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Big Chief Divorce With Ex-Wife Allicia Shearer And New Girlfriend Jackie Braasch

Mr. ‘Big Chief’ Justin Shearer is a Television star featuring in Reality TV. Justin has featured in the Discovery Channel’s hit show ‘Street Outlaw.’ ‘Big Chief’ has become the talk of the town! You know why? It is because of Street Outlaw show, it is almost likened to Fast and Furious, it is death-defying I can say… especially the terrific equestrian skills display by the crew.

You overheard about Justin divorcing Allicia Shearer, his longtime wife? Come on, stay tuned to catch on Just in Time. Like you, Justin’s followers have been speculative about the certainty behind the rumors. So, is it factual or a mere stunt? It is confirmed to be correct. Big Chief has been through loads of snags from the time when he met Allicia. At first sight, he immediately knew they would be in trouble. Big Chief and Allicia met when he was only 18, he worked as a gas station attendant then. Allicia was passing by the gas station, when Big Chief saw her, it became love at first sight come trouble at first sight. Surprisingly, he saw the trouble coming! The two dated for a couple of years before throwing a shot into marriage on December 29th, 2006. Since then, it seems the duo have not been able to resolve their marital issues.

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Big Chief Divorced Wife Allicia Shearer In 2017

Justin tried as much as he could to keep his life private from the spotlight. Witticisms about his intimacy to a new chick besides Allicia became a point of debate in the public domain. This did not turn out well with his fanbase. Though, the reality is that Big Chief didn’t cheat on his Allicia. He was divorced long before shifting to the new groove, Jackie Braasch. The crux is that he failed to disclose this soon enough to the public. On a couple of Street Outlaw shows, Big Chief has been seen hanging out with Jacky Braasch, his new catch.

In the face of the apparent criticism by the court of public opinion, Big Chief has remained a positive-minded dude. He stated; “there has been countless naysays my critic-folks, furious for something I didn’t do. I won’t worry, haters are good sometimes, though I am certain after they realize the truth, they will be my fans, like everyone else.”

Finally, Big Chief thought it right to clear the air about his divorce buzzes and his new catch. In a conversation on The Chief and Shawn show, Justin completed the equation by saying;

It’s open and clear that I have been having troubles or whatsoever you may want to call it with Allicia my wife whom we have been together for 10 years, well, this got further than just having troubles, we are getting a divorce, and that is happening.

However, the star actor has been hit with lots of condemnations and negative comments from his followers and the public. He says;

The internet likes to say things, so they have held, clearly, the whole thing is around my lover: who is the new chick, who is the new miss?

Contrary to the expectations, he still treats his fans well and is at peace with everyone.

Big Chief Is Dating New Girl Jackie Braasch

The shared question in the public domain from a misperception whether the two are dating, and if so, for how long? Is it leading to something Big like the Chief himself? The reality is that the two are now one, because they are officially dating. Big Chief even posted on his Instagram account, that he was glad Allicia and his new girlfriend got to meet, and the two are okay. With lots of comments and criticism from his fans about the new girl, Big Chief admits that he didn’t cheat on his wife, but got into dating Jackie Braasch after his divorce with Allicia Shearer. He says,

Fine, I don’t have control over the past experiences. Instead, am now focused onto the future plans and Jackie is my future.

So, Jackie Braasch is Big Chief’s big future! Period.

Both Big Chief and his ex-wife Allicia love their kids so much. In one of his Instagram posts, he wrote;

These two boys don’t get their deserved much attention from me. Am constantly on chasing the next rush, that lower elapsed time, looking for the next 10hp, the huge mph numbers, the final round… and now more than ever in chasing the money it takes to win the races at higher levels than I’ve ever competed in. It’s unfair to them that I have not grown up yet.

He continued,

They are my biggest fans and my proudest supporters. One day I’m going to flash back and maybe feel guilty for chasing all the bullshit silly pipe thoughts of being a professional race car driver, and wishing I take less time signing deals and taking pictures, but more time playing wiffleball and laying on the couch while Corbin tries to tear my face off.

Big Chief has been committed to work limitlessly to give his family a luxurious lifestyle. According to him, his mum is the biggest source of inspiration, she is his icon.