Bebe Rexha Bio, Career, Age, Family, Stage Name, Net Worth, Body Measurements

Bleta Rexha, commonly known as Bebe Rexha, is a renowned American musician. Bebe is talented at both singing and writing songs, which has enabled him to work with many established artists in the industry.

Bebe Rexha Career Details

In 2010, her-professional music career began when she met Pete Wentz, the bassist of the renowned rock band, Fall Out Boys. Pete was working on forming a new band known as Black Cards, and so he chose Bebe as the its lead vocalist. The band performed on numerous live shows and dropped several songs. Bebeworked with the band for two years, andwent solo in 2012.

In 2013, she signed a record deal at Warner Records, and this gaveher the opportunity and resources to be ahitmaker. Examples of Bebe’s most well-known hits include ‘I can’t Stop Drinking About You,‘Atmosphere,’ ‘In the Name of Love,’ ‘I got You,’and ‘Me Myself and I,’among others.

Bebe’s EP called, All Your Fault Pt.1, had singles that appeared on charts. In her succeeding EP dubbed, All Your Fault Pt. 2, she included collaborations with many prominent artists including Gucci Mane. It was a high selling EP, putting her at a privileged position in the music business.
Rexha is a talentedsongwriter and is famous for co-writing Monster, sang by Eminem ft. Rihanna. This gave her significant recognition and she hascurrently written for many artists.

Bebe Rexha Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents, Education

Bebe was born on August 30, 1989, toa happyBrooklynAlbanian family that later relocated to Staten Island. When Bebe was young, she learned how to play trumpet, piano, and guitar. She decided to be partofher high school choir to improve her skills

When she was a teenager, she took part in a songwriting competition organized by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. The winner would perform atthe annual Grammy Day event. The song she submitted impressed the executives, and thus she won the ‘Best Teen Songwriter’ out of 700 contenders. From then, she attended songwriting classes, which helped advance her writing abilities.

Since then, Bebe has always been focused on producing quality music that will help take the industry to another level.

Bebe Rexha Body Measurements

Bebe’s height is 165 cm (1.65m), and she weighs around 63 kilograms (138 lbs.). Her bra size is 34B or 75B. Her eye color is hazel. He natural hair color is dark brown, but for years she has always bleached it to blonde, and she even once dyed it red.

Bebe Rexha Family Details

Bebe’s father is called Flamur Rexha and is from North Macedonia, but immigrated to America when he was 21. Her mother, Bukurije Rexha, is Albanian, but was born in the US.Her mother’s family also originates from North Macedonia. Bebe has a brother called Florent, who they are close as seen in their social media photos.

Bebe Rexha Stage Name

Bebe’s stage name comes from bletë, an Albanian word for bee. Growing up, people used to call her Bebe instead of her name Bleta.

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