Brooke Daniels Bio, Career, Net Worth, Awards, Lesbian Relationship With Catherine Bell

With a quiet reserved personality Brooke Daniels captures her audience with her unique trend in photography. She is known to be Photographer, designer and Scientologist. Brooke is born to the actress Penny Atwell jones in 1986, 30th June in Texas, USA. The 33 years old Brooke is a mother of two children and was married according to her website status. Even though she’s married to a male, her current relationship is with her lesbian partner Catherine Bell. And both of them are living together in a single story house in the west of Los Angeles.

Brooke Daniels Education Details

Brookie studied at Sam Houston State university Huntsville, Texas and graduated from Auburn university.

Brooke Daniels Career Details

Her career life begins with working as an event coordinator. Then after she worked in fashion industry, and then pursued her passion of becoming a photographer from 2007. She also does acting in the short film “vanguard dispatch”, and in the Tv series, “shadow falls” and in the movie “Apology dance”. She is also a keen producer of films, “Last breath and L spice” She had also won Miss taxas title in USA in the year 2009.

Brooke Daniels Personal Life

Brooke Hasn’t disclosed lots of information regarding her personal life. She has two beautiful children a son and a daughter named, Dan and chapel. She had mentioned in her website that she “fell in love with the man of” her “dreams” and her husband was a super hero. According to her blog she seems to love her role as a mother and spending time with her kids. “After our son was born, I became a stay at home mama! The greatest job on the planet” she stated. But after few years of marriage life she had been noted to be in a relationship with her girl friend and actress Catherine Bell. It is told that her girlfriend and partner Cathrine bell had divorced her husband Adam beason in order to be with Brooke Daniels. They have been in relationship since 2012. There’s not much information provided on what happened to their previous relationships.

Brooke Daniels Awards And Nominations

Brooke’s website stated that she was the top award winning high school senior photographer in Mid Atlantic. And here are some of her other awards of achievements.

  • The lifetime achievement award recipient 2017 modern teen style magazine
  • Top icon status award 2016 senior style guide magazine
  • Leading judge and legend for the hot 100 photography contest 2015
  • Voted as one of the 20 most inspirational photographers in the country
  • Featured on the front page of Washington post
  • Featured in the freelance star 2013
  • Named one of the most influential teen photographer in the country in 2014
  • Best image honor by seniorlogie nationwide awards

She also managing a Instagram page with her stunning photography but noting relating to her personal life is yet shared.

Brooke Daniels Net Worth

The photographer and the even planner Brooke has estimated to have a handsome earning in her photography journey. She is told to have a networth of 500 thousand dollars whereas her girlfriend Catherine Bell has a networth of $15 million US dollars.

Quick Facts About Brookie Daniels

Favourite Sports : skater, ice hockey player
Interested in : politics, donuts, kedra Scott jewellery, 80s music
Fears : whales
Height : 5ft 10in
Eye colour: pale gray

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