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Antoine Agudio Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Antoine Marcus Agudion is a male professional NBA player who was born in Huntington Station, New York, USA, on January 20, 1985 (he is 36years old). His height is 6.3 ft and he weighs about 84.0 kg. His star sign is believed to be Aquarius while some believe it to be Capricorn. The last team he played for was the Canton Charge of the NBA Development League, Ohio, USA.

Antoine Agudio Early Life

In college, he wore the Hofstra University Pride men’s basketball team shirt, a private university in New York, the state where he was born from 2004-2008 before he went professional in 2008.

Professionally, he played as a point guard/shooting guard with his popular number 13 shirt and he is one of the known basketballers that achieved success. The smile in his bank accounts tells it all, no wonder he was one of the famous people ranked to be born on January 20.

Antoine Agudio Career Details

Antoine Marcus Agudio started his basketball early journey in his home state at Walt Whitman High School in Huntington Station, Bethesda, Maryland, New York, United States. During the 2001/2002 season, he made an average of 22 points in each game as a junior in high school and this average even went up when he became a senior to almost 25 points (actually 24.9 points) the next season (2002/2003).

In 2004, he moved to college and joined his college basketball team where he played professionally till 2008 before he was drafted that same year.

After being drafted in the NBA in 2008, he moved to Turkey where he signed for the Banvit B.K; he left at the end of the year after playing just 16 games. The next year, 2009, he then signed for the New Mexico Thunderbirds. He was reacquired by the Thunderbirds for the next season and from 2009-2010 seasons he went on to play 50 games of which only 7 of them were from the bench.

At the end of 2009/2010, Agudio moved again, this time to VOO Wolves Verviers-Pepinster of Belgium for the 2010/2011 season. He only played 15 games before leaving in February of 2011 to Canton Charge where he spent 5 years, from 2011-2016.

During these periods, Agudio had some memorable times some of which include: The Colonial Athletic Association All-Rookie Team, Two times All-Colonial Athletic Association Postseason Awards, Second-team All-Colonial Athletic Association Postseason Awards, Third-team All-Colonial Athletic Association Postseason Awards, The Colonial Athletic Association Postseason Awards of the year.

The Hofstra University Department of Athletics has announced that come Monday, June 14, 2021, Antoine Agudio will be inducted into the Hofstra Pride Athletics Hall of fame in the men’s basketball category because of his contributions and support to the sport.

Antoine Agudio Net Worth

NBA players earn between a few thousand dollars to around tens of millions of dollars; this depends on so many factors.

For a player in the class of Antoine Agudio, you expect his earnings to be in the millions.

According to Forbes, the net worth of Agudio is around one million to five million dollars as of the year 2018.

Antoine Agudio Dating History And Marriage Details

Not much is known about the personal life of Agudio. Just like so many other celebrities, Agudio likes to keep his private life private. We don’t know anything about is dating life yet; maybe with time that information would surface.

Keeping his private life private didn’t just end in the women he keeps but also his family. We cannot tell for sure if he has any kid or the number of siblings he has. The only person we know as a family member is his father, Alex Agudio.

Antoine Agudio Parents

His father Alex Agudio was born in Circa in the year 1965. He is 56 years old. Public records showed that Alex lived in Hauppauge, Suffolk County, New York, USA in the year 1979. As a young man, he was also a basketball ballplayer in his days. In 1982, he was named Mr. Basketball by the New York State Basketball Aficionados. This was where Antoine Agudio got the basketball that is running through his veins.

Antoine Agudio Education Details

During his basketball playing days, he played as a guard – same position as his son. He also attended Walt Whitman High School and later proceeded to Penn State and Niagara College. He is presently living in Huntington Station, New York, USA.