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Brittanya O’Campo Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Born in Oxnard, California on June 2, 1985, Brittanya O’Campo-Razavi, known online as Brittanya O’Campo, a popular businesswoman, model and author who has appeared on the covers of multiple magazines such as Urban Ink, Savage Tattoo, Ink, Obscene Mag and Spire Magazine, Brittanya is someone who has built a career revolving around her tattoos and piercings. After being published in more than two dozen magazines, she finally became a social media personality.

Brittanya O’Campo Family Details With Parents And Siblings

Brittanya grew up in a big family of 4 brothers and sisters other than her. She did talk once about the difficulties her family and she had to face because of the poverty her family was enduring through. Although never confirmed, it is rumoured that her father was incarcerated and consequently imprisoned when she was 15 years of age. All these events that happened through her childhood and youth encouraged her to be extremely competitive and empowered.

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Brittanya O’Campo Career Details

While she was getting a lot of modelling work, She made her TV debut on the show Rock of Love with Breth Micheals which was broadcast on the VH1 Channel. She reached the finals of the show and finished third. Following this stint, her big break came in the form of the television reality show she appeared in a similar show named Charm School with Ricki Lake in the year 2009. SHe was nominated as the finalist, but she wasn’t able to win the show. This show proved to be a fresh start in her career and propelled her to immeasurable fame. Her last TV appearance came on the fourth season of the show I Love Money. Since then she has had the chance to work for many prestigious magazines and has appeared on the covers of MMA Sports Magazine, Tattoo Magazine, Savage Tattoo, Energy, Urban Ink, Obscene Mag and many others.

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Currently, she runs her own clothing brand called 187 Avenue, where she sells clothes for people of all genders and ages. She is also the co-author of a book called Millionaire Self-Talk, which was received with mixed reactions by both critics and readers. Brittanya is an internet sensation and stays in the spotlight and the headlines most of the time.

Brittanya O’Campo Dating History And Marriage Details With Children

Brittanya Razavi had dated Nico Vasquez in her past. Although the relationship didn’t last long, they did have an abrupt and mysterious breakup. After this relationship, Brittanya started dating Moe Razavi and eventually they got married in 2010 and she changed her name to Brittanya O’Campo Razavi. One year later, In March 2011, They had their first child, a son and named him Cash King. They had their second son soon after the next year in October 2012 and named him Legend King. She had 3 more children with Moe but no intimate details of the remainder of her children are known to the public.

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Brittanya O’Campo Body Measurements

Brittanya is a beautiful model with a fatally fit physique. Standing at 5 feet 3 inches tall, she weighs close to 120 pounds. She’s got a tanned complexion and a scintillating smile. She is really fond of tattoos to the point where she has tattooed almost her whole body. Although she has black hair, she is known to dye her hair various colours. She has really beautiful hazel coloured eyes that look gorgeous on her chiseled face. Her body measures a fabulous 37-25-38 that looks amazing. She loves working out and does various exercises to maintain her physique.

Brittanya O’Campo Net Worth

As of The middle of the year 2021, Brittanya is estimated to be worth 8 million dollars, majorly earning from her television career, modelling assignments and being the co-owner of the apparel brand 187, Inc. As he is still growing her brand and consequently her career, it is expected to grow constantly in the times coming.