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British Comedian Tom Basden Wife, Gay Rumours, Family, Net Worth, Career, Income

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Tom William Basden is a British comedian who was born in the year 1980. He is very well known for his writing/acting skills through BBC Roman comedy Plebs. He is also the mastermind behind the famous comedy show called “Fresh meat” which was aired on channel 4.

He is recognised worldwide for his talent and work. Many people don’t know him by his name and call him “Matt” from the series “After Life” which can make you laugh anytime you watch!

He also portrayed his talent by appearing in the BBC show Isle of dreams starring alongside Daniel Craig. He has won multiple awards for his talent and 2019 has been a very good year from his career.

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Tom Basden Wife

Tom Basden is a British comic sensation and having women lined up for the 39 years old is what one can expect. On the contrary, he is very secretive about his married and personal life and his social media handle has not a single photo indicating him being in a relationship. However, it won’t be surprised if he has a secret partner as this is very common among celebrities as they try to hide their personal life from their fans and don’t want people peeking into their tiny personal life.

Tom Basden Gay Rumors

The British comic sensation has been under questions because he has never openly talked about his relationship status. Not a single clue about any girlfriend or wife. This can be a part of his secretive nature.

He has never openly given any statement about his sexual preferences so people often consider him a part of LGBTQ community and the stories of him having a secret male partner who does not want to tell other about are there.

Though this could all be just gossip and Bosden may be taking his time and concentrating on his career. However, fans wish to know about his personal life and Tom may be more open to them soon and all these questions can be answered.

Tom Basden Family Details

The secretive nature of Tom extends to Tom’s family life as well. Even the name of his biological parents is unknown. He was born in London, United Kingdom in the year 1980 but that is all the information the internet has to offer.

He has an interest in comedy from a very young age and is a graduate of Cambridge’s Footlights. There is no information available about any siblings nor are there any pictures showing that.

Tom Basden Net Worth, Salary And Career

Tom Basden is one of the most famous comic writers working in the industry right now. He has been a part of around 35 movies or tv series so far and is still going towards a glorious career.

He has been working as a writer and co-writer in numerous comic scripts.His estimated value is around $1.3 Million and he is not stopping anytime soon.

Quick Facts About Tom Basden

Full Name: Thomas William Basden
Net Worth: $1.3 Million
Date Of Birth:1980
Place Of Birth: England, UK
Occupation: Actor, comedian, writer
Profession: Actor, Writer, Producer
Nicknames: Tom Basden, Basden, Tom
Birthplace: London, UK
Relationship status: N/A
Family: N/A