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Asia’h Epperson Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

She is an American singer and actress born on August 30th, 1988. Epperson was born and raised in Joplin, Missouri, in a family of four children, Epperson being the firstborn. Her sibling are Epperson Stratton, Epperson Donavan, and Epperson Jordyn. Epperson attended Joplin High School, where she was a cheerleader. Epperson was raised by a single mother together with her sibling. Her father was a professional bodybuilder. Her grandparents encouraged her and helped propel her singing career by encouraging her to sing in church and school events. They were also helpful in teaching Epperson valuable life skills.

Asia’h Epperson Career Details

Epperson started writing songs when she was around six years of age. She showcased her acting and singing talent by participating in church dramas, talent shows, and school competitions. Epperson also participated in the regional singing competition, and at one time, she won a Region Talent Competition.

Epperson was always listening to music, and her favorite songs were country, hip hop, and gospel musicians. Her inspiration came from Mariah Carey, R Kelly Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and Christina Aguilera, among other artists.

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When Epperson was 19 years old, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia. When the American Idol audition came to town, Epperson was one of the participants. Two days before her audition, she received heartbreaking news of her father’s death. This incident didn’t deter her from following her dream; instead, Epperson used the stage to pay tribute to her father. Epperson had died in a road accident. Epperson sang How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes, a tribute to her father. The song moved all three judges and voted “Yes,” which advanced her to the next round.

On the American Idol, she sang various songs like “Piece of My Heart” by Emma franklin, which helped her sail to the next level of the competition. She also did Eric Carmen’s song “All By Myself” and received enough votes to move to the next level. Epperson sang Whitney Houston’s song “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (who loves me),” but she was eliminated from the competition after being in the bottom two that week.

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After the American idol experience, Epperson got signed with Defjam records and worked with Kenneth Edmunds “Baby face” and L.A Reid. Epperson and the legend Chaka Khan took part in the original cast that made the musical Hair Show. Epperson was not fortunate again; this time, she was involved in a fatal accident that caused injuries to the lungs, kidneys. She also broke her jaws, pelvis, and nine ribs. This accident caused her to pause her musical career for some time. Epperson continues to meet managers in the process of her healing. In 2015 she took a role as a guest star on “Murder in the First” and also took a role as Felicia in the “Straight Outta Compton “film.

In 2018 Epperson took a role as Tasha Skanks in the “Greenleaf “film. She was also involved in the making of Bobby Brown’s story and assumed the role of Kim Ward as former Bobby Brown’s girlfriend.

In 2020 Epperson was part of the cast in “The Christmas Lottery,” a film which aired on December 12th where she plays as “Deidre is the oldest sister. Other shows where she has taken a role include “Marlon” and “My Crazy Ex.”

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Asia’h Epperson Scandals

In 2018 Epperson was arrest in the company of her friends Brittany Marie Lucio and Erica Walker after refusing to get out of a restaurant. After refusing to go after the closing hours, Epperson and her friends were hauled out of the restaurant after the owner called security to move them.

Epperson has been caught up in the cheating scandal of T.I., where she is alleged to be in a relationship with T.I. These rumors resulted in the break-up of Tiny Haris and T.I.’s marriage.

Asia’h Epperson Net Worth

Epperson is a licensed massage Therapist. Epperson would work as a massage Therapist in between her acting and singing. She is currently not dating anyone, but she has been involved in one relationship previously. Epperson’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.5 Million. Epperson is ranked as one of the most popular T.V. actresses, and her hobbies are singing, writing, and going to the gym for workouts.