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Belle Delphine Bathwater Age, Ethnicity, Parents, Career, Net Worth, Bathwater Criticism, Arrested

Delphine is a 19-year-old gamer girl and cosplayer. She has over 4.5 million Instagram followers and over 4000 patrons on Patreon. Patreon announced in a post, in July, that Delphine is planning to sell jars of Bathwater, named as ‘Gamer Girl Bathwater’ for all the horny gamer girl boys. The idea and event went viral and her jars were sold almost immediately when launched.

Belle Delphine Bathwater Bio: Parents, Nationality, Ethnicity, Early Life

She was born in South Africa, who currently lives in the UK.

Belle Delphine Bathwater Career Details

The start of her career was as a pretty YouTuber of standard nature, however, she turned quirky soon. She started in 2016 and it was only in 2018 that she began to fully encircle her weird self, all with pink wigs, thigh-high stockings, and also cat-ears. The major reason behind her fame, though, ended up to be her highly odd acts and videos. For instance, eating a raw egg in a flirtatious manner or putting up googly eyes on a dead octopus and more.

She has even said that she considers herself lucky to be able to perform such weird acts and receive positive reaction from her fans on the same. She also thinks that the response to her weird content is great as compared to the other content, but maintains that it is precisely because she also makes risqué content.

The Bathwater Idea

The bathwater idea was something which she came up with because of her fans. She said that a lot people used to comment on her videos that would be willing to drink her bathwater and while trying to come up with a unique idea, she thought actually selling her bathwater in a bottled manner would not be bad.

Belle Delphine Bathwater Criticism And Hoax

A few days after Delphine’s first post about selling her bathwater, a user on Twitter posted the picture of the bottled bathwater along with a fake caption saying that a number of people have reported being diagnosed with Herps after drinking her bathwater.

Another hoax was related to a website claiming to be Delphine’s official online store. The website was selling a jar of a particular liquid which they claimed to be Delphine’s pee. The jar was being sold for $9999

Overcoming the Criticism As A Hoax

The post was indeed a hoax used to demean the Instagram star’s reputation and increase their followers on Twitter. People and Snopes have said that impersonating a company or a person has been considered to be a very effective way to increase followers on Twitter, however, this can legally be considered a libel.

Further, Delphine also took to her defence and said that she used to get blisters in childhood due to change in the season or weather. However, since a couple of years, she hasn’t gotten them even for once. She also said that it is not possible for anyone to get them simply because it’s a non-communicable disease unlike STD and because 90% of all people will have one in their lifetime.

With respect to the second hoax about a fake website, she said that neither the website nor the pee belonged to her.

Belle Delphine Bathwater Previous Tricks

The reason why people actually ended up believing the hoax was because she has earlier tricked her fans. It was in the month of June that she posted a picture on Instagram in fishnet stockings, saying that she would make a Pornhub account if the picture got 1 million likes. The picture, soon, got one million likes and she kept her promise in an absurd way. She uploaded 12 videos, with titles such as ‘Belle Delphine gets Scissored’ and ‘Belle Delphine plays with her Pussy’. However, what the videos actually included was Delphine cutting up paper with scissors and playing with her two stuffed cats, respectively.

Belle Delphine Bathwater Arrest

Delphine uploaded her mugshot with a caption signifying her arrest. However, its is not yet clear whether the arrest is in real or just a made-up incident to gather attention. On the other hand, a YouTuber, Ethan Klein, has also suggested that her arrest is possible because the bathwater could be considered a biological substance like urine, and thus could turn out to be illegal to ship in the UK.