Canadian Actor Harley Morenstein Bio, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Ex-Girlfriend Andee Jacklyn, Family

Harley Morenstein is an actor, vlogger, and a popular YouTuber. He is a Canadian citizen who has earned a lot of fame through vlogging and YouTube. Morenstein came into limelight with his Youtube shows such as ‘Epic Meal Time’ and TV series like the ‘Epic Meal Empire’.

This tall guy gains a lot of charisma just with his beard, speech and acting skills. Read through below to know what his net worth is, his bio and furthermore details like when he got married.

Is Harley Morenstein Married To Wife?

Many questions do arise every now and then about Harley’s marriage but there isn’t any confirmed news about it. So, in a sure shot way, we can say that he isn’t married. And quite surprisingly, he is single too.

Until a few years ago, Harley used to have a girlfriend, Andee Jacklyn, a famous Instagram model. The relation started somewhere around 2014 and a lot of pictures of their dating moments were shared on social media platforms.

Harley Morenstein Net Worth

Morenstein is into a lot of professions such as YouTube, Vlogging and acting. He has earned a decent amount from these various sources and you would be shocked to know that he has amassed a whopping 6 million USD and thus, one can conclude with this that his net worth stands $6 million.
Information regarding investments made by him and the assets under his name is unknown and no official details are present regarding the same.

Harley Morenstein Bio: Age, Real Names, Ethnicity

Harley Morenstein was born on 20th July 1985. His original name is Harland Morenstein yet he is famously known as Harley. His birthplace was Montreal which is located in Quebec of Canada. His ancestors were Jewish and have migrated to Canada and thus, Harley has Canadian citizenship. He has a brother Darren and both of them were raised together. Harley has got a Bachelor’s Degree in Education that was awarded by McGill University and indeed studied at Dawson College.

He has a good height and was bulky right from when he was a child. Harley’s parents are quite conservative yet there was positive support from them for his self endeavor. Harley has a piece of sound knowledge on cooking and it was his hobby right from his young age. His intensity was so much that it even attracted his brother and both have put up a YouTube channel for the same. Harley is very much attached to his brother and is highly active on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. He has massive popularity on these social media platforms.

Harley Morenstein Career Details

Morenstein’s life began with a career as a teacher. While working as a substitute history teacher in Lachine, Morenstein was always fond of doing something big. In this process, he used the Internet as a means and he went on to feature a video where he can be seen eating one large cheeseburger that had 18-bacon strips. This video and his actions made him an Internet sensation during that time.

‘Epic Meal Time’ was a YouTube channel created by him and others in 2010 that earned about more than six million subscribers. His ‘Epic Meal Empire’ TV program was a huge success and shockingly, the program which started in 2014 continues to be aired even today every Tuesday. He knows the public pulse and an idea of beard shaving Vine struck his mind in 2013. He has a Vlog channel that garnered more than 300 thousand subscribers in a very short time.

Now and then, he used to act in music videos. His first of such was ‘Epic Wrap’ song that was created by Destorm in 2011. Later on, he grabbed a chance to play a cameo in Kevin Smith directed horror-comedies ‘Tusk’ and ‘Yoga Horses’. Other notable movies of Harley include ‘Sync’, ‘Smosh’ and ‘Dead Rising: Watchtower’. One would easily recognize Morenstein’s movie journey with the film ‘Moose Jaws’. A film belonging to the Canadian Horror Trilogy genre that was released with Morenstein playing the lead role. He is the kind of person who has been into diverse fields through skills and profession. Three YouTube channels and four web shows alongside his main acting career does speak a lot about his abilities.

Quick Facts About Harley Morenstein

Full Name: Harland Morenstein
Wife: Not Married
Nick Name: Sauce Boss
Date of Birth: 20th July 1985
Birthplace: Montreal, Cubec, Canada
Famous for: Youtube shows, Vlogging, Acting
Sun Sign: Cancer
Height: 6 feet 5 inches (1.98 m)
Weight: 80 Kg
Siblings: 1 brother
Active period: 2010 – till present

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