Brett Favre Net Worth (2019). Find Out His Career, Wife Deanna Favre And Kids

Brett Favre is the former American footballer who played quarterback and he spent most of his career with Green Bay Packers. He was born on 10th Oct, 2019. He had the French ancestry connection. Brett played for his school baseball and football teams. Later in the college days he played for Southern Miss Golden Eagles team for four years.

Brett’s physical capacity and his skills helped him a lot in his career. In the year 1990 he met with a near fatal accident. But after the recovery from the accident six weeks after the incident he made a comeback victory over Alabama team. In the Southern Miss club Brett had many records which were later surpassed by Austin Davis.

Is Brett Favre Married To Wife Or Dating Girlfriend?

Brett married his girlfriend Deanna Favre in the year 1996. Deanna supported and helped Brett get out of his addictions twice in his life. After his second rehab completion he never drank again. Brett and Deanna have two daughters together, Brittney Nicole and Breleigh Favre.

Brett also went through a rough patch with various incidents in his family. He lost his brother in law in the year 2004, same year his wife diagnosed with breast cancer. With rigorous medication she came out of this disease. Later in the year 2005 their Mississippi’s family house was blown away in the Hurricane Katrina. Luckily none of the family members were injured.

Brett Favre Net Worth

Brett Favre stared with his career at a very young age. He has won various medals and has achieved various records in NFL. He is one of the greatest players of his time and all his records looks to carry on his name a long time in the future.He is rated number 8 on the top 20 NFL players who have the highest net worth. Brett has given 20 years of his career for NFL. With his long career he seems o have amassed a wealth of $100 million. He is the 8th richest NFL player as in 2019.

This wealth comes with his long career. He went on a contract with The Atlanta Falcons in 1991 a 3 year $1.4 million. He received salary of $260000 in that year. The next year his salary increased to $310000. In 1993 he earned $360,000 as salary from Packers – also the same year he took $ 397,000 as a roster bonus. In the year 1997 he again signed a contract with the packer for $1.6 million. In the next year he signed another contract with the Packers for $19 for 5 years.

From then onwards he his minimum salary was $ mil every year. He did $116 million in the year 2001. Other than that his highest earning per year was around $36 million when he joined the Minnesota Vikings in the year 2009. This year the Vikings and won the NFL.

He has also earned considerably from various endorsements of Wrangler Jeans, Snappers & Remington. He has worked for advertisements of Nike, Starter, Smart Car, Prilosec and Master Card. He also earns from his book and along-side investments in various Business. He has also invested in NASCAR.

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