Australian Comedian Andy Lee Career, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Dating, Married

Laughter is the best medicine, true, isn’t it? Ever thought about the ones who make you laugh? How their life would be? Would it only be smiles, no tears? Well let’s have a glance at the life of a popular comedian, ‘Andy Lee’. Who doesn’t know him, right!

Andy Lee Family Details

Andy Lee is a famous Australian comedian but like everyone his journey wasn’t easy either. Being born on 24th May, 1981 in Melbourne, Australia, he had to be tough from the starting. At the age 1 year, he suffered a severe medical condition called, ‘Epiglottis’. He couldn’t swallow any food through throat but luckily he survived to spread more smiles. Troubles didn’t stop just yet for soon after his mother also suffered a brain condition, ‘Cerebral Vasculitis’.

Life never waits for anyone. Andy along with the support of his sister, Alex and brother, Cam learnt to be strong developing a bond of trust and understanding amongst themselves.

Andy Lee Career

Andy studied commerce from the University of Melbourne after passing from the Camberwell Grammer School. One can say, he was an all-rounder for he never hesitated in participating extra-curricular activities be it music or sports.
In 2001, he met Hamish Blake who became his partner in comedy. With him, Andy co-hosted a radio which received high ratings and boasted their confidence. Later on, they joined hands and got quite popular for their comedy shows, ‘Hamish and Andy’. Andy released a table CD, ‘The Sing Along Times’ in 2003. He also won many hearts by his appearance in a comedy series, ‘Real Stories’. The slope of his career went onto touching the sky high. Why not, hard work always pays off!

Andy Lee Dating And Relationship Status

Like any other celebrity, Andy had affairs too. It was heard that he dated the renowned singer, Lily Allen for a few days and also the actress Megan Gale for more than three and a half years.
Presently, he seemed to be mingled with the model, Rebecca Harding. In spite of a good understanding and relationship, they want to explore every secret about each other before getting into any serious commitments. If everything went smooth, then you may get news of their marriage soon.

Andy Lee Net Worth

Undoubtedly, Andy Lee is one of the famous comedian and celebrity. He owns high value in Melbourne. He lives a lavish lifestyle with great earnings and income. He managed to earn around $4 million merely from his radio show which was quite a hit in Australia. In 2017, there was news that he sold his house for $1.4 million.

If sources are to be believed, then he is pretty rich and his net worth is around $5 million as of now in 2019. No wonder, he is a member of net stats in popular comedians and celebrities of Australia.

Quick Facts About Andy Lee

Birth name: Andrew Thomas Lee
Born: 24 May 1981, Melbourne, Australia
Nationality: Australian
Genre: Comedy
Medium: Radio and Television
Net worth: $5 million

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