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Andy Casagrande Wikipedia-Bio, Net Worth, Wife and Age.

A standout amongst the best cinematographers in the entire world right currently is none other than Andy Casagrande. He is known for his work in shooting documentaries on shows in both the Discovery and the National Geographic station.

In any case, he doesn’t do only it. Meet his significant other, Emma who isn’t only his perfect partner yet in addition shares his energy and photography aptitudes too. For these and more on his total assets, age and wiki-bio, make certain to stick around till the end.

Andy Casagrande Married to Wife Emma Walfridsson? kids

As effectively brought up, the cinematographer is a hitched man. He met his significant other, Emma Walfridsson while he was adventuring, which likewise happens to be his profession. She was in Tanzania, East Africa in the Serengeti well known for the Wild Beast relocation when she met the affection for her life in 2007.

With a profoundly pull energy for untamed life, the combine immediately clicked. The couple dated for a long time before getting married in 2010. Data on their association is very disguised simply like they need it to be. In any case, we do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have two delightful children named Nova Fina and Ace.

Before she met her better half, Emma was not as eager as she is currently about photography. She was brought up in Sweden and turned into a creature moderate. All the more explicitly, the mother of two cherishes sharks and even plunges with her significant other to archive the unsafe predators. Venturing to the far corners of the planet with your accomplice and seeing what the world brings to the table is likely a standout amongst the best couple objectives at the present time.

Andy Casagrande Net worth, salary

Before getting into Andy Casagrande’s wiki, allows first investigate his total assets.

Nobody recognizes what the figure for his pay is nevertheless an informed conjecture would presumably be in a large number of dollars per scene he shows up on. He asserts his check from a few systems, for example, the BBC and Animal Planet which air his documentaries. In 2015, Discovery Chanel made over $6 million worth of benefit from the show, Shark Week which he assumes a fundamental job.

Andy Casagrande’s total assets starting at 2018 is evaluated to be at $4 million. His whole fortune generally originates from his work as a cinematographer. Nonetheless, there is one source that makes a critical commitment to his general total assets. So, the Shark jumper possesses one of the world’s driving creation organizations called ABC4Films.

It is renowned for short TV plugs, joint efforts on movies and intensely studies untamed life documentaries. He and Emma have advanced shark mindfulness through a preservation association called Shark Angels through the system.

Andy Casagrande age, birthdate

The prestige Cinematographer was conceived on October 21st, 1977 in New York City. He has achieved such a great amount at his present age of 40. His Star sign is that of Libra.

Wiki-bio, Career

Name Andy Brandy Casagrande IV
Age 40
Date of Birth October 21st, 1977
Place of Birth New York City
Profession Cinematographer
Net worth $4 million
wife Emma Walfridsson
Kids 2
Height Undisclosed
Weight Unknown
Star Sign Libra

The dad of two has his foundations in New York City. He was conceived on October 21st, 1977 making him 40 years old. A lot of his initial life incorporating his instruction in New York is obscure. In any case, sharks constantly baffled him notwithstanding when he was a little child.

The TV star proceeded to seek after a degree in sea life science at the Florida Institute of Technology. He before long discovered that the program he was on would not take him any closer to his enthusiasm for sharks which prompted his educated choice to exchange to Pittsburgh University. While there he considered Biology. In any case, that was not the finish of his instructive adventure.

He enhanced his degree with two more in Psychology and biopsychology from the California State University. In any case, life has an amusing method for giving back. His first occupation had nothing to do with natural life and was that of a technical support design.

In 2003, he left the tech organization and moved to Cape Town, South Africa to fill in as a cameraman for an exploration and protection gathering. It is here that he developed as a picture taker getting acknowledgment from the National Geographic Channel who offered him work. Nobody in their correct personality would turn down an offer of working in their nation of origin with a higher pay review.

His work as a maker inspired him to venture to the far corners of the planet and visit lovely outlandish spots with untamed life. Shows like Untamed Americas, Africa’s Lost Eden, Great Migrations, Shark Week, Serpent King thus considerably more were all in his compensation review.

The recording he caught has won him two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Cinematography which is the pride of his young family.


Anyway much risky Andy Casagrande’s ventures are, he needs to keep doing it to accommodate his better half, family, and children. His total assets is his activity, and he appreciates all of it, notwithstanding for a man his age.

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