Ashley Burgos Gave Birth At 21 Years Old. Know Her Age, Net Worth, Baby Daddy

Ashley Marie Burgos is an Instagram model and a businesswoman. She was born on 9th of May ,1996 in New York, U.S.A. She belongs to African-American roots, though the nationality is American. It is believed that she has completed basic education but there is no clue on what did she pursued specifically. Her mother is Bernice Burgos, who is also a model and businesswoman. Ashley’s father is not known because Bernice got pregnant when she was 15 and there’s no clue about him. In 2006, Bernice welcomed her another daughter to the world, Sarai. She did the same this time, by not disclosing father of Sarai to anyone. So, right now, there are three people in the family, Bernice and two daughters.

Ashley Burgos Gave Birth At 21 Years Old

Like mother like daughter. Bernice got pregnant when she was 15. Ashley, too, announced she was pregnant at the age of 21. Yes! She is a mother of her daughter “India”. Sounds weird right? Well, Bernice is now a 40 year old Grandmother. In this age, she is one of hottest grandmothers.

The baby came into existence in February 2018 and she posted a picture of her in March 2018 on Instagram. According to some, the father is “Sambou Camara”. He is The CEO of music label HighBridge and a music executive. It is said that Camara was married before. When he got in love with Ashley, he broke up with his wife. She had faced lot of criticism when she announced about her pregnancy at such a low age. But her family, her mother supported her. She is a fearless and confident lady who can live without anyone’s need. She always wanted an independent life and this was a huge step to fulfil it. Beside facing a lot of criticism, she did not pay any attention to the haters. She didn’t wanted any negative feelings to affect herself because it could surely make an impact on the baby itself.

After the baby was born, Bernice, Ashley’s mother, threw a baby shower. Camara also attended the baby shower but after that, there’s no news if the pair is together or not.

Ashley Burgos Net Worth

She may not be famous as her mother but she too has enormous fanbase. She is heart lynching and beautiful model who has thousands for followers on Instagram as well as Snapchat. Talk about her, she started modelling at the age of 27. She was also featured in magazine like XXL and SHOW. For her primary income, she is into fashion. She owns a brand “Bold & Beautiful” which provides nightwear for women.

Bernice felt that the market needed a sleepwear line that caters to women of all sizes and shapes, making them feel beautiful. There is very tiny information on her income. But it seems she has been successful in her endeavors.

The net worth is estimated around $750,000. She is already kindling flames on social media. And if been successful in her future endeavours, the net worth will increase. The heights are yet to be reached and hope to reach soon.

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