Canadian Chef Michael Bonacini Bio, Age, Career, Nat Worth, Married, Wife Valerie Bonacini

You might have seen Michael Bonacini on the show Master Chef Canada as a judge. He is a star chef and a restaurant owner. He owns 11 restaurants in total along with his partner Oliver. The pair together own the famous restaurant chain Oliver and Bonacini Restaurants. He is also the chief chef of his restaurant. Let’s have a look at his life.

Michael Bonacini Bio: Age, Early Life

Michael was born on March 1st, 1960. He is currently 59 years old. He was born in Tenby of South Wales. We don’t have information about his parents or siblings.

Michael is a very humble and down to earth person. He has no airs around him. In fact, it is also reported that he hates to see himself on TV and he isn’t a fan of self-praise. His humility and dedication towards his passion has won him his fame and popularity.

Michael Bonacini Career Details

Michael had trained as a traditional cook led by the famous Chef called Anton Mosimann in Wales. He later moved to Canada. In Canada, he co-founded the world famous restaurants The Oliver And Bonacini restaurants, also called O&B restaurants. Today the restaurants are present all around the world and are a mark of culinary excellence.

Michael is a renowned chef in Canada and he has judged most of Canada’s cooking shows. He is well known for his culinary skills as well as for his restaurants all over Canada. He has earned enormous amount of wealth and fame from his stint as soon chef and restaurant owner.

Michael Bonacini Net Worth

Michael Bonacini’s exact individual net worth isn’t known. However, his restaurant Oliver and Bonacini is reported to be worth around $65 million as of 2011. The restaurants are owned by Michael Bonacini in partnership with Peter Oliver. The Canadian restaurant has the capacity of 3900 people.

As of 2019, Michael Bonacini is individually worth anywhere between one to ten million dollars. His chief source of income is his restaurants. Apart from that, he also earns from appearing as a judge on various cooking shows in Canada.

Michael Bonacini Married, Wife Valerie Bonacini

Bonacini, the famous judge of Master Chef Show Canada and the co-founder and chief chef of Oliver and Bonacini (O&B) Restaurants is known to be a private person. Hence, not much is known about his personal life. However, we know that he is a much married man and his wife is known as Valerie Bonacini. His wife often accompanies him on his travels and she is also known to schedule all his travels. Together the couple has a little bundle of joy, their son whose name isn’t publicly available. The little munchkin often accompanies his parents to different travel destinations. The three of them form a beautiful little family.

On a TV show once Michael Bonacini said that due to his wife he is now in the habit of using moisturizers and he takes them with him whenever he is traveling. Also, although her husband Michael is a master chef but at home Valerie cooks 90% of the time. They both have an adorable son; together they form a lovely family.

Quick Facts About Michael Bonacini

Name: Michael Bonacini
Birthday: 1st March 1960
Birth place: Tenby, South Wales
Age: 59 years
Parents: Not known
Siblings: Not known
Relationship status: Married
Spouse: Valerie Bonacini
Children: One
Net worth: 1 to 10 million dollars
Annual salary: Not known

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