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Are Property Brothers Dating Girlfriends? Know Their Age, Education, Career, Net Worth, Achievements

Property Brothers: Their Age, Their personal attributes and their Net worth

Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott are twin brothers born on 28 April, 1978 at Canada. They had spent four decades and one year in this world and got international repute on the basis of their famous reality show Property Brothers and Scott Real Estate. They were born to Jim and Joanne Scott woh were surprized at their birth because they were not expecting twins. They had a younger brother named James Danie. Their father had worked as an actor, assisstant director and stuntman till 1970s. When they celebrated their seventh birthday they were encouraged by their father to earn money. They started JAM as their first source of income. They used to sell nylon covered hangers. When they were eight years old an American lady asked them to built fences, barns and decks around a house and it was a better opportunity. They earned a handsom amount through it.

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Property Brothers Education Details

They had schooling at Thomas Haney Secondary School where they performed excellent not only in studies but also in games as in basketball and volleyball. Later they were sent to Calgry at University. As young boy Jonathan was interested in magic while Drew was spending most of his time on basketball and got injured once and was not able to participate in championship.

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When they were in first semester at university they renovated a house and earned a profit $50,000. They adopted it as their business and started renovating houses. Later Scott got licensed as a contractor. They also became interested and skilled as store manager ,busboy, flight attendant, mall cop, and website designer. They found “one stop shop” called Scott Real Estate which provides all kind of services related to buying, selling, designing, renovating and staging open new houses. Both brothers also worked in different TV series as Breaker High.

Are Property Brothers Dating Girlfriends?

Jonathan was in a relationship for a long with a girl named Kelsy Ully. She was WestJet crew scheduler and the nature of her job added discolour in their martial life. After being togather for seven years they got separated in 2010 and ultimately divorced. On other side he had dated Jacinta Kuznetsov and had breakup with her and Zooey Deschanel too has entertained her as his girlfriend. He had a knee desire for kids. Jonathan has two fluffy pups named Gracie and Stewie and look after them like his kids. Jonathan acted in X-Files and also in Las Vegas as an illusionist.

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The year when Drew twin was suffering from the anxiety of separation from his wife became the patch up year for his twin Drew with Linda Phan( The director of Scott Brother’s Entertainment). They met with each other at Tornoto during a fashion week. Beginning first step toward their practical life Phan and Drew got engaged on 13th Decebmer 2016. They got married on 12th May 2018 in Itlay. There is great love and adoration between the both as Drew has shared a song on Youtube for her entitled “You Chose Me”. Drew is also producer and director of films. He has also played a role in Smallville.

What is This, Property Brothers?

Property brothers started Scott Real Estate in 2004 for reconstructing houses that are not suitable to live and are in poor conditions. The brothers worked togather for giving dreams a real touch. They work hard to renovate old houses.

Property Brothers is a series of TV reality show which has an international recognition on HGTV started in 2011 in Canada. In this show both brothers played a role Drew as real estate expert while Jonathan as contractor. They provide families a chance to have their dream home and to give their dreams in reality. They helped them to flourish their life. They helped them to feel the happiness and satisfaction by living in a dream house. They take fixer-uppers and modify them in limited time span and money. It was started in Canada but now has been running around the globe almost in 150 countries.

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Property Brothers Achievements

They had been awarded in Leo Award in 2012 for best host, Rose d’Or for lifeStyle category. In 2015 Emmy Awards they had been awarded for creating best structured TV sreries. Habitat for Humanity selected them as Humanitarians in 2017.

Property Brothers Net Worth

The net worth of property brothers is $20 Million according to celebrity net worth. When they were at university they took $50,000 profit for first time. Some of their money comes from public speaking gigs and their charming personalties are helping them to earn $100,000 from it.