Andy Casagrande Bio, Net Worth, Wife Emma Walfridsson, Age, Children, Career

Andy Casagrande is one of the best and extraordinary wildlife cinematographers in the world, with two Emmy awards in his belt. He entered into the world adventure because of his passion for sharks. He wouldn’t have got the name and popularity if he had not followed his passion. The life of this adventure enthusiast encourages us to be fearless and daring and always follow our heart.

Andy Casagrande is known for his outstanding filming documentaries in some of the popular networks such as Discovery Channel, Animal World, and the National Geographic Channel. Fortunately, his wife and soul mate, Emma Walfridsson also shares his passion. Continue reading if you are interested to know more about this world-famous cinematographer, his family, age, and bio.

Andy Casagrande Early Life

Andy is a New York boy who is 42 years old as of now based on his birth details. Information on his early life and education is not known. But we know that his passion for sharks has been there even when he was a toddler.

Andy Casagrande enrolled for a degree in Marine biology at the Florida Institute of Technology in 1996. However, he got realized that getting a degree in the area he has chosen would not guarantee a career that allows him to interact with sharks. He then enrolled for a Biology degree in the Pittsburgh University. Andy also acquired a degree in Psychology and in biopsychology from California State University but landed a job in a software company. His first job as a tech supporting engineer had nothing to do with his passion for wildlife.

Andy left the software company in 2003 and traveled to Cape Town, South Africa with the intention of working as a photographer for a research and conservation group. It was a right decision which helped him to get a job in the National Geographic Channel and recognition as a world famous photographer. But nobody can turn down an opportunity to work in their home country with high pay package.

As a producer, Andy Casagrande needed to travel throughout the world for filming the exotic wildlife destinations of the planet. Several popular shows like Untamed Americas, Africa’s Lost Eden, Shark Week, Serpent King, Great Migrations, and many more were all in his pay grade.
With two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Cinematography, Andy has been an inspiration for many wildlife enthusiasts and adventure lovers. A true cinematographer who is best known for capturing underwater footage.

Andy Casagrande Bio: Age, Birthplace, Zodiac

A well known Cinematographer accomplished so much at a very young age, Andy Casagrande, was born in New York City under the sun sign Libra on October 21st, 1977.

Andy Casagrande Net worth And Salary

Since Andy Casagrande keeps all the information about his professional and personal life under wrap, his actual salary is unknown. But one can easily guess that he charges thousands of dollars per episode. Several popular networks air his documentaries for which he claims his cheques. He plays an important role in the Discovery Channel show, Shark Week that made more than $6 million profit for the network in the year 2015.

The net worth of Andy Casagrande is estimated to be around $4 million as of 2018 which he earned mostly by working as an influential wildlife cinematographer. Apart from an adventurous career, this world-famous photographer also owns a leading production company named ABC4Films. His company majors in TV commercials, wildlife documentaries, and feature films. Both Andy and Emma also have promoted awareness about sharks through their conservation organization, Shark Angels, through the network.

Andy Casagrande And Wife Emma Walfridsson Married?

The passion for adventure and wildlife helped Andy to meet his future wife, Emma. He met her while he was in an adventure in the Serengeti in Tanzania, East Africa which was renowned for the Wild Beast migration. The couple got hitched instantly due to their strong passion for wildlife and dated for nearly three years and finally got married in 2010. They have a blessed married life with two lovely children, Nova Fina and Ace.

Even though an avid wildlife lover, she was not as much interested in photography as she is now until she met her husband. Born and brought up Sweden, Emma, the mother of two beautiful kids, shares his husband’s passion for sharks. She even dives with her husband to shoot footage of the dangerous predators. Andy, the fearless cinematographer, loves to travel with his lovely wife in search of what the world has to offer for them.

Quick Facts About Andy Casagrande

Fullname:Andy Brandy Casagrande
Age:42 years as of 2019
Birth Date:October 21, 1977
Birth sign:Libra
Birth Place:New York City
Parents:Not Known
Education:California State University
Net Worth:$4 Million
Marital Status:Married
Wife:Emma Walfridsson
Social Media:Instagram, Twitter

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