Bering Sea Gold Cast Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Discovery channel shows many documentaries. One of which is, ‘Bering Sea Gold’ which portrays different gold mining activities and is usually narrated by Mike Rowe.

Challenging issues are showcased there including diver’s safety, insufficient fuel and how the proper sight is taken getting deep into the water. Let’s have a look into the life and net worth of the crew members:

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Emily Riedel

Emily is the only female gold digger of the show. Surprisingly she is an opera singer as well and her net worth is roughly around $250,000.

She is really passionate about music but somehow things turned and she landed up in the arena of acting. The 30 year old actress is currently single.

Shawn Pomrenke

Shawn is 43 years old and happily married to his longtime girlfriend. They both are blessed with a son.

He is television star who cofounded one series of his own apart from being an important part of this documentary. As per the sources, his net worth is $5 million.

Zeke Tenhoff

The 31 years old Zeke is quite popular for being a pro at diving. The TV star owns a net worth of around $125,000. He is the most daring as far as observed.

Kris Kelly

“The reaper” is co-founded and headed by this great actor. It was in the third season of “Bering Sea Gold” in which he appeared and showcased his talent in front of one and all. His net worth is assumed to be $2 million.

Vernon Adkison

The father-daughter duo is displayed in the series where the father, Vernon is a gold miner while the daughter is a part time pilot on the ship named, ’Wild Ranger’.

He takes $500 thousand salary annually. Now his net worth is said to be around $2 million.

Ken Kerr

Born on 5th of February, Ken belongs to Xenia, Ohia. He is married and blessed with 2 children. Not many details are available about his personal life or worth.

But according to the sources, he owns 380 claims of mining in Rome along with 900 acres of leases.

Brad Kelly

He is an old player in the field of mining. The only thing known about him is he has a son, “Kris Kelly” who is also a part of the show.

The 62 year old Brad has a net worth of $2.2 million as of 2019.

Mike Rowe

Mike is the main narrator of the show who is claimed to own a net worth of $35 million. Undoubtedly, he is quite popular for the way he narrates and acts as a sailor of the show.

George Young

This author and actor, George has been married to Janet Hsieh. They both have one son. He is quite passionate about acting.

His passion brought him this stardom and fame. His net worth and salary are still being reviewed and calculated.

Dave Young

Dave is the elder brother of George. They both had one more elder brother but lost him to a tragic accident.

Dave is 36 years old and prefers keeping his life private. That’s the reason no other information is available about him as of now.

So, it seems like the cast and crew of Bering Sea is rich as well as famous apart from being a pro in their work.


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