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Brittany Lopez Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

She was born USA (1988). Brittany Lopez is a Caucasian artist and is better known to the world as she is the second wife of “Mr Robot” superstar, Christian Slater. Apart from that she has had a number of personal successes throughout her artistic career.

Brittany Lopez Parents And Education Details

She was raised by her father Albert Lopez of an (unknown profession), and her mother of an (unknown name and profession). She has two sisters and one of them is known to specialize in medicine. Brittany cleared her matric in 2006, and after that, she attended Carleton College in Northfield.

Brittany Lopez Career Details

While she was still a college student, she met the famous writer and historian Bonnie Clearwater. Bonnie was impressed by Britney’s personality and offered her the position of assistant director at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Britney worked there until 2013. After that she decided to pursue her career as an artist, and wanted to start her career independently.

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Christen Slater And Britney Lopez Dating History And Marriage Details

Lopez met Christian Slater in2009. They met at the Palm Island resort in Florida. They developed immediate connection, and once Christian himself stated in an interview that ‘So I’m a filthy old man eating my oatmeal and she comes walking along. This spot, I guess, was famous for people proposing to each other, actually. It was very, very nice. So, she’s there with this old lady and, next thing I know, she gets down on one knee and proposes to this older lady … I thought I’d just witnessed a nice lesbian engagement so I was coming over to say congratulations … but it turns out it was her aunt and she was just trying to help her capture the beauty and the romance of the park … The next thing I knew we were hanging out in the Everglades.’

After four years of relationship, Christian and Brittany got engaged in February 2013. Later, they got married in December of same year, at Coral Gables, Florida. They got married in private as it was not pre-planned, and they could not wait for people to start their journey as husband and wife.

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Christian Michael Leonard Slater was born on the 18th of August 1969. Slater is a well-known actor and producer. He was famous role as Edward Alderson in the world-famous hit TV series by Sam Ismail entitled “Mr. Robot” His performance in the show gained him considerable recognition, not just that, he also won three awards and four more nominations.

Christen Slater was husband of Ryan Haddon, (daughter of the 1970s model Dayle Haddon) They got married in 2000, and had two daughters, Jaden Christopher and Eliana Sophia. However, they split up in 2005, for some unknown reasons. Their divorce was officially announced in 2007. Christian got custody of the children and they now live with him and Brittany.

Brittany Lopez Body Measurements

Her height is 5ft 6ins (1.67m) while her current weight is unknown. Her body shape can be generally described as smart. She has dark brown hair and her eyes are of dark brown colour as well.

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Brittany Lopez Is Not Active On Social Media And Keeps Her Life Private

Brittany Lopez Net Worth

According to different records and sources it has been predicted that the current total of Brittany net worth is over $6 million. Her annual income is unknown. Whereas her husband, Christen Slater has net worth of $30 Million.

Quick Facts About Brittany Lopez

  • Brittany Lopez and her husband, Slater, welcomed their baby girl in 2019.
  • Initially the couple had no plans of getting married.
  • Slater thought Brittany was a lesbian, when he first saw her with her aunt
  • Slater once made her cry; Brittany Lopez wanted to have a racoon as pet, and so Slater decided to give her a real stuffed racoon. In an interview he said,

I brought it to the house, the whole family…this was like the last gift! She opened the thing and all she saw was two dead eyes staring up at her and she literally cried for 45 minutes into her mother’s bosom. It was awful