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Bryce Alford Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Bryce Michael Alford is an amazing basketball player, indeed. He is a true love of Ronaldo. There will be no exaggeration if you will say that he is renowned due to his awesome performance.

He is a supremely gifted basketball player. Bryce Alford has emerged as an immensely popular basketball player. Here you will explore some unrevealed facts about such a top-ranked player.

Bryce Alford Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

On the beautiful morning of January 18, 1995, Tanya and Steve Alford blessed with a snappy and bright-eyed child. The world knows this child as Bryce Alford. Steve Alford was famous as a professional player. He was a coach at a high school for basketball.


He is amongst those father and son duo who have rocked the world. As being the son of a brilliant coach Steve Alford, he owes to give such a super awesome performance.

The world knows his father’s role behind Bryce Alford. But the lady who gives birth and develops a child into an outstanding player and human being is no other than his mom, Tanya.

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Bryce Alford Nationality, Ethnicity

Bryce Alferd is an American. He belongs to Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. His language is English in the USA.

Bryce Alford Career Details

Bryce Alford is really a super amazing basketball player. He has started his career from his high school. Then he joined his college team. During his tenure, he set multiple records.

This amazing player joined Oklahoma City Blue in 2017. He remained a shooting guard in the team. For two years, he remained part of OCB.

On June 28, 2019, he joined Basketball Bandegela.

Bryce Alford became a member of S.L Banficas of the LPB in Portugal on January 1st, 2021.

Brief Review As A USA National Team Player

As a basketball player for his national team, he appeared to be super amazing. In the second round of qualifiers for the world cup 2019, he was being selected. He amazingly brought the US team from 2-0 to 7-1.

Bryce Alford Marriage Details

The most curious aspect of Bryce is his personal life. He never brings his affairs to the limelight. So, this aspect is full of controversy and rumors.

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No confirmed news about his marriage or his girlfriend.

So, it is assumed that he is not married yet and has no children. The fans have to wait for that spectacular moment when he himself will announce.

Bryce Alford Net Worth

Like other celebrities and players, the net worth of Bryce Alferd is super amazing. The net worth for the year 2018 is estimated at $2 Million.

Bryce Alford Girlfriend

Undoubtedly, he is famous as a hush-hush celebrity. He never talks about his personal relationships. He wants his fans to stay focused on his matches and performance.

Bryce Alford Parents

Such a high-profile professional basketball player was born to Tanya and Steve Alfred. Steve was not only a coach at high school but also a professional basketball player. So, Bryce got influenced by his father. He always made sure to accompany his father wherever he went.

It is quite unquestionable that he is supremely gifted. As he has been raised by his father who was a professional player.

Bryce Alford Dating History

A romantic relationship between the two is considered dating. But if you find a celebrity with another celebrity it is also called dating.

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Bryce keeps his life top secret and never reveals his relationships. So, his dating is not confirmed yet.

Bryce Alford Body Measurements

His height is 1.9m (6’.3” ). Bryce Alferd’s weight is 81.6 kg (180 lbs). The rest of the information regarding his eye color and hair color is not available.

Bryce Alford Cars And House

Although, Bryce Alford is an immensely popular basketball player. Yet, you cannot access much of his personal life. He is such a divulge kind of person.

So, nobody is confirmed his interest in cars and houses.


Unfortunately, you know very little about such a snappy player. There are a lot more aspects that need to be revealed to his fans. Although he is very active and famous on his social media profiles. Yet people want to know more about his hidden facts.

Perhaps he is still amongst the unsung heroes. But his fans love the way he plays as a shooting guard. There is a need to polish and bring into the limelight such a high-profile professional.