American Rapper Jadakiss Bio, Age, Nationality, Real Name, Net Worth House, Cars, Albums

Jadakiss, the freestyle rapper is an American born US citizen. In addition to have released a handful of Billboard hits, ha is also into organized rap battles. With his incredible talent, this musician has earned a reputable name for himself. He has name and fame and alongside a bunch of controversies. He is supposed to be involved in several crimes and got arrested too for a couple of times. But nothing can tarnish the popularity of Jadakiss and he still enjoys the image of being an exemplary musician and his fans are head over hills for his performance even today.

Jadakiss Bio: Age, Real Name, Early Life

Jason Philips is the real name of Jadakiss and he was born in Yonkers, New York. Jason’s birthday falls on 27th May 1975. During his childhood his friends fondly called him “Big Mack”. Jason is known to have interest in Rap since his young age. He was accused of involvement in drug dealing when he was a teenager. He participated in a freestyle competition and discovered his hidden talent in rap battle when he was just 12. From there he pursued a full-time musical career and Jason Philips became Jadakiss and his music got unstoppable.

Jadakiss Career Details

Jadakiss, the rapper since 16, has released several music albums and almost all of them are adored by music lovers and critics alike. Albums of Jadakiss, like “Kiss of Death”, “Top 5 Dead or Alive”, “Kiss the Game Goodbye”, “The last Kiss” and “I Love You” enjoy highest ranks in the world’s greatest charts.

Jadakiss Net Worth

As of 2018, the net worth of Jadakiss is estimated to be about $6 million. He earns most of his net worth as a rapper. Revenue comes from the sales of his rap music albums. He also has own business ventures, and one such is SoRaspy. This is Jadakiss’s online multimedia creative collective venture. Apart from his own rap music, he also makes income from organized rap battles. Despite a lot of controversies, no one can deny his inhere music talent and he still attracts global audience with his superlative musical talent.

Jadakiss House And Cars

Jadakiss owns an apartment which is in the city of New York. Other than that no information is available about his houses anywhere else.

Jadakiss the rapper seems to be a person who is not that much fond of cars. He appears to be not interested in sporting a list of luxury cars. Even then, he owns a couple of high-end cars. One is an expensive RangRover and the other is a stylish Hummer.

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