Arabian Journalist Ola Al-Fares Family, Career, Education, Racism Controversies, Achievements, Dating History

One of most decorated Journalist of the Middle East, Ola Al-Fares famous for her work at MBC channels happens to be the only behind the very Queen Rania when is comes to the fan following on Instagram. Ola is also very passionate about modeling, during her break from reporting she works as a L’Oreal Paris’ brand ambassador in the whole Middle east.

Ola Al-Fares Career, Education And Achievements

Ola started working for the Al-Arabia TV as a reporter at the very tender age of just 17. Ola was always a very talented girl, she studied Law from Amman Private University And joined the TV news channel while studying. Ola is one of the youngest reporter when it comes to Middle East.

Ola won various awards, to name a few Young Arab Media Professionals Award (2009), Best Jordanian Media Award (2009), Creative Youth Shield (2010), Jordanian Model for Successful Youth (2011) and Arab Woman Of The Year (2015). Ola has worked really very hard to get what she has now, the young talent flourished at her young age and completed her Law degree at the age of 19. She is looked up at as a very inspiring person in the whole Middle East. She earns at an average of $22,000 per year.

Family: Father, Mother, Husband, Childrens

Ola is the grand daughter of a very known politician Abdul Raouf Al-Fares. He comes from a very dignified family. Her grandfather was deputy in the Jordanian Parliament for over 30 years. He gave his services to the Parliament from 1954 to 1984. He served the Parliament till death. Tahseen Abdul Raouf Al-Fares, father of Ola too is an important part of the Jordanian Parliament.

Ola is an Arab. In fact, her whole family is Jordanian and they all have taken Muslim as their religion. Ola is very inclined towards her family, she has three brothers and they seem to have a lot of fun together. Ola though is a very frequent uploader on social media mostly her posts include her family.

Controversies On Racism And Donald Trump

Ola was always bold in making statements, it all came falling down on her when she commented on Donald Trump’s decision of making Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This tweet was so serious that she had to loose her job for this. Other than this she was also involved in a very shameful act of extreme racism. She posted on Snapchat about the blue colored works being the ones who like buying from the supermarkets. These things got her down while she lost most of her fanbase and many other perks.

Ola Al-Fares Dating History

Ola is very reserved when it comes to sharing her love life. Being the very famous and loved personality all around the world, fans are pretty curious about her romantic partner though. Ola indeed is an award winning journalist but she very well knows how to keep the media and masses out of her personal life.

Quick Facts About Ola Al-Fares

Zodiac SignScorpio
Age32 years
BirthdayNovember 6
Astrological symbolNot Available
Opposite SignNot Available
ModalityNot Available
Lucky DayNot Available
Lucky NumbersNot Available
Birth StoneNot Available

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