The business is aesthetically pleasing as it operates out of a beautiful Victorian Mill, and its awake and alert appearance is in line with the appearance and atmosphere that Paul wanted his business to have. He believes that the business needed it appearance to drive business in, and has said he wants to go from Dickensian to Digital.

In 2006, while working for the firm H & H Auction Rooms, he began appearing on Bargain Hunt and Antique Roadshow. He is known for his deep knowledge of antique arms and militaria. After appearing on these programs, he went onto Celebrity Antique Roadtrip, and most recently has appeared on Flog It! (Dodoodad.com)

Paul Laidlaw Bio: Age And Early Life

Paul was born in Edinburg, England. There is not currently any information regarding his parents, or if he has any brothers or sisters. We do know that he was born on July 7, but the year has not been revealed. He was not an average child in the respect of hobbies. As a child, he loved being a collector, and would collect random items such as shells, bottles.

While studying astrophysics in the university, and having plans to work for the organization NASA, something changed. He stopped enrolling in science classes, and began to study travel. He did, however, graduate from college with a degree in mathematics. He also began to make a name for himself in the antique world. Paul has said that his mother had been an inspiration to him, as she was the person who first encouraged him to join Bargain Hunt. He is married to his wife, Maureen, and they have been married for over twenty years. The couple have three children together. Their kids are a daughter and twin sons. The couple met while working on a project together. Paul is known to be a foodie and loves to spend time in kitchen cooking with his family. He also loves to spend his free time playing golf, and going to the park with his family. Paul is known to be a member of The Church of England, and possesses strong familial and personal values. His love of valuables and collectibles has extended to his home, in which he collects antiques such as Georgian glass, Georgian silver, books, and watches. In February, Paul held a charity valuation day at Oak Tree Animals’ Charity, and all of the proceeds were donated to animals in need.

Paul Laidlaw House And Cars

Paul currently lives in Carlisle, England, in the same part of town as his company operates in. It is located between Scotland and the Lake District. It is not known what type of home or cars Paul owns, but it is known that he does own a home. Paul Laidlaw’s net worth is estimated to be about $3 million. Even if many facts about Paul are not well-known, he does have somewhat of an active social media presence, boasting over 15 million followers on Twitter.

Paul Laidlaw Body Measurements

There is not any information regarding any of Paul’s body measurements or stats. The website marriedcelebrity.com states that Paul has a tall stature, and he possibly follows a diet and nutritional chart, and he has a liking for health foods, and loves to cook foods in a healthy way. He has blue eyes, and brown hair.

Is Rick Ness Married After Divorce With Wife? Know His Age, Career, Net Worth

Rick Ness was born on March 5, 1981, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is 39 years old. His mother was named Judy Marie Ness. Sadly, she passed sway not too long ago after a valiant battle with brain cancer. Rick’s father is named Richard Ness.

Rick Ness Early Life

According to starbio.com, Rick’s parents had divorced a long time ago, when Rick was still a teenager, and after that, Judy moved to Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and soon after that, Rick moved there to live with her. She ran a sandwich shop named Subby’s, and was also a secretary and correctional officer for the Oneida County Sheriff’s Department. Rick always had a close relationship with his mother, and was there by her side when she passed away. He had a lot of love and support from his crew and fans, and credits all of them with helping him get through life during that trying time. He has a twin brother, Randy, who is a mechanic, and worked for Roy Ness Contracting, which was a sales company that was run by their grandfather, in Michigan. Rick attended Escanaba Area High School, and graduated in 1999.

Rick Ness Career Details

He was originally a college football player, and while he was a great player, his career was cut short by several injuries. He chose music after his career ended. In 2004, h began a career as a bassist in a band called the .357 Stringband. The group released its first album, Ghost Town, and they recorded more music while continuing to tour, and the albums were titled Fire & Hail, and Lightning From The North. The band has released three albums over the last seven years. While growing up, Rick’s parents owned a construction company as well, and he would work on heavy machinery. In 2011, Rick met Parker Schnabel, the man behind the Gold Rush crew, while he was on tour with his group at the Southeast Alaskan State Fair, and he told Parker that he was interested in working for him. Rick was then invited to join Gold Rush in the third season. He was a foreman to Parker, and he had no previous experience, only working with his family construction company. Even though he did not have any experience in mining, his work with heavy machinery proved him to be an asset, and he has learned a lot from all his years on the program. Rick was able to prove himself as a capable excavator and rock truck operator. He was a quick learner, and he assisted the crew in their goal of gaining 4000 ounces of gold. Beginning in the program’s ninth season, Rick became his own boss.

Rick Ness Body Measurements

Rick is a big fan of tattoos, and has many tattoos which include the word “stay” on his knuckles, and some on his right arm and neck. His height is estimated to be about feet 11, which measures out to be 1.79 m. As of yet, his body weight is not disclosed. However, it is apparent to viewers of Gold Rush that Rick has a fit figure. His eye color is brown, and his hair color is brown as well.

Rick Ness Net Worth

His net worth has been a topic of debate among many sources, with some saying it is $5000,000, and others saying it is closer to $2million. Besides that, he is thought to be earning around $150,000 from each episode of Gold Rush. His love for expensive cars is clear. Rick owns a Datson Classic Car that costs around $40,000. He also owns a rock pickup truck named Tacoma which cost $25,550. He currently owns a mansion, and resides in Milwaukee. He is also an avid hunting fan, and loves to hunt deer during hunting season. (articlebio.com)

Is Rick Ness Married?

There are not any reports of what Rick’s relationship status is. He is not known to have ever been married, and it is not known if he currently has a girlfriend, either. He is very popular on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter. He has 10,000 followers on Facebook, and on Twitter, he has about 70,000 fans. He loves sharing news about his career, and also uses social media to promote his work on all of his endeavors.