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John Mulaney Wife Annamarie Tendler Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Salary, Family, Education, Income

Full Name Annamarie Tendler Mulaney
Net Worth $600,000
Date of Birth 1985 /06 /09
Nickname Annamarie Tendler
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Connecticut, U.S.
Ethnicity White
Profession Makeup artist and writer
Nationality American
Active Year 2007–present
Eye colour Brown – Dark
Hair colour Brown – Dark
Build Slim
Spouse John Mulaney (m. 2014)
Education Bachelor’s degree from The New School in writing and psychology
Online Presence Instagram
Horoscope Gemini

To the comedy fans the name John Mulaney is not new, you have probably seen one or two of his films. He was even featured as the funniest person by Seattle times. His most common show is the NBC’s Saturday Night Live, which is just one of the many stand- up shows he has successfully written. As much as it is fun to know more about John Mulaney, lets now focus on his wife, Annamarie Tendler. Who is she, what does she do and how did they meet with John Mulaney.

John Mulaney wife Annamarie Tendler Bio: Age, Education, Family, A Multi Talented Wife

Not so much is known about Annamarie’s family, the make-up artist and actress, was born in Bethel, Connecticut on 9th June, 1985. She is currently 34 years old as of 2020. There is no information about her parents, that is father and mother, but she has a brother called Jesse Ryan Tendler. Annamarie was raised up and spent a lot of her childhood time together with her brother Ryan. She has always been very much close to her family and interested with them.

Soon after graduating from high school, Anna joined Vidal Sassoon and Make-up designers so as to pursue her interest in the beauty industry. She also studied photography.

Annamarie didn’t stop at just being a make-up artist she later furthered her education by getting a degree in basic writing and psychology from the New School located in Big Apple. After a period, she later went back to the University for her masters in Consumer Studies at the New York University.

Annamarie Tendler Personal Life

Other than her husband and her pet dog, Annamarie’s family members are not known to the public. Through her Instagram page, it is clearly to say that she truly loves her dog Petunia which is a French Bulldog.

Annamarie, is known for her charitable deeds, on her wedding day she redirected her wedding gifts to a donation center whose primary mission was to fund activities that help convicted felons.

John Mulaney is quite a lucky guy to  have married Annamarie who is passionate about business, acting, charity, and she well learned as well.

Annamarie Tendler Net worth And Income

As we have discussed above, Annamarie is a very hardworking person, thus explaining her current net worth which is estimated to be $600,000. Her net worth is attributed to her blogging, acting and the sale of her classic lampshades which sell at $1000 each on her online stores.

Just to keep you updated, John Mulaney net worth is estimated to range around $2Million, mostly attributed to his stand up comedies and his script writing. John worked as a script writer from 2012 to 2017 writing for NBC’s SNL show. Mulaney worked really hard to grow his career in stand-up comedy by featuring in shows like New Town, and Comeback Kid on Netflix. John later decided to start “The Mulaney” his own show, the show was really popular and got absorbed by Fox unfortunately the show got canceled in 2017.

Annamarie Tendler Career, Husband John Mulaney

Annamarie Tendler is commonly known for blog “The daily Face”. Her famous writings include “Pin It! 20 Fabulous Bobby Pin Hairstyles among other.  Anna is an all-round girl when it comes to fashion and design Other than being an author, Annamarie is known to make handcrafted Victorian style lampshades which sale at a very high rate. To the lady fans of John Mulaney, his engagement to Annamarie came as the worst news, they all needed to be the hunks wife to be but Annamarie beat them to it thus becoming John Mulley fiancée and later on wife.

Being a writer the first assumption most people had was that Annamarie was a quite girl and might not blend in well with John Mulaney who is a comic. Surprisingly, Annamarie is just as funny as John Mulaney is. Their love story still remains a mystery to date. The only known fact is that they dated for a few years prior to their glamorous wedding. The two lovebirds met during a group vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. The Chemistry between the two grew more electrifying as the vacation continued. After a few year of dating, John Mulaney and Annamarie held their private wedding on July 5th 2014 at Onteora Mountain House in Boiceyville New York. Famous people in the guest list include; Nasim Pedrad, Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler. The two are happily married ever since then, the two do not have children just yet.

Annamarie first job was at a hair salon as a hair stylist in New York. After a period of working as a hairstylist, she shifted to a make-up artist. In 2007, Annamarie was among the first pioneers of tumbler when it was launched. She started her blog “The Daily Face”. The massive traffic on her blog, encouraged her to create her own brand “Silk Parlor”.

Other than fashion and blogging, Annamarie has also appeared on MTV’s Style, The Old Man and Seymour, College Humor Originals and The Comeback Kids. With all this going on, Annamarie is set to a greater path in her career. In 2017, Annamarie accused renowned actor Ben Affleck of groping her at the Golden Globes Party in 2014. She went all out on twitter and even demanded an apology from the actor.

Annamarie Tendler And John Mulaney Wedding Details

Entertainer and previous Saturday Night Live author John Mulaney’s genuinely exquisite end of the week wedding was nothing to giggle at! John and his fiancee Annamarie Tendler got married in Boiceville, New York, at the Onteora Mountain House in a dazzling rural glitz wedding set on the Catskill Mountains. Annamarie wore an excellent vintage wedding dress with sensitive jeweled sleeves and a coordinating headpiece and John wore a blue tux. As indicated by Us Weekly, they marry before companions Seth Meyers, Nasim Pedrad, Nick Kroll, and Amy Poehler, so we’re feeling that there needed to have been some astonishing discourses given at the gathering.

Annemarie Tendler Lampshades

That’s the attitude of many creators, and it was exactly that when Annemarie Tendler Mulaney couldn’t find the Victorian lampshade she wanted. Annemarie Tendler lamp shades give you a timeless experience taking into account your utility and requirements.

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