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Brett Favre And Wife Deanna Favre Have Two Children: Brittney And Breleigh

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Brett Favre is the retired American footballer who played as a quarter back with majority of his career with Green Bay Packer. Brett was born on October 10th 1969 in Gulfport Mississippi to Bonita Ann and Irvin Ernst Favre. He shares his ancestry with the Simon Favre, a Creole.

Brett was second of 4 children to his parents. He started his football and baseball in his school days where he started representing his school and later Irvin always knew based on his physical skills that Brett was made for something big in sports. After his school the Southern Mississippi offered him a football scholarship with coach McHale’s recommendations.

Favre got his chance to prove as he was a rookie until this chance. An injury to starter Don Majikowski in the week 3 gave chance to Brett to prove his skill and ability. Once he got the chance there was no stopping him. He started achieving various NFL records during his career consistently. There were many instances where he led his team to victory due to his skills and physical ability.

Leading his team to 9-7 record in 1992 and 1993 which became his team’s 2 winnings in the past 10 years he became the favorite in his team. He has done 3227 yards passing, achieved the first of 18 seasons, in which he covered the 3000 yard plateau. Later he led the Packers to 3 continuous years victory in Superbowl XXXI.

Brett is known to have completed 299 consecutive games, 6300 completions, 10169 attempts, 508 touchdowns in his 302 NFL game career.

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Brett Favre Wife Deanna Favre And Children

Brett is now 50 years of age and is married and has 2 daughters. Brett got married to Deanna in the year 1996 on July 14. Deanna and Bret were dating since their school. The two had their first child in the year 1989 when Deanna was 20. She was a single mother then. She worked through her studies and also did various jobs when she gave birth to her first daughter.

In 1995 she moved to Green Bay to live with Brett. He was however caught up with his alcoholic addiction due to which Deanna and her daughter Brittany Nicole were neglected by Brett. However, she later helped him get out of his addiction and it is then when he proposed her and they got married. Even after the marriage Brett again fell into the addiction and he went for a rehab the second time after which he never drank again. This is when they had their second daughter Breleigh.

However Deanna went through a rough patch along with her family from 2004 onwards. She first lost her brother in an accident in their Mississippi estate. He was just 24. Same year she was diagnosed with breast cancer. With much treatment her disease was recovered. The Mississippi house was also damaged in the Hurricane Katrina although no one was injured. At the time of the storm there were around 50 family members in the house.

Brett Favre Children Brittney And Breleigh

Brittney did have her first child at her age of 21 like her mother who motivated her to study further and complete her degree in law. There is nothing much about his second daughter Breleigh.

We are sure the family is a tough one as they have gone through a lot but always have risen past their problems.