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Casey Alexander Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Casey Alexander is the famous american coach who recently replaced the legendary Rick Byrd. This brilliant man was born in the soil of America on 8th June in 1972. At this time, he is at the age of 48. His native home is in the whiskey famous town Tennessee. Casey was a splendid basketball player before he started coaching. At his prior time he used to play a lot. He had a great passion for this game. After his education he coached in different teams and had a great impact on the teams. He has the best possible records in his career. Till now the total record is 167-128. As an assistant coach and head coach he achieved a lot of awards and competitions. Currently is in charge of the Belmont University team.

Casey Alexander Education Details

Casey Alexander pursued his academic career from the renowned Belmont University. He did his bachelors in physical education. Then after completing the graduation he went for the post graduation. Casey accomplished his masters in sports management from Austin Peay State University. Alexander played in his University team and at present his name is honored in the hall of fame of the university. He did his graduation according to his plan and he proceeded towards the bright future. From the beginning of his student life he was very passionate about this game and he continued his journey in this path.

Casey Alexander Career Details

If the total career assessment is done then it will be found that Casey Alexander had a very good career till now. Because after he finished his education career he directly moved towards practical work he joined under the very renowned and experienced coach Rick in Belmont as an assistant coach and he worked for him 16 years which is a very long time. He gained a huge experience from there.

Then he was nominated as the main coach of Stetson in 2011. He trained that team very well and pushed them a lot further. He did the best and actually gave the 24-36 victory in two seasons.

After that he moved in as the boss of Lipscomb Bisons he also did a marvelous job from the year 2013 he started coaching there and in 6 years the record was 113-84. Following his guidance the Bisons achieved their Atlantic Sun title for the first time and first NCAA Division.

Recently he replaced his former head coach under whom he gained his experience Rick Byrd and the whole university community was very happy to receive him as the main coach. Belmont University’s future is in the right hand that is what Byrd said about Alexander. So he obviously has his reputation as a great coach because he was honored with the Skip Processor Man Of the year award in 2018. For his consecutive good performance he was also awarded Atlantic Sun Coach of the year as he was able to win several games and made the best impact on the team.

In 2020 he already won two trophies, one of them is Ohio Conference regular season. He did a very good job as the new man in control. He also achieved the tough OVC Tournament.

In his total coaching time he always played mind games very clearly and strategically. For that reason he was able to achieve this great record.

Casey Alexander Net Worth

Measuring the total asset of a coach is not that easy because all of his accounts are not publicly available. The net worth of this famous coach is not that much available but from the salary and other properties it is approximately $1 million dollars.

Casey Alexander Wife

Casey Alexander is happily married with beautiful Sunny Dixon. This is a lovely couple and they are having a very happy time as a family. Alexander appreciates the efforts of his lovely wife. Together they are moving well in their lives.

Casey Alexander Kids

Children are loved by everyone. Casey is also blessed with three children with his wife. He has a son named Mason Alexander, the other two are Allie Alexander and Reed Alexander. They are all grown up now and have a healthy relationship with their parents. And they are very proud of their father.