American Politician Newt Gingrich Bio, Age, Birth Name, Net Worth, Salary, House, Cars

Newt Gingrich is an American politician belonging to the Republican Party. He is also a historian, an author, an educator, a film producer, a political consultant and an entrepreneur. He is one of the most popular political persons in America. He has also been a presidential candidate in 2012.

Let’s dig in a little in Newt Gingrich’s life to find out some interesting information about his personal life, net worth, salary, houses and cars.

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Newt Gringrich Bio; Age, Full name, Early Life

Newt Gingrich was born as Newton Leroy McPherson on June 17, 1943. He is 76 years old as of 2019. Gringrich was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Katherine Kit and Newton Searles McPherson.

He was adopted by his mother’s second husband, hence the surname Gingrich. In early life, Newt Gringrich was a southern Baptist but later on in life, he converted to Catholicism. He has married thrice and his current wife is Callista Bisek. He has two children. He has earned a PhD in Europeon History from Tulane University in 1971. Before joining politics, Gingrich was an assistant professor in West Georgia college.

Newt Gingrich Political Career

Newt Gingrich’s first encounter with politics was in 1974 when he joined the Republican Party in Georgia and ran against Jack Flynt of the Democratic Party. In 1995, Gingrich became the 50th speaker of the U.S house of Representatives. Gingrich has also held the office of the Leader of the House Republican Conference from 1995 to 1999. In 2012, he also ran for the Presidential race. Since then, he has been active in politics in different roles.

Newt Gingrich Net Worth And Salary

Newt Gingrich’s last income filing was in 2011 and hence his current net worth and salary is not known but according to sources, his net worth was valued at $ 6.7 million with an annual income of $ 2.6 million as of 2011.

Newt Gingrich Income Sources

Newt Gingrich’s sources of income include the now disintegrated, American Solution for Winning the Future, which was a nonprofit political organization. He also earns revenue from The Center of Health Transformation (CTH) which is a healthcare think tank . Apart from these, Gingrich also owns a consulting firm and a communication business. He is also an author of around 30 books and earns royalty from them. He has also been a college professor.

Newt Gingrich Cars And Houses

The information about Newt Gingrich’s cars and houses isn’t available publicly. But being the rich person that he is, he must be owning multiple cars and houses.

Quick Facts About Newt Gingrich

Name: Newton Leroy Gingrich
Birthday: 17th June
Birth place: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Age: 76 years
Parents: Katherine Kit and Newton Searles McPherson
Current Spouse: Callista Bisek
Number of children: 2
Occupation: Politician, Consultant, Author, Educator, Entrepreneur
Net worth: $ 6.7 million (as of 2011)
Annual income: $ 2.6 million (as of 2011)
House: Data not available
Cars: Data not available

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